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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

More Santa Rosa de Lima: Band of 8 Extortionists Arrested Plus Reprisal Attacks

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SoyBarrio y LSR
On September 13, the State Attorney General's Office reported the arrest of eight men, who allegedly engaged in "charging piso" to merchants from various Celaya colonias.

The Prosecutor's Office informed through a bulletin that Arnulfo "N", Martín "N", Arnulfo "N", Juan "N", Isaí "N", Gerardo "N", Juan "N" and Leonel "N", they dedicated themselves to extortion and even pointed out that two of the detainees were municipal employees of the Ministry of Public Security of Celaya.

According to sources inside the Federal Police, this detention directly impacted the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, as the direct link with these activities was due to the financing capacity.

The state authority said that the detainees had in their possession cash that, hours before their arrest, would have been taken directly from merchants, along with cell phones, long and short weapons, as well as vehicles with theft report with which they moved about the city.

After this arrest, the newspaper Milenio released a leak from the State Attorney General's Office, which reported the arrest of a man called "El Checheno", an alleged criminal leader of a cell of the so-called Santa Rosa Cartel from Lima.

According to sources inside the Army, the arrest of the eight operators motivated the attack against the state delegate of the National Intelligence Center, Juan José Olvera and his assistant Cuauhtemoc Izquierdo,  in that investigation key information was revealed that led to the capture of "El Checheno".
This attack happened last Wednesday , when Juan José Olvera was traveling on the Salamanca road to Celaya and right in the community of Valtierrilla; in the police report it was detailed that the delegate and his assistant would have visited military personnel at the base of the Sarabia community that is 9.5 kilometers from where the attack occurred.

This information would reveal that Juan José Olvera and Cuauhtemoc Izquierdo were followed since they left the military base and it was not until Valtierrilla that the attack occurred, according to sources consulted by Soy Barrio, the direct attack occurred at 05:45 in the morning of Wednesday.

The attack on the custodians:
A day later, according to various leaks, the arrest of "El Checheno"  motivated two other high-impact events. On the road that runs from Salamanca to the community of Labor de Valtierra; there five prison guards were killed by an armed commando.
According to some sources within the investigation, on Thursday, the guards left the so-called Social Readaptation Center (Cereso) Mil de Valle De Santiago, in a white Dodge Ram Van truck with direction to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso) from Ocampo, Guanajuato.

Although the official version is that it did not move to any prisoner, another indicates that it would be precisely that of “El Checheno”, who had an arrest warrant for the crime of organized crime and carrying a firearm for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces and that was the reason a discreet criminal transfer had been organized.

Attacks in Celaya:
That same night, coordinated armed men opened fire on various businesses in the city of Celaya, including banks, convenience stores, and even car agencies.

According to some sources, these attacks would be retaliation for the arrest of the cell of extortionists and criminal leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

Hours later of the attack, the Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato, Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, announced that the State Public Security Forces will redouble the surveillance of businesses in the city.
Agents of the Criminal Investigation Agency highlighted in the building of the Attorney General's Office of the State of Guanajuato located on Heliotropo Street in Las Flores neighborhood in Celaya, reported an armed attack and fallen comrades.

According to the first data, the command composed of no less than six men, broke into the premises of the Prosecutor's Office and opened fire on those present. Three agents who were outside, died.

When fleeing, the attackers shot at two people who were outside the building and who were not agents, were unarmed.

After the report, all the corporations present in Celaya began moving to the Prosecutor's building to attend the report and assist their colleagues; through the communication channels of the various corporations, intermittent attacks on municipal and state police units were reported by armed men in the distance.
The city was practically armored, because the Federal Police, Mexican Army, Military Police, National Guard, National Gendarmerie, State Public Security Forces and the Municipal Police of Celaya themselves mobilized to be able to detain those responsible for the attack.

No level of government provided official figures or more precise data of what happened and what work they undertook, so that the information that was known was extra-official requested from sources within various corporations.

The deputy director of the Pénjamo police:
Yesterday, the deputy director of the Municipal Police of Pénjamo, Jorge Cisneros, was found dead a few hours after he was deprived of his freedom in the municipality of Huanímaro.

In a statement, the municipality of Pénjamo explained that after knowing that the police command was kidnapped, elements of the Municipal Police, State Public Security Forces (FSPE) and National Guard implemented a search and rescue operation.
He added that surrounded by the operational deployment, the kidnappers deprived Jorge Cisneros of life in a community in the municipality of Huanímaro. His body was found inside a vehicle, in which he was apparently taken after his execution.

According to the preliminary information, the deputy director was kidnapped when he attended law classes at the university of the mentioned locality.


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  5. Don't you worry Pancho, after they bribe the police, with that extortion money they will be out in a yippee.

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  7. Again these criminals get thier faces covered, they got caught with crime, and yet protected from the public to see. MEXICO seems to astound me, it's like a leaky roof, no one does nothing to repair it. Therefore cartels continue to rule.

  8. 8:28 maybe airborne assaulters trained and paid for by the US stormed that leaky roof, they did it while looking for EL Chapo, they did it trying to murder "narcos" in Tamaulipas who were just a Texas family with band new truck, and they do not give a fack, about the suspects, about the facts or the myriad of too many police corporations in guanajuato.
    Fiscal general Zamarripa with about 10 years on the job and 9 more under his renewed contract is the one who should know everything about crime in guanajuato, "but he doesn't know nothing"


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