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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

"El Checheno" Arrested After 8 Police Elements Murdered in Less than a Week in GTO

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol y LSR
Guanajuato, Gto: The arrest of "El Checheno" , an alleged operational leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel , is the reason why the criminal organization executed eight police officers in the Laja-Bajío area of the state in less than a week.
The arrest was announced by the head of the Analysis and Strategy Unit of the Citizen Security of the State , Sophía Huett López, who said that the attacks are an organized crime response to the institutional action that seeks generates fear on the part of the public servants in the society and citizenship.

The alleged criminal leader was captured last Friday , after less than a week, eight security elements in Celaya, Salamanca and Pénjamo were killed by armed commandos.
''El Marro'' ordered the attack on the headquarters of the Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato in Celaya in which an agent of the Ministerial Police died and four others were injured. 

The arrest of ''El Checheno '', a hitman linked to the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, suggests to investigators that José Antonio Yépéz Ortiz, aka '' El Marro '', is behind the attack carried out on Friday night. 

The Security Forces arrested ''El Checheno'' on Friday. He was traveling in a van with long weapons and it is presumed that this hitman from the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel participated in the attack.

A command composed of at least seven people fired on more than 30 rounds at ten o'clock on Friday night against the offices of the Prosecutor's Office in Celaya . The arrest of '' El Checheno '' will allow investigators to know more details about the attack. 

The assassination of the deputy director of the Pénjamo police, Jorge Cisneros, closed a week in which the attacks on the part of organized crime were directed to security facilities and elements, of the three levels of government. Although the state government has insisted on not relating them, most of the facts would have a direct line.

From the attack against the delegate of the National Intelligence Center, in which his partner died, through the attack on the facilities of the State Attorney General's Office in Celaya in which a ministerial agent died, until the murder of five custodians of the Center of the Social Readaptation of Valle de Santiago, seven agents had been murdered.

In the eighth case was the second in command of the Pénjamo police, he was found inside a vehicle that they abandoned in a rural community in the municipality of Huanímaro.

With these last facts, Guanajuato reaches the first national place in police killings with 36 cases so far in 2019, according to the count of different media, including the Common Cause organization. A figure only comparable with 64 murders that were registered in the entity during 2018.

The last week is preceded by the non-publicly confirmed detention of "El Checheno", which according to various security sources consulted by local media, is a member of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and close collaborator of its leader, José Antonio Yepes Ortiz, in addition to his connection with the band of extortionists who was recently arrested in Celaya. ( Stay Tuned )

"The criminal group member is being detained, in general terms the alleged offender had an important position operatively. We are living a complex moment that involves citizenship as well as municipal, state and federal authorities, we need to close ranks and act with conviction, that citizens know that there is a strong and firm authority said " Sophía Huett López.

Huett López said that a message should be sent to the public that there is a strong state, “Guanajuato has police with a lot of conviction and just in such unfortunate events they lose their lives and we have to honor their memory because they are leaving a legacy in favor of freedoms of citizenship. "

Similarly, the state official insisted that the police career should be strengthened and dignified through a salary improvement, since most municipalities have not complied with that demand.

"What has to be done by the state and we have been reiterating it, is to dignify the police career and this implies more and better salaries, and that not all municipalities have fulfilled it." so says Sophia Huett López.

It is worth mentioning that, although the State Attorney General's Office had not reported on the arrest of the alleged criminal leader, Huett López guaranteed that "El Checheno" was already arrested and said he had an important position within the criminal organization.


  1. they are gonna torture the heck out of him

    1. They should after all the police killings that have happened. But wait when they get a bribe, money talks.

    2. Torture all you want, but this shit reeks of intra-police, death squads in caots with the huachicoleros they used and protected pushing for turf and power, much of it inflated by one more genius governor and his star level good for Nothing narco-polesias who can't find their Ass with both hands

  2. Cut him to pieces, after he informs.

    1. Well they already mentioned who ordered the cops killed, just torture and slice him, then send the video to his buddies.


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