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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Project Miroslava: The Murder of Miroslava; Unpunished Narco Politicians

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
                                         Miroslava Breach knew they were going to kill her.
By: Adela Navarro Bello
Many times they had threatened her. A few days before her murder on March 23, 2017, she advised her daughter about what to do with her inheritance, reordered the life insurance documents, and commissioned the raising of her youngest son to one of her sisters.

Threats to the journalist of Chihuahua, a correspondent for  La Jornada , were aware of the Governor of the state, Javier Corral Jurado, all the way up to the Attorney General. Also ex officio colleagues and families. The society could even have deduced it from the journalistic works of Miroslava, consignments about the exercise of narco-politics in the municipalities of Chihuahua, in political parties such as the PRI and the PAN, which not only had in their governments  relatives of drug traffickers on the payroll and in security areas, they also made them candidates. At least they tried.
 But the journalist was not silent. It was not her thing. Quite the opposite. "Silence is complicity," was her phrase.

From the investigation that after two years and six months, ie, 2 1/2 years , maintains the crime of murder of Miroslava Breach is in impunity, a few days ago and, fortunately, many media outlets published an investigative work carried out by journalists who grouped together in Colectivo Marzo  23  to carry out the tasks of investigative journalism tasks by Miroslava's colleagues. There is a lot of impunity, they find.

In three pieces that you can find for reading on the project project page, it is revealed not only the judicial file that began in the General Prosecutor's Office of Chihuahua and continues in the Special Prosecutor's Office for the Attention of Crimes against Freedom of Expression, but also the Investigation of the journalists on the tracks not officially attended, the minimized evidence, the witnesses that seem suspicious, the loose ends in the ministerial framework of the case.
The most important and unattended of the insane binomial of narco-politics fed up and was denounced by Miroslava Breach: Politicians.

Indeed the narcos have been pointed out, even though not all, as intellectual and material authors of the journalist's murder, while the politicians with whom they had obvious and proven links, were protected. They were not and are not a line of investigation despite having participated as messengers with organized crime regarding the investigative work of the murdered journalist.

The journalists Colectivo Marzo 23  investigated detail in the first part: “politicians who were not asked obvious questions; people who could have had some degree of participation and, nevertheless, were granted the quality of witnesses with reserved identity; irregularities at the crime scene; inconsistencies in the tests and leaks of information to the press that served as distractors of public opinion. ”

We must read the texts to understand the level of harassment that journalists live in Chihuahua and the impunity enjoyed by politicians and drug lords who have taken over municipalities, which control municipal police and other departments, and that political parties have infiltrated to impose candidates.

The journalistic work of Miroslava Breach and Patricia Mayorga, with which she displaced by showing the violence, thwarted the attempts of drug traffickers to dominate the electoral scene.

Another important text of the journalistic work: “Organized crime groups managed to infiltrate the lists of candidates for mayors, mainly in the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), but also those of the National Action Party (PAN), for the June 5 elections in mountain municipalities and drug transfer corridors, published  La Jornada . The two journalists agreed to publish the same information at the same time, as a protection measure. ”

They refer in part to the municipality of Chínipas from where Miroslava was originally. I knew the political actors, the social actors and ,of course, the criminals. As to the band of Los Salazares, a criminal entity linked to the Sinaloa Cartel based in that region of the country that dominated from corruption, blood and lead. After the journalistic notes about the candidacy of Juan Miguel Salazar, "nephew of Adam Salazar Zamorano, Don Adan, the founding patriarch of the group Los Salazares" his candidacy was withdrawn. Then the threats increased.

Journalists report that as part of the process against the alleged perpetrator of the crime against Miroslava, the only prisoner of the three who allegedly collaborated to kill her - one more is dead, another fugitive - from when the authorities located the suspect's house via computer with various files, including an audio. It was the recording of a call that the journalist received from Alfredo Piñera, spokesman for the PAN in Chínipas, and then speaking on behalf of Mayor Hugo Amed Schultz. He recorded it without the journalist's consent the call in which, due to his dialogue and questions, he sought to define the municipal president Schultz as an informant for the reporter. The recording, as they would confess, was delivered to Los Salazares as proof that he had not leaked information. Everything had originated from the individual investigation of Miroslava. That's how she let them know.

But neither that proof, nor the recording, nor the confession, were enough to investigate the politicians. They protected them. They remain in impunity to this day.

Nor were investigated those who from the PRI whom had made a candidate of  Silvia Mariscal Estrada, mother-in-law of Arturo Quintana, namely , a criminal of the Juarez Cartel.

No politician has been investigated in the case of the murder of the journalist, who a month before the fatal  day of March 23, 2017, reads in the special investigation, “ published  in  La Jornada  and  El Norte in Ciudad Juárez  a note that perhaps was her death sentence: She wrote that the narcos had infiltrated Municipal Public Security (SPM) and the Public Works area of ​​ten municipalities in Chihuahau, among these, Chínipas. ”

The reports on also reveal the criminal and political environment to divert attention from the main investigation. Five related murders, Governor Corral in a search, false ballistics reports, threatening mantas among drug traffickers. 

See my BB Post on the 5 Related Murders Here.

Killing a journalist as they did in Chihuahua on March 23, 2017 meant the persecution of a few criminals, the protection of others, and impunity for the political class of one of the states with the highest murder rates in Mexico, and with underworld that grows under the protection of political power.

In Mexico it is like that:
Killing a journalist has never guaranteed anyone ending up in prison. Impunity is such that it continues to happen. Regardless of the party that heads the state, municipal, or that of the Republic.  Assassinated journalists murderers are not persecuted, prosecuted or imprisoned.

At home, at  Zeta,  we are still waiting for justice for the murder of Héctor Félix in 1988, for the attack against Jesús Blancornelas in 1997, for the crime of Francisco Javier Ortiz Franco in 2004. Of Javier Valdez de  Riodoce , murdered in May 2017, two months after Miroslava.
Of the 131 journalists murdered in Mexico since 2000 to date as documented by Article 19, of the 11 who have had their lives taken since the birth of the  sexennium of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Do not forget the cases. Please read: Remember that the unpunished do not favor silence, because "silence is complicity,"  as Miroslava and so many others have said and done.


  1. These educated people report the obvious to help there nation to help there people, so that they may advance. What comes from killing this knowledge? If we remain silent we are as bad as the criminals as the dogs that have ravaged our country. What a beautiful country it was and still can be the people so beautiful so amazing so loving to be used and taken over by these dogs.

  2. Crickets from the US lamestream media. Doesn't fit the liberal agenda,so there is little exposure to the killing of journalists in Mexico when one would think it would be a threat to them since their brethren south of the border and supposedly here are under attack. But hey, it's only future Einsteins and Chopins that are sneaking across not any criminals.

  3. 11 journalists may have been murdered since AMLO was sworn to the presidency, but why blame him?
    Lopez Obrador is about everything Mexico has going for itself as a country right now, and the people still support him, but the Chayote Lobby is even glad about every murder and waste no time posting it to "AMLO" record.
    After all is said and done, the Federal Government is in charge, but after the municipales and the state have done their part, and them the Mexican judiciary intervenes with federal fiscals with the Executive delegates and lawmakers watching their every step carefully, without respect for the highly influential.
    Governor Corral (PAN) needs to answer some questions, He is the Supreme authority on his State of Chihuahua, and his state attorney General and his federal fiscal, before you go blaming AMLO.
    Veracruz state Fiscal general jorge winckler just got fired recently, "for not presenting his examinations for trustworthiness", but there is a sea of wrongdoings and misdeeds by his motherfacking ass which has been replaced and is very probably being investigated,
    --he had about 7 years to go,

  4. Thank you very much for keeping us in the loop. I appreciate it very much.
    Keep on Yaqui.

  5. Let's be real, no one's here for journalist nerds. We want narco news not some weak story about nosy journalist. Now the day they cut up sol, that's the day I'll read one of these articles.

    1. Being real at your command---leave this site and don't look back

  6. “SiNaLoA dOesNt kILL iNnoCeNtS”


  8. Can someone tell me why Mexicans sometimes have Slavic names? I know there was a famous Mexican actress named Miroslava back in the 50s, but I’ve seen a ton of other Mexicans with Slavic names like Vladimir and stuff like that. Is it a Marxist thing like in Venezuela?

  9. Pure respect to all journalists in Mexico & abroad who willingly risk their health, wealth & safety in the commission of LA VERDAD. I was going to follow this statement by saying I'd rather be a fluffer for a black prison gang than a journalist in Mexico, but that is nonsense. Without these brave men and women the public would be forced to get their news directly from the narco commie politicians from our land and yours.

    PAZ a través de una potencia de fuego superior

  10. Behind Kiki Camarena's murder was Carlos Salinas de Gortari on his way to the presidency, in cahoots with DFS founder Fernando Gutierrez Barrios and his secretaria Manlio "la fabis" Fabio Beltrones named by the NY Times as a drug trafficking money launderer along with Manuel Cavazos Lerma in Tamaulipas, record classified in exchange for giving away PEMEX LEGISLATION under EPN.
    The military and the state. Governor's were given a lot of powers ov drug trafficking and state budgets and capability to contract loans wherever they could with the intent of stealing and defrauding everybody, supported by new laws that made their corruption "not a crime" and has degenerated into their becoming heads of their local regional cartels of criminals, sometimes they even sell the whole state to 3 or 4 or more criminal bands, all competing against each other and the real owners of drug trafficking from the US and every new regime trying to outdo the prior regimes on the US and in Mexico.
    We need to stop blaming the humble farmers and the billionaire bean farmers who can't even read or write like El Chapo too, because their sins do not compare to the sins of Corrupt government and businessmen who set out to make billions and planned the whole shit from the start fully knowing what was up since they owned their own Opium dens in China along with the British, German, and other colleagues since China was an empire. While the flying Tigers of Chenault were financed by the US government and while they transformed into Air America, the Senor de los Cielos Cartel and the Operacion Mayan Jaguar that degenerated into the US war ON drugs version Mexico is hat bakkanized it into a Colombia. Styled war on drugs justified by mostly Falsos Positivos to "show work".
    --Ravelo and Co need to wake the fack up and smell the horse's ass.

  11. Corrupt motherfacker governor Cesar "El Capulina" Duarte never acted against Miroslava, but US born PAN governor Javier Corral has much bigger plans than stay governor, among them a presidential run to go back to screwing Mexico and the Mexicans in the ass, like FECAL and fox could not do.


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