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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Taxco, Guerrero: Violence spreads amongst criminal groups

Violence erupts in municipalities of Zona Norte

Armed men leave two men beheaded in Taxco, in another act, a man is killed and hanged in Cocula, in Iguala they left narco tarps behind.

Alarco Taxco. Gro. November 4, 2019.- Two men were beheaded and thrown at the exit of Taxco de Alarcón, on the way out of town.

According to information provided to emergency number 911, the events occurred at 07:00 on Monday.

The police confirmed the report, and cordoned off the area.

The deceased whose identity is unknown were beheaded. Their bodies were transferred to facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) by experts from the Prosecutor's Office.

Also in Cocula a man was killed and hung at the entrance of the municipality of Cocula.

Armed men hung narco mantas in  the city of Iguala.


Video translation is as follows:
Detainee: I am, I work for Uriel and Mario Salgal. I’m in charge of the homicides that were carried out of El Suave and Tincho Martin. And the Ministerial Police work with us. The city’s prosecutor in uniform gives me a lift in his patrol vehicle so that he can move around. We are also supported by the Preventive Police as well, some of them do. For example La Chucha, El Pinky, Vargas and all the ones that I know of are them.

Interrogator: Who are the ones in charge of charging the tariffs?

Detainee: The ones in charge are Joaquin aka El Chincho and another guy named Martin who they call El Pipis. And they send it off to Uriel.

Interrogator: What are the names of the people who are assassinating?

Detainee: Boss I couldn’t tell you. We only...

Interrogator: Of the people that have been killed how many did you participate in?

Detainee: We participated in the homicides of the priest’s. It was me, El Suave, Joaquin, El Pipis. We were the participants on the orders of the prosecutor. Which is why things were done.

Interrogator #2: What is the prosecutors name?

Detainee: The prosecutors name is...I’m sorry I only know that they call him La Guayaba.

Interrogator: And who supports you guys?

Detainee: Well, they just direct themselves with Uriel.

Interrogator: But you don’t know who supports Uriel?

Detainee: No sir.

Interrogator #2: How many have you kidnapped?

Detainee: We have kidnapped...

Translated and posted by Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source   Source    Source


  1. Video is safe for everyone to see. What all happened to these men can only be seen in the pictures.

  2. Please can u blur that image from main page?! Gross


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