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Friday, September 20, 2019

Miguel Cancino, "El Apa" of LFM Murdered in Morelia Hospital while Undergoing Surgery

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElFinancero y Proceso
                                    Leader of La Familia Michoacana in Morelia is executed
        Jesús Cancino, 'El Apá', was killed by a command while undergoing surgery in a hospital.

100 meters from the XXI Military Zone of Morelia, an armed command entered the Acueducto hospital on Thursday and executed Jesus Cancino Téllez, aka 'El Apá' , leader of the La Familia Michoacana criminal group. "El Apa" also known in Tierra Caliente region as "El Cancino" was shot in the head.

'El Apá' was the head of the Plazas of both Querétaro and Tijuana, where he was related to the trafficking of synthetic drugs, kidnappings and extortion, according to police sources consulted.

Cancino had already suffered a gun attack in the same month in the municipality of Corregidora, in Querétaro, where he was only injured. The murdered man, 45 years old, was under police protection since he had previously been the victim of another attack, according to Security Commissioner Julissa Suárez Bucio.

Thursday, he was to be surgically operated to remove a bullet at the Acueducto de Morelia hospital, when he was surprised by a group of hitmen.

Subsequently, the murdered person was identified with the name of Jesús Cancino Téllez, nicknamed "El Apá", an alleged member of La Familia Michoacana, who was injured in the head after a gunshot attack in the Pueblo neighborhood on September 4 New from the municipality of Corregidora. He would be one of the survivors of the confrontation in which Kike Plancarte, of the Knights Templar, who died in 2014.

One of the gunmen stormed the place where doctors attended Cancino, took out a gun and shot him in the head. After the attack the murderers left the building without harming the doctors who were present.
The criminals fled in the east of the city; subsequently, he began a police deployment to catch him, but so far the results are negative.

Meanwhile, staff of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) initiated the first inquiries, with the purpose of delimiting responsibilities.

As for the body of 'El Apá', he was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, so that he could perform the autopsy established by law in the matter.

The Secretary of Government, Carlos Herrera Tello informed that the “red code” was activated after the execution of Cancino.


  1. CJNG Grupo Elite hit

  2. Ain't no fun when the other man got the gun is it? 🔫

  3. Al Capone would be proud....Mafia.

  4. I hardly call that a surprise attack but okay only in Mexico

  5. Damn someone really wanted this dude dead

  6. dont be a narco, plain and simple

  7. Under police protection? Yeah right!
    There is only protection when the money is right.

  8. The secretary of government Carlos Herrera Tello can set his code red on fire and stick it up his ass... I swear that is the only way he will do any good for Michoacan, specially after murdering whaas his name, fiscal Martin Godoy?

  9. SO much for being ‘under police’ protection

  10. I, thought only CDS and TJ cartel where in Tijuana?
    Guess its a free for all down there.

    1. It’s not a free for all. Most of the time Michoacanos traffickers fly under the radar in TJ. If you are caught by the Dueños, un levantón will occur and plaza has to start being paid once released. Not a nice time getting kidnapped for working someone’s turf.

    2. 6:29 👍Si sabe

  11. El licenciado gallo, viagras financial operator
    Got killed with 2 other guys in California grill in Uruapan Michoacán.
    Murder attributed to good ol CJNG boys.
    Watch this site post the info 72hrs later.

  12. Damn, that's crazy. Not even safe getting surgery done, someone on the inside ratted him out

  13. Atleast they didn't hurt the doctors... pretty sure this guy had it coming anyways

  14. Professional hit. Left docs alive, in and out... looks like they may have shot him in the mouth separating the spine from brain stem. Beautiful work.


  15. Pues ni modo...a la verga con estos gueyes...eventualmente, asi van a cayer todo estos pendejos. Mejor para la población...limpiar con todo este cochinero..Que chulo paíz tienes AMLO.Como Mexico no hay dos! Juaaaaa!!!!


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