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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

CJNG threatens CDS in Cancun: This Plaza Already has an Owner

The new threat of "El Mencho" to the Sinaloa Cartel in Cancun: "This plaza already has an owner"

For a couple of years, a new war has been waged in the Mexican jewel of tourist towns between drug cartels. This morning the region woke up sown with narcomantas that threatened “El Zuri”.

The jewel of the tourist crown in Mexico is experiencing a strong security crisis. The emergence of narco mantas in different parts of Quintana Roo have set off fire alarms in the Mexican Caribbean.

This week, at a time when violence seems to be unstoppable within the entity, with 1,020 homicides in the first 9 months of 2019. CJNG, ie , Jalisco New Generation Cartel has waged a battle to control drug sales, according to the forewarning messages written on the mantas. "We are going to kill you Zurizaday Villaseñor. We are fucking fed up with you coming into our territory. We will also be killing off your fucking people. Sincerely, CJNG"; said the narcomanta.

This threatening message was located in Playa del Carmen on a chain link fence next to a playground. It was confiscated by the Municipal Police and taken to the Attorney General's Office.

According to reports, another narco manta was located in Tulum, Quintana Roo at the Felipe Carillo Puerto exit. This manta also had the same warning: “This plaza has an owner, go fuck your mother somewhere else Zurizaday Villaseñor. Because we are going to kill you and your people. You fucking dogs. Sincerely, Cartel Jalisco".

Both narcomantas contained a threatening message for Zurizaday V.M. aka, "El Zuri", supposed leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in southern Quintana Roo. "El Zuri" is linked to the tranfficking of drugs in the country through small planes, which landed in the border area of the entity, taking advantage of the lack of protection at the borders to continue operating.

In 2014, a judge from Belize granted his freedom after being detained and imprisoned by the Central American authorities for almost two years on charges of illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and drugs.

The beaches of Quintana Roo are among the most beautiful in the world. Every year more than 6,000,000 people visit. And it is one of the main tourist sites in Mexico. However, for several years now a new war has been waged between drug cartels and local gangs to control drug trafficking in the region.

The battle has become evident in recent months with the attacks on security elements, which stain the image of those destinations in southeastern Mexico.

In recent years, the groups with a presence in Cancun and the rest of the Mayan Riviera, the coastal strip of Quintana Roo, are the cartels of Sinaloa, Los Zetas, Golfos and Jalisco Nueva Generación.

Of these, those who have lost out are the Zetas, experts agree, although they still have several operating groups in the tourist area. Between 2010 and 2014, Los Zetas maintained control of the region, but lost it after a battle with their ex-allies, the Cartel del Golfo.

A drug trafficking figure in Quintana Roo and which became relevant was Leticia Rodríguez Lara aka “Doña Lety” who, until before her arrest, headed one of the main groups of minor drug traffickers.

The problem in Quintana Roo in general is greater than the violence in the streets. Since the 1990s, the region is one of the main drug entry doorways from South America, of which drugs are thrown from light aircraft into the sea.

Faced with this situation, the governor of the Quintana Roo entity, Carlos Joaquín, announced actions to improve security. Nevertheless, the violent events continue and the elements of security as well as the population are the most damaged sectors.

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from: Infobae


  1. On other plaza cds lost and wish they could get it back smh

  2. Fuck cartel de Jalisco, they are just a bunch of rodents!

    1. Looks like CDS will have their hands tied if they battle with CJNG. Times have changed. It is not like 10 years ago when Chapo was free and was allowed by Mexican and American authorities to attack three other cartels which are Juarez, Tijuana and Zetas and still manage to grow.
      This time a battle with another perhaps equally powerful cartel will cost more than in the past specially since past enemies like Juarez cartel have not managed to completely die and perhaps are re emerging and once again threatening their dominance in Chihuahua at least.

  3. Take your amateur beach towel blanket message somewhere else.

  4. Fuck cartel de Jalisco, they are just a bunch of rodents!

    1. Just like CDS are in Juarez and most everywhere they go.

  5. I was just out in the maya riviera this past entire week and weekend on a weekday we went out to have dinner in playa de carmen after dinner it was almost 11 pm while walking down the darkened strip a kid about 15/16 years of age came up to me and others in my large group fairly close and said "want some cocoaine, some blowwww" in english we kept walking things got very akward after ppl inside the bars kept looking at us while we walked by heading to la vaquita sure enough when we got there same story going upstairs to the restroom there was another teen standing at the steps everytime the men went up to use the restroom he'd follow behind u all the way into the restroom asking you if you want to buy some coke. there was another guy upstairs at the end of the steps doing the same. in the ladies restroom and older looking chick was trying to sell to the females in my group. few days later we were out and about and our tour guide started mentioning that cjng has that area on lock so it all made sense to what I had read about the state inspector being picked up by the jaliscos a week before, decapitated and his body dumped smh

  6. Funny how they don't mention sinaloa even tho that guy is chief plaza for them cjng are f*cking puss*s when are they gone go after the main bosses in sinaloa since sinaloa is funding their rivals seems mencho got scared after he got punk for the chapitos thats when he saw the Real power they chinolas Carrie

  7. Wow Mencho is taking over everything. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

  8. Fken baby killer cartel, trying to take over another town, greedy bastards already have alot if money coming in. They chickened out with Abuelos town, as they fought back and won. Down with the baby killer cartel!

    1. Trying? They already took over playa del carmen

  9. IMO: Foreboding stuff here. Do you think things are going to go the way Acapulco did?

    While Mexico has many great things for tourists to enjoy, so do many other parts of the world. Tourism is new money....a great asset with many socio-economic "win-win" spinoffs that are renewable.

    Mexicans: Why are you killing this golden goose?
    Response: "Well we are not killing it. The goose is just a little sick and if it dies, 'que sera, sera'"

    P.S. I used to love Acapulco .. but now? Well, you know the rest of the story.

    1. Cancun used to do very well, like Acapulco, before the pinches turistas and their vices came together, along with pederasta tourism and gave it all a bad name.
      Mexican poor never got rich from tourism unless they got smart and learned to peddle ass smartly, and that was very few of them.
      PS the worst criminals in Cancun are in the Secretary of Public Security at the orders of Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, first taken to Tijuana by jorge hank rohn... To serve with corrupt gangster Julian Leyzaola, a criminal torturer graduated from the school of the Americas who was a captain in the Mexican army. Both served in Morelos state Too... As criminal capos.

  10. CJNG are the worst they extort innocent business owners and kidnap and kill children.


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