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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Juárez, Mexico: We’ll Drop You Off On Our Way

September 29, 2019
Video translation is as follows:
How are you, good afternoon. We are on the west side of the city, in the Colonia Nuevo Mexico

We're at Calle Francisco R. Almada and Emiliano Zapata Street where a few moments ago an execution was registered in this area. It is on R Almada Street where according to subject witnesses, this man was taken off a vehicle in which he was in.  He was on board the vehicle but unfamiliar to the area. He was subsequently executed in this area. 

He was not identified as a local or resident of this area by neighbors. And he was killed, just  shot here in the street. The body was left as we can see laying there on the side. There is no sidewalk here, however,  he was found face up with his leg bent. Most of the gunfire was done at close range and to the head.

The Municipal Agents are already here and have cordoned off the area. Homicide Agents from the State Attorney General's Office are also here. They are waiting for State Experts to initiate with the lifting of the evidence. The Forensic experts are not yet here, they are on their way. The Medical Forensics is also on their way to lift the corpse of this executed person. We repeat:  the neighborhood is Nuevo Mexico to the southeast,  I mean northeast,  of the city near the Community Center. Let's see if you can see the Community Center of the Francisco I. Madera neighborhood in the background...

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from: YouTube


  1. I swear I can see his arm move🤔

  2. No one saw anything, no one nothing, just another killing in town. What good is it if they call the police, if they in turn are in cahoots with the criminals.

    1. No one says anything. Snitches get stiches remmber?
      In this case snitches may end up the same way.

  3. Excellent dumping ground.

  4. What the hell where is Chivis?

    1. 6:13 there are the bad news, Chivis and I eloped.
      The good News is I am sending my people to ask for her hand and everything else and they will deliver a bottle of Corn Alcohol and a frozen turkey, to make ammends to her family...
      Her Dowry alone was worth it,

  5. This is how Sinaloans end up.

    1. Jajaja, ahorita te van a cagar el palo

  6. Gn in Juaritoz equals a dead gn


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