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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Guanajuato: 25 Dead, Many Wounded in 24 Hours of Violence

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Aristegui
                        Guanajuato: violence leaves 25 dead and 12 injured in less than 24 hours

The State Prosecutor's Office confirms that in conjunction with the Mexican Army, it has carried out operations for the execution of searches in the Laja-Bajío area.

By Javier Bravo
Guanajuato Clashes, massacres, operations and roadblocks. The Bajío area has become the common scenario of overflowing violence, which this time has its epicenter in the municipality of Juventino Rosas that was virtually paralyzed in its daily activities, as well as fenced in its entrances.

Everything was framed in a day that left at least 25 dead and 12 injured , among the injured is  an element of the National Guard. The events were distributed in the municipalities of León, Apaseo el Grande, Apaseo el Alto, Celaya, Irapuato, San Francisco del Rincón, Salamanca, Cuerámaro, Yuriria, Cortazar, Villagrán, Salvatierra and Comonfort .

All this motivated an intense police mobilization with elements of the State Public Security Forces and federal forces, which, according to the first citizen reports, were concentrated in the municipalities of Villagrán and Juventino Rosas . In fact, the latter municipality was fenced.

The information portal Ágora broadcast a video that was taken this morning by a driver. In this one you can see burned vehicles, police mobilization and an intense aerial mobilization.

This morning, the director of the Juventino Rosas Police Department, Gerardo Pérez Gómez , confirmed the main blockade at the exit to Celaya in both directions, since since the morning of Wednesday two passenger trucks were stationed and burned on the road .

The first block was at the height of the community of Franco Tavera and the other at the height of the “Chihuahuita bridge”.

It was also reported that at night there were clashes between criminal groups that would have included explosive detonations.

Even, several educational centers announced the suspension of classes , while hundreds of workers who move to their jobs in Celaya returned to their homes to take shelter, after being stranded on the road this morning.

Shortly after 10 in the morning, the State Attorney General's Office informed in a statement that they carried out an operation together with elements of the Army in the Laja-Bajío area, to execute “several judicial orders”, with which they insured vehicles, drugs, firearms and useful cartridges. They did not confirm arrests.

They argued that these actions are due to investigations that resulted from the crimes that occurred in recent days.

“Information was obtained that warned that several buildings were used as 'safe houses' and where a large number of illegal objects were stored (…) when gathering the evidence, they went to the judge to request the judicial orders, which were granted, ” said the Prosecutor's Office.

They confirmed that as part of the deployment, the homes were entered, where vehicles have been secured with reports of theft and alterations, doses of various drugs, long and short firearms and hundreds of useful cartridges of various calibers.

They added that precisely in the Laja-Bajío area, the FGE and the Army maintain the operation, to continue executing the judicial orders whose results, they indicated, will be reported during the day.

At least 25 murders:

The violence that escalated in the state of Guanajuato on Tuesday left in about 24 hours  a balance of 25 deaths , including a minor and 12 injured, including an element of the National Guard in Irapuato after an ambush.

The first event occurred in the city of León, inside an address of Loma de las Bugambilias street corner of Loma Alta street in the Jardines Lomas de Medina neighborhood; there died a man of about 30 years of age who received at least two shots.

Subsequently, the death of a child of only 6 years of age was reported, who died as a result of blows and scrapes that he presented on his body; the body was inside his house on Mazatlan Street in the Candelaria neighborhood, it is presumed he suffered domestic violence.

Then, five more homicides and injuries to one person were recorded in the city of Apaseo El Grande ; there at the edge of 07:00 at night, a commando entered two homes on Calle Hidalgo in the community of Los Julianes, shot at the facades and killed a woman who hid under a bed.

According to some testimonies, the same commando did the same, ie shot up the facades of houses in the community of Loma Bonita to move to Juan Oliveros street in the community of El Cerrito; just outside a home they killed a man identified as Eduardo "N".

The convoy continued its advance and ran into a couple who was riding a motorcycle, several armed men got out of the trucks and shot at the man, who was injured inside a vacant lot with a shot in the head, then died receiving medical attention .

In the community hospital of Apaseo El Grande,  two men arrived at the same time, who were shot to death while they were near the train tracks of the Los Fresnos neighborhood; According to the information generated at that time, one of the victims was identified as “El Chayo” who used a wheelchair to mobilize himself. The other man was not identified.

In another event, a company worker was injured by a shot in the leg while inside the Chuy María Industrial Park .

A few minutes later, the municipal police received another report, corresponding to a gunshot attack that took place at an address on November 20 in the community of Tenango el Nuevo. A man identified as Darío "N" was a victim of the attack and died.

In none of the aforementioned events there was the presence of the municipal police of Apaseo El Grande, nor the arrival of troops from the Sedena, the National Guard or any corporation. Inhabitants reported having spent approximately four hours without any security in the area.

At the same time as the events in Apaseo El Grande, Celaya also reported deaths caused in a violent way, it was in the community of San Martín de Camargo that the bodies of two people were thrown into public roads, wrapped in plastic bags in black color .

In Irapuato , also during the night, two people died and one more was injured after being attacked by a convoy from a van. The aggression occurred on New Guinea Street in the El Refugio neighborhood.

In the municipality of San Francisco del Rincón , a total of six homicides were recorded within two hours, the first event was the death of two young people who were transported on a motorcycle on Ignacio Ramírez street in the San colony. Michael.

According to reports of the people who witnessed the incident, the ambulance took almost an hour to reach the site of the attack and both young men died. They were identified by relatives as "El Chepo" and "El Chino", inhabitants of the Renovación neighborhood.

About three hours later, another attack was recorded in the streets of the municipality of San Francisco del Rincón. This left the death of four people and serious injuries to five more. It was at the address of Veracruz Street in the El Llano neighborhood, where a command in two vehicles broke into the premises and shot at those present.

In the municipality of Salamanca , in the morning, two workers from the watch factory in the El Eden neighborhood were shot to death. The attackers were not identified, but neighbors heard at least nine gun detonations inside the facility.

Later, at night, in the middle of the downtown area, a young man was shot several times while on Obregón Street, was taken to a hospital and his state of health was reported as delicate.

In Cuerámaro , a man who was not fully identified, was attacked by several shots inside his home in the Cieneguillas neighborhood. He died in his living room.

In another fact, in the municipality of Yuriria , the body of a man was abandoned in the morning in the community of Tinaja de Pastores, he was not identified, but next to the corpse was a threatening message written on a cardboard.

Inside the Laja River of the municipality of Cortázar , the dismembered body of a man was located yesterday afternoon, although it was not identified it is presumed that he had days of being left on the site.

Irapuato also recorded violent events:  yesterday morning, a command shot two men in the vicinity of the La Potosina community, adjacent to the town of Pueblo Nuevo, transcended death at the site of one of the men and injuries of severity of the second; the identity of both was not specified.

In the same municipality of Irapuato, a convoy of the National Guard was shot to death in the community of Aldama. Several men in trucks surprised the feds, who repelled the aggression; After the attack, an element of the National Guard resulted in a bullet rocket on the head, while the aggressors were not captured.

In the neighboring municipality of Villagrán , during the early morning, neighbors observed the body of a man thrown in the middle of the street on Praderas de la Venta Avenue, was identified as Andrés and had gunshots in the neck and back.

A woman was the victim of another armed attack in the streets of the municipality of Comonfort ; She was driving in a Ford Wolf truck when she was intercepted by a command that opened fire on her. The woman arrived by her means at a gas station, where she asked for help and was taken to a serious health hospital.

In this regard, the Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato issued the following statement :


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