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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Guadalajara: judge, secretary and former judiciary official of Jalisco gunned down

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 They murder judge, secretary and former official of the Judiciary of Jalisco, in Guadalajara

Mario Sergio Zúñiga Luján, Cristian Diego Gómez Mercado and Sergio Israel Paredes Beltrán were shot to death in the Heliodoro Hernández Loza neighborhood.

On the night of Sunday 24, a judge, a secretary of the Court and a newly retired former official, all of them from the Judicial Power of the State of Jalisco, were murdered, confirmed this afternoon the magistrate president of the State Supreme Court, Ricardo Suro Esteves. 

The attack occurred in the Heliodoro Hernández Loza neighborhood of Guadalajara , at the intersection of Hacienda La Calera and Genaro Vega Salazar streets. On the site two vehicles and 9 mm casings were secured, the Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office reported. 

At the time of the arrival of the first agents to the scene two of the victims had already died and one more man was injured, but died hours later. The three men had gunshot wounds.

The names of the victims are Mario Sergio Zúñiga Luján, second judge of the Civil Court of first instance based in Tlajomulco, Cristian Diego Gómez Mercado, secretary in the Second Civil Court based in Tlajomulco and Sergio Israel Paredes Beltrán, who until a few days ago was an official of the Jalisco Judiciary Council and in May 2018 worked as secretary of the First Mixed Court instance based in Colotlán, Jalisco.

The presiding magistrate of the Jalisco Supreme Court, Ricardo Suro Esteves , reported tonight that the state prosecutor opened an investigation folder for the triple homicide. “My condolences and solidarity to the friends and family of the Judge, and of those who, respectively, were part of our institution, QEPD. The State Judicial Power is in mourning” he said on Twitter. 


  1. Let me look into my crystal ball and it says, "these folks were involved in shady dealings".

  2. Perfect example of a terrorists committing these atrocities.
    Denying this inevitable fact will only further escalate the killings.

  3. What will it take for Mexico to address their cartel epidemic?
    Tourism is an important part of the economy, and it will surely suffer without serious changes in dealing with the criminals operating with impunity throughout Mexico.

  4. Nice these are the fucks who should be getting killed. Anyone who has worked in Law Enforcement should never be allowed to die of old age. If a pig gets your buddy and imprisons him for life then you should get even by getting one of his fellow gang members. An Eye for an Eye a tooth for a tooth.

    But people don't do this they rather watch their buddy turn rat. What happens then 10 guys end up joining him in the pen. While the pigs continue to collect their 3.5 to 8 gs a month.

  5. They were curupted, receiving lots of bribes, they had it coming.

    1. or maybe they refused the bribe and got plomo instead


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