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Saturday, November 16, 2019

2 Arkansas Chemistry Professors and 'Breaking Bad' Fan Arrested on Accusations of Making Meth

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Newsweek
a close up of a stuffed animal: Two Arkansas professors have been accused of making and distributing meth amphetamines.
Two Arkansas chemistry professors were arrested Friday on accusations that they were allegedly making methamphetamine. One of them was even known as the school's "Heisenberg," according to KATV

Bradley Allen Rowland, 40, and Terry David Bateman, 45, both of Arkadelphia, were taken into custody on November 15. Both work at Henderson State University, whose Reynolds Science Center was closed on October 8 due to an "undetermined chemical odor."

The subsequent investigation was headed by Henderson Chief of Police Johnny Campbell and included participation from Arkadelphia police, a narcotics task force and Henderson State University. Testing by the university revealed that benzyl chloride had been found spilled on surfaces in the lab. Benzyl chloride is a chemical that can be used in dyes, as a photographic developer and to synthesize methamphetamines.

Rowland and Bateman have been charged with manufacture of methamphetamine and the use of drug paraphernalia. While Henderson State University spokesman Tina Hall told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the investigation related to the benzyl chloride spill in the science center also touched on the arrests of the two teachers, there is no word if the two men made meth on campus.

Rowland noted in an interview with the Henderson State University Oracle that he enjoys the long-running, award-winning AMC TV show Breaking Bad, about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher named Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who manipulates one of his ex-students, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), into helping him manufacture and deal meth to pay for his treatments—and White's subsequent slow evolution away from morality and toward corruption via power as White becomes a drug lord. White's dealer alias is "Heisenberg" after the German physicist Werner Heisenberg.

"I thought it was a great show," Rowland said in the interview. "It was spot on and accurate when it came to the science, and, it has gotten a younger, newer generation interested in chemistry. I feel like it was a wonderful recruiting tool."

Both men were placed on administrative leave on October 11, and the Reynolds Science Center re-opened on October 29 after passing an EPA inspection.

Rowland and Bateman aren't the only Breaking Bad-related criminals in the news lately. Adolfo "Flaco" Mitchell, a taco shop chain owner, drew comparisons to the series' fictional fast food restaurant owner Gus Fring when Georgia police arrested him for dealing meth on the side.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I didn't read in the article where it mentioned ethnicity. You added that all on your own. 🤔
      Fan of your work
      Not your comments

    2. The old gallows humor. It’s clearly not for everyone who’s never lived outside their comfort zone.

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  3. Sol it’s funny but it’s been Caucasian that taught the little brown brothers how to cook meth

    1. Lol no. It was the Asians, specially the Koreans and Chinese. They were the ones that sold the high quality super lab meth recipe to the mexican cartels.
      The Koreans have been making meth since the 60s.
      The trailer/Biker speed was always stereotypically seen as low quality and cheap high for low class/rural caucasians .
      But Mexican/Asian meth is way more pure.

    2. @2:00p.m it goes back further than that.hitler made meth so his troops could keep fighting longer and not get as cold on the russian front but that didnt work out for him too well thank god!

    3. According to a History Channel documentary upwards of 40% of US housewives were prescribed it in the 50's. They were most likely exaggerating but.. .

      And yes...the Germans had Pervatin which was oral methamphetamine in chocolate form amongst others.

      The Americans as well as EVERY other country fighting in WWII had their own versions.

      Soldiers from every army in the world were twacked out on meth in that war to varying degrees.

      I watched a documentary just yesterday where they said how shocked the French were at the speed of the German onslaught. The German tank commanders were going for 3 days without sleep.

      It's not unheard of in the annals of history for soldiers on the defensive to postpone sleep for days but I do believe this to likely have been the first case where soldiers on the OFFENSIVE were to go without sleep for multiple nights in a row. Lol.

      I've been prescribed to its little cousin Adderall since I was 15.

  4. What! I thought drug traffickers only look like Tony Montana.

    1. The crazy thing about this story is that they’re actual professors. The Breaking Bad series is a great show. Needless to say some people will take the wrong influence from it and try it on their own. That shows message just didn’t come across load and clear to all the masses. So weird.

  5. Sounds like they didn’t even get 1 cook off 😂

  6. Wow they obviously didn't know that when your cook meth if gives off a chemical smell

  7. Very interesting. You would assume using benzyl chloride that they were manufacturing meth using phenyl acetic acid as opposed to ephedrine. however clandestine chemist have been known to use Benzyl chloride and magnesium to form a Grignard reagent and then reacting methylamine and acetaldehyde and using resulting compound to convert the Grignard reagent to meth. The interesting part of this process is if you have a good understanding of organic chemistry all of these chemicals are relatively easily synthesized in a well equipped lab, but if you have no chemistry background and even if you do it can easily go wrong, which is apparently what happened. If you tried to purchase these chemicals you would be arrested in US. It sounds like when they combined the magnesium and Benzyl Chloride that the resulting reaction got out of control and they got caught.

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    And do not blame any motherfacking show or movie for your stupid pendejadas.
    Stupid honkys, after they have all the advantages still have to go and fack up, maderfackers.


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