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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas: Tropa del Infierno Kidnapped Family of 10

Video translation is as follows:
Radio Host: such a way that for all the people who are accustomed to recording videos, uploading photographs, or uploading locations of the risky situations that the city is experiencing.

Please, fathers of families. If you want to avoid a problem. If you don’t want to lose one of your children, of which afterwards we will be complaining that innocent people are killed, well yes, the truth is that yes. Innocents are being killed.

But if they are already giving you a warning that you shouldn’t be recording videos, that you’re not supposed to be uploading anything to social networks. If you value your life somewhat, don't do it. And you head of households watch over your children. Kids think it’s so easy because they believe that they wont be found behind a computer.

Well, they’re wrong because it’s already been proven that these people have total control of the whole situation. Inasmuch, if you value the lives of your children, talk to them. And to all the young men and women, if you value your life at all, this is not a game.

This is not about some small time conflicts between cops and robbers. This is very serious. And it has cost the lives of many people in this country. And I mean many lives for the warning that you’ve been given today. Do not give information. For what? So that you can win Likes on Facebook? You’re risking your life in an outrageous way.

*Editors note: The video ends with different people being warned by Tropa del Infierno not to risk their lives. Some have presumably already been kidnapped in response to these warnings. 

The brave anonymous women Sofia Pacheco and Loba Indomable were threatened as well. 

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat    source


  1. Not Terror!
    You say what AMLO you filthy commie!

  2. So sad that these terrorists have full control of Mexico..

  3. Remember Tropas del Infierno = CDN = Zetas

  4. We’ll take care of these scumfucks. I promise.

    El Cabrón de Tamaulipas


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