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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Video: Coyuca de Catalán GRO: Classes Canceled in at Least 10 Schools Due to Violence

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Criminal groups have been spreading videos with threats to their rivals, this has already caused some schools to suspend classes in Coyuca de Catalán, in Guerrero.

Due to the high rates of violence and organized crime in Guerrero , 37 schools remain closed, so approximately 1,000 basic students in the municipalities of Coyuca de Catalán and Zirándaro have not started the 2019-2020 school year.

In this regard, Juan Mondragón Torres, Delegate of Educational Services of the Secretary of Education Guerrero (SEG) in the region of Tierra Caliente, explained that of the 37 schools affected by organized crime, 27 are located in Coyuca and 10 in Zirándaro.   VIDEO next page:

A 41-second video generated panic in a population of 41,975 people. These are the inhabitants of the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, in Guerrero , who are in danger of the conflict between Jalisco New Generation Cartel and La Familia Michoacana.

The recording broadcast on social networks shows the cruel threat of La Familia de Michoacana to the criminal group of "El Mencho".

"Look, here is" El Zarco "," El Borrego, "do you want to meet them? Here is" El Jabalí ", pure Michoacan family. Here they are looking for you son of the cock. [...] If you kill me  I have 20 more pa ' replace them, " claim civilians bearing long weapons.

The threats were released hours after an armed confrontation between criminal groups was registered in that municipality . The result was of an injured person and a burning vehicle.

The violence in the last hours caused at least 10 schools to suspend classes in the mountains. Although the attacks have not escalated to higher levels, the interruption was taken as a precaution.

In social networks, a video was circulated in which  at least 12 trucks with gunmen from the CJNG are seen arriving at Coyuca de Catalán , a municipality located in the area of ​​Tierra Caliente, in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Terrified residents of the  community of Santa Teresa   shared the images, in addition to  denouncing that the war between the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación and the group of Juan José Farías Álvarez "El Abuelo", has extended to that area .

They also said that,  as a result of this confrontation, there is a curfew in the municipalities of Ciudad Altamirano and Coyuca de Catalán, both belonging to Guerrero .

According to the weekly , Proceso,  that consulted various sources, the group of José Pineda and his lieutenant "El Zarco", considered as a remnant of the Knights Templar who settled in Pungarabato, Zirándaro and Coyuca de Catalán, agreed to an alliance with La Familia Michoacana de Arcelia to support "El Abuelo" of Tepalcatepec (MIchoacán) and face the onslaught of the CJNG that aims to take the corridor of the Tierra Caliente de Guerrero.

The armed group that broke into the village destroyed three homes with heavy machinery .

According to reports, the action was attributed to the group of Rodolfo Maldonado Bustos, known as "José Pineda" as a warning to the population that supports the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The bloody battle between La Familia Michoacana and the CJNG:

The rivalry between the Michoacan Family and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel was born in October 2003 , when the Michoacán captured a hitman from the Los Valencia group: the name of the criminal was Nemesio Oseguera, aka "El Mencho".

At that time, José de Jesús Méndez, "El Chango" , who was the leader of the Familia Michoacana, had ordered all his enemies to be executed mercilessly, but seeing "El Mencho" driven and asking forgiveness to save his life , the boss was moved and left him.

Upon his death, "El Mencho" Oseguera took refuge in Jalisco and Veracruz, learned the drug trafficking business and formed the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

"El Mencho" swore to take revenge on the hitmen, so he ordered the "El Chango" gunmen to execute. the rivalries. Among them was the businessman Alejandro Méndez Vargas.

The latter had left La Familia Michoacana after a dispute.
For their part, parents in the region have requested, through social networks, the intervention of the authorities to inhibit the presence of groups that remain confronted and keep the area calm .

In recent days, alleged members of La Familia Michoacana and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel have published and disseminated videos on social networks, threatening to attack each other in communities where they have a presence on the borders between Guerrero and Michoacán .

According to the spokesman of the Guerrero government, these threats and a confrontation occurred last night, caused at least 10 schools to suspend classes on Tuesday in the mountains of the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán.

Villagers reported that last night there were at least two clashes in the El Calvario neighborhood and near the municipal pantheon.

The Guerrero government confirmed that they only found a burned car, with no injuries or deaths in the location.

Although no school has been affected by the clashes, some managers decided to close them as a precaution and thus protect teachers and students.

Today, students from kindergarten through high school, were left without going to their second day of school in six communities.

In those villages, La Familia Michoacana and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel maintain a dispute over the territory .

 One of them is Zihuaquio, where on Sunday, the municipal commissioner, Guadalupe Vejar, carried almost 3,000 cartridges hidden in DIF pantries, the villagers accused him of being linked to La Familia Michoacana.

Schools have already begun to spread the word that tomorrow they may resume classes, while the Guerrero government confirmed that state and military police will conduct tours of those areas.


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    1. Ciro Gomez Leyva is a Chayotero who loves to publicize anything that makes AMLO look bad, as in this case where he does not mention that Guerrero has a state government and police, military and a National Guard AMLO REFUSES TO USE TO MURDER MEXICANS AND OTHER CROOKS but who are there ready to go.
      Proceso is one more Anti AMLO RAG.

    2. Sooo, Commissioner Guadalupe Vejar who is "authority" has to resort to contraband ammo hidden in DIF PANTRIES,
      police and soldiers do not have enough bullets how is this lowly bureaucrat able to scrap 3 000 bullets together?

  2. Tierra caliente is hotter than ever you have the most ruthless cartels going at it...
    cjng & la familia michoacana
    It's only going to get uglier before it gets better

  3. (but seeing "El Mencho" driven and asking forgiveness to save his life , the boss was moved and left him)
    Thats your ruthless coward michoacanos Who you support and admired LMAO no suprised he represents your state real good baby killer_innocent people killer _ his the total expression of a coward

    1. 8:57 and soon enough El Chango was in prison himself, but he saved his life if he saved La Mencha, both had higher call,
      If El Chango had been smarter they would still be unstoppable.
      What you don't see is that Nacho Coronel was killed and that put la Mencha high up there with los Cuinis, supported BY EPN and his secretary of defense Salblador Cienpedos

  4. seeing "El Mencho" driven and asking forgiveness to save his life , the boss was moved and left him.
    Cjng lovers are probably gone attack bb for writing the truth about their idol and say its fake lol when we all know it's true keep glorifying that cry baby

    1. 8:59 show them your tape and videos man!
      Yes I know you ain' gat none pinchi payaso.
      But if true, so what, it worked.

  5. An ex gf of mine has a family member that’s a state court judge in that region. Seems like a very nice young not shady guy at all. I can’t imagine what crap he deals with.

  6. I remember when I would hear corridos I thought it was cool now I find all these repulsive and disgusting.

    1. I believe many think that when one is young and naive. Until the bulb turns on to see what it truly is.

      Good comment

  7. Bunch of jaliskas and michoacacas hating on Sinaloa in this site

    1. 1:15 Well, understand, they have to make their pirric victories last all they can before it is their turn in the barrel...
      --While AMLO may have ordered small time possession or trafficking and addiction not be prosecuted, he has ordered NO DEALS with CRIMINALS. unless it is Don Carlos Slimmy Helu... By the way congratulations on AMLO first Inform of Government (State of the State would be called on the US) close to one year of a government that did not declare communism to be the Law of the Land as many assholes warned with all the force of their histerics.

  8. Lol what a coward asking for forgiveness. Mencho is a joke damn tweaker

  9. Once upon a time ex-cop Julian Leyzaola said something which I think is veryy true:

    Wherever you are in the world a mafia can only exist with complicity from the official government.

  10. So los viagras- the Santana bros are the new familia Michoacána?
    Please update chiva?

  11. There it is cjng lovers ur punk ass coward heroes begging for his life

  12. Shame mencho wasn't wasted while they had the opportunity as it would have saved a lot of future carnage. I doubt he'd be as compassionate towards a captive begging for their life.


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