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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Guanajuato-Silao Free Road: 10 Bags of Human Remains with Message

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso
Ten plastic bags with human remains were abandoned on the free road from Guanajuato to Silao, above them there was a threatening message addressed to the Secretary of Citizen Security of the capital, Samuel Ugalde García.

According to the first reports, the dawn of this Saturday, several vehicles left the bags with the human remains and with a cardboard, with a message with threats of an organized crime group.

The finding was reported around 5:00 am on Saturday, at the junction between the community of Santa Teresa and the exit to Silao and Irapuato.The area was protected by security elements of the three governing bodies.

The remains were inside 10 plastic bags and it is presumed that they belong to four young people who were deprived of liberty in Santa Teresa in days gone by.

There was also a card signed by a group of organized crime with threats to the secretary of citizen security Samuel Ugalde García and accusations against the victims of being kidnappers and extortionists.

Expert forensic services were responsible for the removing of the bodies and the collection of evidence,  tasks that took more than five hours.


  1. I remember when a friend told me Guanajuato is a neutral state

  2. one of the messages reads CJNG, was it written by them, or is it a warning towards them?

  3. Csrl & Cjng are leaving a lot of bodies in the area, somebody on facebook commented that additional bodies were disposed along the road from salamanca to irapuato


  5. Marro people are taking heavy loses but he doesn't give up.. He has ❤ but he's no match for cjng sicarios

    1. are you sure those are Marro's soldiers, or innocent people? CJNG has a history of killing civilians and passing them off as 'contras'

    2. Lmao everyone is innocent bro lol they know who’s who but they also have friends who have nothing to do with it but are caught up in the crossfire


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