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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Xaltianguis, GRO: After Clashes, 19 Arrested, Arsenal and Drugs Confiscated

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: UnoTv
After at least two armed clashes , occurred in Xaltianguis , Guerrero, federal and state authorities deployed an operation to restore order in that community belonging to the municipality of Acapulco. 

According to Roberto Álvarez Heredia, spokesman for Guerrero's Security, the armed confrontations  recorded in recent days in Xaltianguis were between two antagonistic groups called Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG) and members of the group of armed civilians known as the "Dumbos." 

                                        The image shows part of the long weapons seized.

In the security operations, which were deployed in Xaltianguis by armed clashes , the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico (Semar), the National Guard, General Prosecutor of the State of Guerrero (FGE) participated , Secretary of State Public Security (SSP) and Municipal Police of Acapulco. 

In the operation deployed in Xaltianguis by armed clashes, 350 police elements participated, which make up the Coordination Table for Peacebuilding. 

                                    More than thirty weapons were secured in Xaltianguis.

As a result of this security deployment in Xaltianguis , 19 alleged perpetrators of the armed confrontations were arrested , in addition to:

39 guns
381 useful cartridges
123 white powder bags
29 bags of marijuana
16 transparent plastic bags with green grass, weighing 14 kilograms
8 transparent plastic bags with white solid substance, weighing 21.2 kilograms
2 metal tubes approximately 1 meter high, used as a homemade pump
2 tactical knives
2 tactical cheeks
13 tactical vests
2 bulletproof vests
17 spokes
24 cell phones
15 vehicles
25 shirts with the acronym of UPOEG and SSX
1 drone
1 laptop
1 monitor
                                             These cylinder was used as a homemade bomb.

Álvarez Heredia added that in the town of Xaltianguis the bases of mixed operations of the three orders of government and the support of two helicopters of the Secretariat of the Navy and the Secretariat of National Defense are permanently maintained, which fly over the area to guarantee the safety of citizens and surrounding communities.


  1. Los Dumbos/SSX looks more like an community police group than a cartel based on all the old hunting rifles.

  2. What kind of jabronis intentionally name themselves "Dumbos"? I would've thought one of the nice things about being in a gang would be coming up with a cool name for the group.

    1. 8:00 sometimes the polesias themselves baptize their sicarios with disrespectful names. even in the US armed forces new recruits get called a lot of names, one example would be the movie Full Metal Jacket, another: "La Barbie", which means she looks girlish compared with "El Barbas", La barbie took it like a man and did not go around complaining about it like a pinche mariquita.

  3. Forgive my ignorance but Wtf is a tactical cheek?

    1. It’s actually a chinstrap. More than likely it belongs to a tactical helmet. So now we all know what CARRILLERAS are. That’s the problem with translation programs. They don’t always do the best of jobs.

    2. Could it be chin straps?

  4. Glad they got those bombs out of the hands of brain dead morons. Guns too obviously.

  5. Ummm bunch of hunting rifles with no scopes on a bunch of farmers isn’t really impressive. Few bags of weed. These guys are the equivalent to MS 13 in Dallas, Tx. They are nothing.

  6. Arsenal...???? really....??? there's only 2 or 3 ar15 rifles the rest is nothing but hunting rifles like shotguns n even some .22 caliber,in other words pure trash if u wanna be called a drug cartel or cell

    1. A .22 is more powerful than the rock a defenseless person can pick up

    2. 11:36 good luck trying to take out a .50 cal with a .22 then..

    3. To 7:28 aim at his head.

  7. If these guys were a cartel the arrests wouldn't have been made

  8. what are these guys fighting over?

  9. LMFAO, that's no arsenal.....that's a joke

  10. Mexican government assault rifles don't think so


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