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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

CJNG: “I Didn’t Kill Anyone”, The Horrible Pleas From A Supposed Sicario

Without mercy, alleged members of the Nueva Familia Michoacana skinned an alleged hitman from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), who they accused of killing a person.

On social networks a video began to circulate where a young man is seen tied up, without a shirt and lying in a dirt floor. Around him there is a group of men who claim to belong to the Nueva Familia Michoacana some of whom carry heavy weapons.

Among pleas, the alleged cartel member led by Nemesio Oseguera "El Mencho" asks the group of men not to harm him and that he never murdered anyone.

However, one of the men took out a sharp knife and began to remove skin from his chest.

During the torture, the man begins to pray and even shouts at his mother that he loves her. After that, the hitmen allowed him to scream, but then they continued with the torture and even, at one point some vital organs were observed.

So far the place where the events occurred is unknown, but it is presumed that it is somewhere in the state of Michoacán, an entity from which the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación seeks to seize.

The CJNG assault on Michoacán: analysis of a battle to the death and without quarter.

The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación(CJNG) is considered by the governments of Mexico and the United States as one of the most dangerous criminal organizations, as well as one of the five most fearsome transnational criminal groups in the world. His power has been achieved through blood and fire, but also alliances and betrayals.

One of the main battles that the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación is currently fighting is in the state of Michoacán. In this entity, the dispute over control of the drug market is executed against “Los Viagra” and the self-defense groups of the municipality of Tepalcatepec, headed by Juan José Farías Álvarez, aka “El Abuelo”.

Michoacán, located on the western coast of Mexico, is a strategic point for receiving cocaine from South America, as well as for distribution to the United States and Europe; It is also a key place for the production of methamphetamines and marijuana.

In addition, extortion, realty tariffs and kidnappings have proliferated. It is also part of the Tierra Caliente and has one of the main seaports (Lázaro Cárdenas), so its importance for organized crime is a priority.

In recent months the entity has been plagued by violence related to organized crime. On August 8, security elements of the municipality of Uruapan located 19 bodies at different points. Six of the bodies were hung from a vehicular bridge and others were found dismembered. They also found narco messages signed by the CJNG.

What we make clear to everyone who helps or collaborates with
Chatarra, Ronal, Ratón, Mono Verde, Maniaco y Filos.
This will be their fate. Pretty people can carry on with their routine. Help out the homeland and kill a Viagra, ”read the narcomanta.

The criminal group "Los Viagra" is one of the protagonists of the cartel war that Michoacán is going through, they are pointed out as one of the main producers of methamphetamine that is distributed in California. They are responsible for the extortions to avocado farmers and businessmen in the entity.

On August 30 in the municipality of Tepalcatepec, the incursions of armed men from Jalisco to the areas controlled by gunmen of former self-defense, Juan José Farías Álvarez, alias “El Abuelo” was reported. There was a strong confrontation that day between the armed groups that left 9 dead and 11 wounded. The one-hour shooting forced the closure of businesses and schools.

But this was not the first threat. Before, a video circulated on social networks where heavily armed and hooded men, who identify themselves as members of the criminal group led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación; they warn "El Abuelo" that they will go against him, they also say that "the fight is not against the people".

"We are going to fight against El Abuelo and anyone who raises a weapon in favor of El Abuelo," they say in the video.

The criminal group of "El Mencho", considered as the successor of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán ", released a video, published on September 10, where a masked man is seen, sitting at a table between heavily armed men and uniformed with letters from the CJNG, it is addressed to the citizens of Tepalcatepec in the state of Michoacán, speaking on behalf of Oseguera Cervantes.

“We want to clarify, on behalf of Mr. Mencho and his cartel,” says the man, “that the fight is not against the citizens of Tepalcatepec; it's with El Abuelo ’and his cartel ... And if you want this war to end, take out‘ El Abuelo ’and your Tepalcatepec cartel.”

Information from the Attorney General's Office (FGR) identifies “El Mencho” and “El Abuelo” as two former members of the extinct cartel of Los Valencia and El Milenio Cartel, a precursor in the decade of the 90s in the traffic of amphetamines to Europe and the United States.

El Mencho ”managed to establish himself as the top leader of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación after the capture of its former bosses from Los Valencia and the Milenio cartel, being that his wife Rosalinda González Valencia, is the sister of the leaders of that Michoacan criminal organization.

Meanwhile, "El Abuelo" was identified by the Peña Nieto government (2012-2018) as the character who in 2014 sponsored and infiltrated a civilian group of self-defense groups who rose to fight the Caballeros Templarios cartel, enemies of the CJNG . According to investigations by the government of Michoacán, "El Abuelo" regained control of illegal operations in the said municipality with the support of "El Mencho".

However, Oseguera Cervantes accused Farías Álvarez of treason for supporting “Poncho de Los Reyes”, another former leader of a group of self-defense groups. In this manner, those who were once allies are now enemies and their disputes are being fought with armed attacks in Tepalcatepec.

Given the climate of violence in the region of Tierra Caliente and the bloodshed, the Mexican Government deployed 200 elements of the National Guard. In addition, the inhabitants of the region have taken up arms to protect the city and their families.

The interest of "El Mencho" to enter Tepalcatepec and expel "El Abuelo" seems to have multiple reasons: a personal matter, and  to promote the criminal interests of the group.

The CJNG has strong incentives to control this route, since it is expanding its role in the trafficking of synthetic drugs, especially fentanyl, which has exceeded the demand for heroin, which previously represented large gains for the CJNG.

As for personal reasons, it seems that Oseguera Cervantes, originally from Aguililla, located in the region of Tierra Caliente, is willing to return to the place where he was born, and from which he was expelled years ago by other cartels; already established as one of the most dangerous and bloodthirsty criminals in Mexico.

Also, several members of the Jalisco Cartel have sent a message on behalf of their leader to demand that residents of a municipality in the disputed region of Tierra Caliente help them expel a rival from the area. It is not clear what are the motives that move the group.

The CJNG leader was previously a member of a faction of the Milenio Cartel, an ally of the Sinaloa Cartel that operated in the state. But the Familia Michoacana finally gained power and expelled the Milenio Cartel and Los Zetas from Michoacán, and therefore “El Mencho”.

“(El Mencho) has returned to claim the throne, which he considers his right as a Michoacan. It's a matter of honor and personal revenge, ”says Falko Ernst, senior analyst on Mexican issues at the International Crisis Group.

But despite the millionaire profits of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación there are housands of men who work in their criminal ranks, as well as sphisticated weaponry and countless connections with police corporations; The battle for Tepalcatepc and the state of Michoacán will not be easy.

Groups like "El Abuelo" have crucial information about shelters, escape routes and operational routes for their enemies, which gives them a strategic advantage. His group has the loyalty of the inhabitants, which is essential to gather information and makes it more difficult for the CJNG to impose itself.

"These groups are deeply rooted, and the community is not interested in accepting the CJNG or El Mencho," says Ernst.

In addition, it is very likely that both the federal government and local authorities want to prevent the war over the territory from continuing and the violence increases further in the state.

Until today, the victory of the CJNG is not imminent. What lies ahead in the entity, already violent, is that there is a prolonged conflict with more bloodshed, since Oseguera Cervantes and his group use very violent methods to expel any group that opposes them.

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  1. Isn't that the El Siri video? If not, it is eerily similar. One of the most bloodcurdling snuff vids out there.

    1. No it’s actually a newer video. Like a few weeks old. Other websites have it. Twitter had it briefly. But if you don’t grab them right away they just as quickly delete them. I made the mistake of not grabbing it on time. The cut a big L onto him for that session. Very grotesque video.

    2. I've watched part of this video n is almost identical to the Siri's reason why I stopped,the screams sounds just the same

    3. @6:56 AM. Respectfully, Sol, I'm going to call you wrong on this. The similarities between the El Siri and this one are too great to be mere coincidence. In the both vids, in the exact same sequence, the victim first has an L cut into his chest. He then curls into a fetal ball, says he's never killed anyone. They uncurl him, put a foot on his head and proceed to strip the flesh from his torso. The screams are exactly the same. I think it's the same El Siri vid recorded from a different angle. If I'm wrong accept my apologies. But I think I'm right.
      It's understandable if the killers used the same technique. But for the victim to mime note for note the horrible reactions of the other victim just doesn't seem plausible. It is El Siri.

    4. @JamesBrown yes sir you are correct. I was thinking about the Familia Michoacana video where they killed the CJNG member. That’s a fairly new broadcast. And I do regret not downloading it on time.

  2. Michoacan is going to get bloody AF

  3. They are all macho bad asses when dishing it out, preying like a wolf pack on a tied up guy,but, when on the receiving end, cry for mommy. You reap what you sow.

  4. Chivos any Analysis on how this war is going? Seems the front has gone from high intensity to targeted assassinations of leaders. Also is there any kind of de facto truce with El Marro and Los Viagras to combat CJNG who is obviously stronger than each of those cartels individually but if they operated together to attack CJNG they could deal heavy blows but am not sure what the relationship between Viagras and El Marros group if any is.

    1. They do have truce and it’s called “carteles unidos” but it’s pointless marro is done and carteles viagras are only brave when it comes to innocent people that are tied up.

    2. There was a truce bt marros ppl have been pushed to north eastern Gto

    3. Well,not really, El marro has a stronghold in the city of yuriria and valle which are very close to the state of Michoacan..look up semanario sin censura they're covering the ongoing war between CJNG & EL MARRO.

  5. 10:06, correct. I've quit looking at the videos because I don't like watching people scream for mercy while being tortured. It's human nature to want to look but once the curiosity is satisfied going back for more points to some potentially serious personality flaws.

    1. So I guess you no longer want your Ed Gein poster?

  6. Poor kid. Looks like he repented for whatever he did (murderer or not) and cried out for God’s Mercy.

    As the end neared, he remembered his his mother, while the living Demons enjoyed torture.

    BB readers: This is Mexico. 🇲🇽


  7. That video is from 2018 n it was supposedly viagras killing a cjng member. I saw it last year

    1. he is 100% correct...don't believe me type in bing familia michoacana kills cjng. look at the videos

  8. Yup.. part of the problem.

  9. This kid is probrably innocent, familia Michoacána only kills innocents and women.

  10. If its a cjng member good riddance.

  11. This is so ridiculous cartels are just ignorant killing people for what!!! Eye for an eye isn’t the answer for anything

  12. I’m surprised the CJNG wiped out the Gulf Cartel cell known as Grupo Sombra in Guanajuato. Eventually Mencho taking over Gto & Michoacán as-well as Tijuana

  13. Unfortunately, a few years ago learned of a torture so barbarous that I'm often anticipating it happening in Mexico. I'm reluctant to mention it as it is exceedingly horrific.

    *I don't watch these vids

    Canadian girl

    1. Awwwwww poor you.
      Go watch hockey or something.

  14. Where is the video at?

  15. Seems like he's having a blast


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