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Friday, September 20, 2019

Cuernavaca: 6 Men Killed Inside a Home, Commando Attempts to Kidnap Official in the Municipal Building

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y Excelsior y UnoTV
Six people were killed between 03:00 and 04:00 AM on Friday, September 20, inside a private home, located on Ahuatepec Street, near the Paso Express car wash in the Antonio Barona neighborhood of Cuernavaca, Morelos.

According to preliminary reports cited by the Quadratin agency, a group of armed men forced the entrance of the house and shot at the six men who were inside it.

Five people died instantly and one more died in a hospital in the Morelense capital. While in one of the bathrooms of the house, the authorities found hidden two minors, who were unharmed. 
The authorities indicated that marijuana and crystal were located in the place , as well as 9 mm and .223 caliber caps. 

They highlighted that at the time of the attack two women and a one-year-old boy were at home, but were not injured because they hid in the bathroom. The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSyPC) informed that it already works together with the government of Morelos and the State Fsicalía, in the investigations. 
A total of six young people between 20 and 25 years old, one of them underage, were executed inside a house located in the Antonio Barona de Cuernavaca neighborhood, five died at the scene and another died upon arrival at the hospital.

According to the first versions the men shot at the door to be able to enter the house located in the Ahuatepec street of said Colonia, while shouting was heard: “I told you son of your whore bitch mother” and then the detonations were heard.

Everything seems to indicate that they were shot in the yard, where 30 caps of AK-47, R-15 and 9 millimeters were found.

The events were recorded around 3:40 am on this Friday, when they were apparently "reunited" with Angel Enrique “O”, 23, who lived there. It is not clear as of yet if Angel Enrique O was the target of the massacre.

The rest of the victims were identified as: Moisés, 25, Fernando, 30, Héctor O, an unidentified young man and José Arturo O, 17, finally Ángel Enrique, who was the man wounded and still taken alive to the hospital where he died upon arrival. Identity of the two surviving minors unreleased at this time.
Minutes later the Police of Morelos arrived and taped off the area to protect the crime scene, and later the Prosecutor's Office of Morelos arrived who conducted the first investigations.

Meanwhile in another violent attack in Cuernavaca yesterday afternoon a Commando burst into Cuernavaca City Council premises; this is known at this time:
A group of at least five armed men entered the premises of the City Council of Cuernavaca with the purpose of "kidnapping " a high-level municipal official as revealed by official sources within the unit in the security area in Morelos .

According to the security reports , and after reviewing the videos of the cameras inside the facilities, the command could be seen walking around the different floors of the municipal government offices on Thursday afternoon .

After the events, personnel within the City Council of Cuernavaca suffered some breakdowns of nervous breakdowns, without severe cases being reported, however, through their social networks, the administration of the capital of Morelos condemned the events and reported that the armed men left the place swiftly.

So far the name of the official or the possible target for which the armed men stormed the town hall is unknown. Elements of the National Guard and State Security issued an operation in the vicinity.


  1. it is war time....these are all terrorists and we need to absolutely go to war against these pos’s

  2. I thought this was a no kill zone? Isn't this plaza Beltran Leyva?

  3. Could someone explain the pictura derecho?

  4. Jesus Alberto Ibarra "El Rambo de Tijuana" and former SSP de Morelos along with former governor Graco Ramirez and their mafia can't leave good enough alone, El Cuauh can't govern in peace por andar ahi de caliente con el Carrete.


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