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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

"El Lunares": The Dangerous New Leader of La Union Tepito Who Colludes with Police

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Infobae y HeraldoMx
Notice there is one man behind him to the right that appears to be in uniform as well as the man in front of him to the left.

“El Lunares”: the dangerous leader of La Union Tepito that escaped through a Chapo-style tunnel and operates, apparently with police protection. Óscar "N", the band's leader is accused of femicide, drug and human trafficking. The Authorities are accused of protecting him.

The leader of the criminal cell La Unión Tepito, Óscar “N”, “El Lunares”, was last seen by the Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico City at a wake he organized for three of his hitmen, in Peralvillo 33, where yesterday an operation was carried out in search of his capture, due to this photo and apparently others, showing officers present. The images, which were key for the authorities, show “El Lunares” talking with a police officer.

In the photograph, which obtained C4NewsMX and taken by the C5 cameras last week, the head of La Union appears with a cap, black sweatshirt and a backpack crossed in the chest, in addition to being surrounded by some men, presumably criminal cohorts.

In front of the leader of the Union is a uniformed agent of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC).

According to local authorities, Oscar "N" has 10 people who are called "hawks" ( halcones) or escorts for protection.
Thanks to the image, the authorities confirmed that the ringleader of La Union Tepito was in the place of operations,  until a few days before the operation. With the data provided by the C5, the Intelligence Group of the SSC of Mexico City planned the deployment of the operation that began at one o'clock on Tuesday, October 22.

Two hours later, the Secretary of Security , Omar García Harfuch, arrived with the execution of the search warrants, but when the security elements arrived, Oscar "N", "El Lunares" was gone .

"El Lunares" was the objective of this Tuesday's deployment but was never captured as he was alerted, said the security head .

Peralvillo 33 was identified as one of the maximum operations centers of the La Union Tepito .  
That day, "El Lunares" organized the funeral for three hitmen who kidnapped and were killed and then left in the Ecatepec area. Another photograph also shows Oscar's father in the same place, and hanging out with capital police.

The images helped the chief of the City Police, Omar García , refine the details of the operation where they arrested 31 people and seized weapons and drugs.

Oscar, "El Lunares" escaped through a tunnel:
This operation was carried out in a neighborhood, located on Calle Peralvillo 33, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor's sector , where two narco-laboratories were found, a warehouse, weapons of heavy caliber, drugs and 1.5 million pesos in cash.  *See Sol's previous Post.*

Peralvillo 33  is made up of several three-level buildings. The first search was carried out in two buildings , where synthetic drugs were found, 50 kilos of chemical precursor, more than two tons of marijuana, 20 kilos of cocaine and four kilos of methamphetamines.

During the press conference offered to give the details of the operation, García Harfuch revealed that this criminal group received the protection of some capital authorities, so they proceeded to act.

"This secretariat was aware of the collusion of this criminal group with authorities in Mexico City which possibly gave protection to this organization, so the decision was taken to operate swiftly," Harfuch said.
The head of the SSC said that it was thanks to the complaint of the citizens that implemented this coordinated operation. Photo: SSC

The Secretary of Security capital,  Omar García Harfuch , reported that he is investigating at least 40 members of the investigative police  who apparently colluded with Oscar would be " N " , and other 80 elements over the Ministry of  Public Safety.

With  information in which he refers to shows that Óscar “ N ” organized parties to the elements of the Morelos sector and police officers of the mayor's offices of Cuauhtémoc and Venustiano Carranza.

One of the objectives of this operation was the arrest of "El Lunares", alleged leader of La Union Tepito. According to information from the authorities, "El Lunares" has been in charge of the Union after the arrest of "El Betito" and "El Pistaches".

The operative deployed, in which 600 police officers from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), 90 Investigation Police of the Attorney General's Office (PGJ) and 147 elements of the Navy participated, was supervised by the head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch.
During the operation, there was no shots fired, no armed confrontation. Photo: Luis Carbayo, Cuartoscuro


  1. “ a backpack crossed in the chest”

    When you’re going through any major city in Mexico. You can tell how serious crime is by seeing how people wear their backpacks. When things are real bad and everyone is on edge backpacks are worn on the front. Seldom if ever are they actually worn in the back. That is how you measure the state of affairs in any crime infested area.

    1. Why do they wear them in the front? Is it to prevent stealing or as a DIY bullet proof vest?

    2. That's the dumbest statement I've 3v3r heard

    3. If someone comes at you with a knife or gun, it don't matter how you wear your backpack. I know from experience.

    4. I actually mentioned this a little over a year ago. Major cities with high crime rates are like this.

    5. In he’s case is more to reach for the gun or money quicker. He’s tipping and paying for everything, handling the bolsita

    6. Also purses, 👜 bags, your kid, pretty much anything and everything, sadly;
      however, same is true in places all over the world inc US.

  2. Amlo says everything is fine in Mexico low crime rate. Believe that and u believe in the tooth fairy

  3. "...Las gafas aqui, significan tristeza... arriba significan barrio pesado, y las gafas atras significan que me barrio me respalda!..."😎🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Is this a cartel or gang I don’t understand la union tepito?

  5. STFup with your lame observations

  6. With all that Intel., He got away.

  7. According to new court docs, US prosecutors developed a new, unnamed confidential informant against Caro Quintero just last year. The informant helped track down the properties the US hint is trying to seize. They’re pressing this investigation hard.

  8. Also, back packs worn in the front are bullet proof vests with ceramic plates in them.

  9. Wallets are always in the front pant pocket.

  10. De Yankee and de Sol, you're the only ones commenting, what's the code so I can enter, what did you do to Chivis?

  11. Interesting that after the events in Culichi the authorities have a huge operation against CJNG rivals. I bet its just coincidence


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