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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Xaltianguis, GRO: Homes to be Returned and Schools to be Reopened

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
The Guerrero government returned seven homes in Xaltianguis , in the rural area of Acapulco, Guerrero to their rightful owners, who had been stripped of the properties by the armed group known as "Los Dumbos" , after the security operation deployed in which the organization was dismantled. 

In addition, the state government agreed to maintain surveillance in the town with the participation of mixed operations bases and continue the presence with more than 250 military, naval and police forces. 

Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores recognized the military, naval, state and federal police forces that participated in the operation to restore tranquility and peace in Xaltianguis. 

The Governor ordered the Secretary of Public Security, David Portillo Menchaca, and asked the State Attorney General, Jorge Zuriel de los Santos, to go to the town to follow up on surveillance and investigation against the group of alleged perpetrators.

Meanwhile, the commander of the IX Military Region, General Juan Manuel Rico Gámez, announced that the citizen complaints will be promoted so that residents can provide information with confidence anonymously to a telephone number that will be announced in the coming hours. 

While the federal delegate in Guerrero, Pablo Amilcar Sandoval Ballesteros, announced that it will ensure that federal welfare programs are implemented in the community of Xaltianguis for the benefit of its inhabitants. 
They will resume classes on Tuesday, the Guerrero Ministry of Education confirmed after all schools were closed during the recent confrontations between antagonistic groups, the UPOEG and "Los Dumbos" Tuesday, November 19, all the elementary and upper secondary schools in Xaltianguis and other communities will resume classes, after a security operation was successfully launched. 

The deployment of the operation in the rural community of Acapulco will be carried out by the State Coordination for the Construction of Peace, where Sedena, Semar, National Guard and the state forces of the entity participate. 

Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores recognized the military, naval, state and federal police forces that participated in the operation to restore tranquility and peace in Xaltianguis. 

Arturo Urióstegui Salgado, head of the agency, instructed all the directors immediately after the meeting educational activities should resume, in that area of ​​Acapulco. “We will never expose the integrity or life of students and teachers. When there are no security conditions, it will always be preferable to suspend school, ” he said.
They ask for help in another area of ​​Acapulco:
More than one hundred inhabitants of the community of Pablo Galeana, of the municipality of Acapulco, asked the authorities of the three government orders to help them provide security. 

They explained that for more than 40 days, and after the confrontations between the Community Police group UPOEG  and  "Los Dumbos", the villagers worked up the courage to place a checkpoint and barricades at the access to the community. 

"We are afraid because they said we had to participate with the young people in their group of the Xaltianguis Security System, for good or for bad," Juan José, a resident of the town, told MILENIO. 

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  1. Governor astudillo praised the federal envoys for doing a job he never had the balls to do when epn was presidente and he did not want to do himself as a governor with federal, estatal and municipal elementos because he is a culero.


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