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Thursday, November 28, 2019

14 bodies exhumed in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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Authorities found the bodies of six men and one woman on a farm in the El Salto ranch, of the Chipinque delegation
The bodies of seven people were located on a site near the pit in which another seven bodies were found last Saturday, in the municipality of Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco.

The finding was made on a site of the El Salto ranch, of the Chipinque delegation, where the authorities found the bodies of six men and one woman, the latter was tied by the hands.

Experts from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences transferred the bodies to their facilities where the corresponding studies will be carried out to determine the causes of death and exact time of evolution.

During the last minutes of this Saturday, the state prosecutor's office reported the discovery of a grave with seven people in El Chipinque- The finding was made based on investigations of missing persons.

The bodies were transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service, based in Lagos de Moreno.

On November 19, the Secretary of Public Safety and Protection, Alfonso Durazo, acknowledged that the security strategy implemented in Lagos de Moreno, has not yielded the expected results due to the lack of personnel, so the federation will focus on this municipality, which has been plagued by violence since the beginning of the year. 

So far this year there are 274 bodies found in clandestine graves, safe houses and massive findings, in Jalisco.


  1. Seems like CDS is being serious, counter attacking and recuperating plazas from the baby killer cartel.

    1. I think you mean the baby killer cartel aka (cds remember the lebarons?) are the ones getting slaughter by the nueva, cds stand no chance against cjng

    2. Lebarons were killed by la linea not CDS.

    3. 6:15 Sure body, everyone knows cds has that part of sonora on lock

    4. La linea did it to heat la plaza.

  2. Jalisco is a war zone, cds really want that state with el cholo.. Thousands more will die

  3. Sinaloa had Jalisco but Jalisco was just to big for them and cjng would kill them if they didn’t want to join them that’s what a captured leader of la recsitencia said

  4. I’m shocked that puerto Vallarta has remained relatively violence free.

  5. Chinolass trying to get jalisco, NEVER will it happen even with AMLO help. they are still struggling against cjng


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