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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco: 2 Bodies Plus 15 Bags of Human Remains Found So Far

  • Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

A clandestine grave with 15 plastic bags , in which human remains are presumed , was located in one of the farms that were secured as part of the investigation of the events that occurred on November 6 in which 15 were arrested people after an attack on elements of the National Guard in the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque . The Office of the State of Jalisco secured three farms as part of the investigations undertaken

Yesterday, at the end of the first day of work they located two bodies and 15 plastic bags that apparently contain human remains. 

Institute of Forensic Sciences(IJCF) reviewed the first of the farms and with the support of canine personnel and technological equipment, and determined that there is at least one clandestine grave. The search will continued this Saturday. 

In collaboration with the other authorities, they arrested 15 people who, after rendering their statement before the public prosecutor, provided information and the location of the three houses currently insured by the Prosecutor's Office. (See my Post Tlaquepaque, Jalisco Nov 7)

"In the properties it is presumed different crimes were committed," the agency reported. “Evidence and data was obtained from the Public Ministry from the arrestees that allowed  identification of three farms that were used by this group for the commission of various crimes , so once such information was verified, search warrants were requested from a  judge for searches corresponding which were granted, ” he explained. 

The bags and other indications were transferred to the IJCF so that experts can carry out the corresponding expert opinions and the content of each of the plastics found in the place where anthropologist experts work to extract evidence is known. 

The Prosecutor's Office confirmed that the work will continue on the site for as long as necessary until the presence of more evidence is ruled out. The proceedings are led by the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for Missing Persons and, as stated, the State Commission for the Search for Missing Persons would also participate.

Attention and search protocols for missing persons were activated, given the findings that could occur in these three places. The agency confirmed that it will be through press releases as a report on the work in each of the secured properties. 


  1. ☠️Tlaquesangre☠️

  2. That's cholos plaza, looks like CDS/cholos having a hard time with cjng lately

  3. Thank the authorities for torturing the suspects. After watching the natgeo episode on the vaquita there is no doubt that in Mexico you can pay your way through anything. I knew things have always been bad but not that obvious.

  4. AMLO is playing his fiddle while Mexico continues to burn.

  5. Cjng getting kill left and right their
    Loosing Jalisco faster than everyone ever thought

  6. Slow day in Mexico only 2 bodies found. Something is not right here.

  7. All of Mexico is a grave yard.

    To all you Americans and Europeans looking to retire in 🇲🇽.

    Don’t be surprised if your house or condo, or the greens of the country club, is built on top of a clandestine grave.


  8. Eso se sacan por andar ahi de calientes...

  9. Y AMLO??? Le vale verga. Que los narcos hagan lo que quieran. Rescatar a capos en prision. Matar madres y hijos. Llenar bolsas de restos humanos. Pinche AMLO, que haga algo ese wey pa eso esta en oficina.

  10. CJNG is taking Tlaquepeque street by street no more state and federal support for the Nueva Plazas from what it looks like. You can be certain those people were most likely killed by the Nueva Plazas people they kidnapped for ransom.

    1. And yet no protests have been made by its citizens to halt their criminal efforts of doing so.
      Pleading with mom to return to her texas home. Its horrible how many alter their shopping habits due to violence.


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