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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Parral, Chihuahua: In México the police are the cartel

Parral, Chihuahua - Strong emotions due to the underworld are part of normal life in this city.

State and municipal police performed in a hometown case of corruption against an unsuspecting out of state truck driver. 

A man hauling a tractor trailer loaded with merchandise was arrested by official State Transportation authorities.

Right away they set a discretionary bribery of 5,000 pesos that the driver did not have in cash.

So the cartel police officers decided to give him personalized attention and took him on a patrol vehicle to the ATM to get the money.

The man managed to record them and broadcast the video online.

Video translation is as follows:
Truck Driver: You’ll take me over there?
Cartel Police #1: Well, of course. 
Truck Driver: To Banamex Bank?
Cartel Police #1: Yes. So, you’ve been here to Parral before?
Truck Driver: Many fucking times officer. 
Cartel Police #1: Ok. The other guys would do things smoothly. 
Cartel Police #2: The other ones. 
Truck Driver: In this damn life everything is money. 
Cartel Police #1: That is true. 
Cartel Police #2: They say money is really nothing. But it’s actually 99.9 percent in everything. 
Truck Driver: Well, it’s a shame the transportation driver is the one that loses all the time. 
Cartel Police #1: Yes. And which company are you a part of?
Truck Driver: Espinoza Transports. 
Cartel Police #1: Espinoza? And are you delivering to a furniture store or what?
Truck Driver: No. 
Cartel Police #2: How far are you traveling?
Truck Driver : All the way to Mexico State. 
Cartel Police #2: To the actual Federal District, the Federal District?
Truck Driver: Yes. 
Cartel Police #2: Will you go and unload and then return?
Truck Driver: No, we’re from Mexico State. 
Cartel Police #1: How long does your trip take?
Truck Driver: It takes me...for example if I leave today. I’ll drive all the way to Leon Guzman (Leon Guzman Ciudad Lerdo,Durango).
Cartel Police #1: Uh huh. 
Truck Driver: And in the morning well, in the early dawn I’ll start driving and I’ll reach Mexico City at night. 
Cartel Police #1: Son of a bitch all the way to Leon. And that city Guzman where exactly is it located?
Truck Driver: Durango. 
Cartel Police #1: Durango?
Truck Driver: Yes. 
Cartel Police #1: That’s gotta be more than 7 hours from here right?
Truck Driver: More or less.

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat Sourcc


  1. I once got stop by federales entering Monterey NL, once I started recording he said there was no need for that. After checking my paperwork and vehicle he let me go.

  2. Salguieros, founders of ng same scum as Salazares they run Parral and southern chihuahua

  3. I would argue these “police” are actually worse, then the cartels.....

  4. Wow, 5000 pesos? That's like...$250. You're destroying your country for $250.

  5. Thats why when I see a bunch of mexican cops get mowed down I dont feel bad. Extort the people long enough and they will end up in an ambush.

  6. Wow, that is really sad. Hard working people who get out an work to feed their family. Who have nothing to do with the drug trade suffer the most☹️

  7. I really think this guy is in trouble for posting this. They can have him and his family harassed or taken out and nothing will happen. This is why more than 90% of the people will not call the police when a crime is perpetrated against them. Because they have an 80% chance of retaliation against them. Much of the time the police are involved in the crime. I know a women here that had her car stolen. She later saw two men driving it. They parked and went into a restaurant. They came back out and said forget about your car, and this report or you will have problems.

  8. The whole country of Mexico's police officers are the cartel. Just depends on which cartel state officials are working with.


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