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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Guat a Jel? (What The Hell): 14 Executed By Organized Crime in Ciudad Juárez

Video translation is as follows:
A very good evening to all our readers. Well, unfortunately the vicious affairs continue in the city. This time here in the Zona Centro where a few minutes ago 2 people were executed aboard a white minivan truck that was parked outside the Almacén del Río convenience store. In the Calles Insurgentes and Liberated here in the Zona Centro.

The 2 people mentioned beforehand were apparently waiting for someone here in this area when they were shot to death, the 2 died here. It is the truck, if you can somewhat see, that white truck that can be seen in the dark is where the 2 bodies were. You can see the broken glass from gunfire. However, the area is already fully cordoned off. There is no vehicle traffic in a section of Calle Libertad.

I repeat it is the Almacén del Rio convenience store at the intersection of Calles Libertad and Insurgentes where this double violent homicide was carried out just after a series of executions registered throughout the city. 2 were shot in the south east end of this metropolis , 1 person was shot in the western side of the city, and just a few hours ago another person was executed close to Calle Pitahaya.

This is the violence that is currently being lived here in Ciudad Juarez. And there are also 2 more executed here in the Zona Centro. As a consequence the bloody executions in this city continue.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. I am not finding this story anywhere

    1. So like go to YouTube and type in La Polaka. And there you will see all their videos. Sometimes they add their videos to their online articles.

    2. thank you for replying Sol. And thank you for your work at borderland beat.

      But I am speaking of TV, Print more mainstream noticias. I couldn't find the story even in Chihuahua. and a story this big and 2 days old should be out there. I am questioning the story

    3. PS I am referring to the headline of "14"

    4. If you look at the articles La Polaka puts out its easy to see their numbers for homicides. Many times marginalized people get overlooked all to often. I think this is why major media’s won’t bother mentioning them. And for anyone who thinks this is as easy as copy and paste. Well, you’re wrong. You actually have to decipher what the original article meant to say within certain contexts there. And there are times you have to take away from their mistakes or add more to emphasize their words. It’s not as easy as it looks. And again MARGINALIZED PEOPLE always seem to get overlooked.

    5. What?
      I am just trying to confirm the story. Polaka is 50/50 reliability.

      No need to be defensive, I didn't imply the work by BB contributors I copy and paste. I used to run a blog that was blogger and it is tricky and frustrating at times.

      That is ok, I think you have answered my inquiry by not directly answering. Thank you Sol

    6. For clarification, many things are not reported here because it can get you killed if certain entities don't want it printed. Journalists and news agencies have been attacked repeatedly for a long time. There were a few years in fact, where you would see nearly no stories about the violence because of the threat involved. What is my source? I've lived here since 2007. A quick search found two articles putting the number at 15 in under 24 hours, 7 in an hour and a half, taking the total to 85 murders in November so far. That includes the professor kidnapped from my friend's university.

      “Tuvimos dos días de cero homicidios y después se viene esta racha de 15 hechos violentos, que obedecen a diferentes circunstancias”, comentó Jorge Nava, fiscal del distrito norte.

    7. @12:22 Sorry I didn’t mean you when I said copy and paste. Got carried away on the rant there remembering how some complain about copying and paste. But a margin of error should always be considered with the numbers for homicides. Which I don’t see to be so far off once you look elsewhere for confirmation. And what I see from major media’s is that if the narrative doesn’t fit their agenda, which seems preprogrammed or promoted out of convenience, then a lot of news just doesn’t get pushed out. Again it comes back to what they want.

    8. You are doing a good job forget what people say or complain about.

  2. There have been a lot more people killed than that in the last week here in Juarez. This link is from the 10th..

  3. Amlo is making Evo Morales Mexican citizen were can work in Mexican Government Job????

    1. 3:16 I doubt Evo Morales will cost Mexicans one peso.
      I am also sure you would love it if he had been killed in this Bolivian pinochetazo.
      Bolivian coups d'etàt are nothing new, gorillates have come and gone, and US owned drug trafficking thrived like crazy, directed by Bayer agent and US sponsored nazi fugitive rat line refugee Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons, partner of felix Ismael Rodriguez and pablo escobar and Carlos lehder among other original sinners.
      The Bolivian people will rise again to say general Douglas MacArthur's I shall come back

  4. Here is an article about that debate " how many guns really come from US to Mexico" facts


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