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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Guanajuato Sinks into Violence

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Eluniversal
Despite the arrival of the National Guard to the state and the security operations, organized crime remains in the streets generating ever more deaths, says Specialist.

Neither with the operation of the Timón "coup" nor with the arrival of federal forces and the official strategy of the fight against huachicoleo, has stopped the violence in Guanajuato; Organized crime remains in the streets and the presence of the National Guard in the state has not made a difference.

Public security specialists report that the entity was placed on the cusp for violence and homicides at the hands of criminal groups that commit crimes without taking into account the presence of the National Guard. Nothing frightens them.

The killings and diversification of crimes continue. The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel - of local origin - seeks to preserve the domain, while the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) seeks control of the square for its illegal activities.

The absence of a regional security strategy that goes beyond armoring in the border areas of Michoacán and Jalisco, where criminal organizations move and strengthen, is evident.

"There is coordination in the limits of the states, but there is no structure of a criminal policy planning that allows to identify the critical points, not only in the limits, but in all the entities," said researcher Jéssica María Vega, of Department of Social Studies of the University of Guanajuato.

From January to July 2019, 1,568 malicious homicides and eight feminicides were recorded; In the last month there were 185 and three femicides, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

In the first seven months of 2018 there were 1,427 wrongful killings and 12 femicides (in July alone there were 224 homicides and two femicides); while in the same period of 2017, 611 homicides and 12 femicides were investigated (of them 87 homicides and two feminicides in July).
                               Image above published in September 2018 issue of Newsweek
Discreet presence:

In the first week of July, 2,100 elements of the National Guard arrived in Guanajuato, a priority state for the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) for its high rates of violence, as did Jalisco and Michoacán.

In the early days, the elements were seen in squares in actions of proximity to citizens and in public events and conducted patrols, along with state forces.

El Universal made a three-day tour of  municipalities of Celaya, Villagrán, Salamanca, Irapuato and Silao, during the day and late-night, the presence of the Guard was not seen, but elements of the public security forces of the state and federal police, in caravans of three and four patrols; in some cases with artillery units.

On July 2, when the federal government announced the establishment of the National Guard in the priority states, 13 people were killed in Silao, Salamanca, Irapuato, León, Acámbaro and Pénjamo; most of the victims were dismembered or with the coup de grace. On that date they ambushed and killed the state's drug prosecutor, Francisco Javier "N".

The violence was not contained. A month later, on August 2, an armed command entered the quarters of the Municipal Police of Valle de Santiago, shot five detainees and released another; that same night subjects threw Molotov bombs at the offices of the prosecutor of that demarcation.

On that same date, Celaya tortillarias demanded security and announced the closure of establishments for fear of a band of extortionists; 3 days later, gunmen shot three women in a tortilleria.

On August 10 in Yuriria, elements of the Guard faced an armed command in the Loma de Zempoala community; one of the officers died and three armed civilians; At night, another armed group shot 8 people in a billiard hall in the Che Guevara neighborhood of Irapuato, five meters away from the municipal police delegation.

With terror:

The connection with more bloodthirsty criminal behaviors, with deaths of collateral victims, robberies, kidnappings and extortion has changed the pace of life in Salamanca, Irapuato and Celaya, where businesses disappear and families are locked in their homes before nine in the night.

“How good that the National Guard is coming!” Luisa celebrated on July 2 in a conversation with another woman in the main square of Silao; that day near their home, in the Independence neighborhood, they seven dismembered bodies were strewn along the roadway.

They say they are scared. "So many dead everywhere," she laments. They know of neighbors who have moved to other colonies, even some preferred to go to León.

In Salamanca, the municipal government celebrated the arrival of the Guard on July 2. On boulevards still today persist  spectacular signs in which the corporation is welcomed: “Salamanca: Safe and United. Welcome to the National Guard, ” cite the signs with the image of those informed.
      This city received 120 troops that coordinate with the Navy, Military Police and State Forces.

Salamanca has been the scene of several attacks, among them, the attack on the bar La Playa Men's Club Salamanca, the morning of March 9, where 15 people died and another when she was treated in a hospital.

In the count carried out by E Universal, last July 193 people lost their lives, most of them in Irapuato, Salamanca, Acámbaro, Celaya, León, Santiago Valley, Guanajuato capital, Pénjamo, Apaseo el Alto, Salvatierra and Tarimoro.

The trend is similar in August even though the huachicoleo was reduced, according to the federal government's speech. In the last two years, the state prosecutor's office identified the theft of fuels from the Pemex pipelines as the cause of 85% of the homicides in the entity.

Industrial Corridor in the Spotlight:

The dispute between the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and the CJNG has led to other crimes in recent months, such as robbery with violence and extortion of merchants in the State Industrial Corridor, especially in Celaya, Salamanca and Villagrán.

This intimidation of small and medium-sized merchants has resulted in the closure of businesses, as in the case of the municipality of Celaya, where dozens of tortillerías lowered their curtains since last August 2 for fear of extortionists.

“The closing of tortillerías is impressive! In addition, I insist, if we take tortillas out of this country, we are left without a country, ” says researcher Jéssica María Vega.

In Villagrán, last March more than a 1,000 elements of the National Navy, Army, National Gendarmerie and the Public Security Forces of the State and the Criminal Investigation Agency entered the Santa Rosa de Lima community , base of the cartel of the same name, commanded by José Antonio Yépez "El Marro", linked to the theft of hydrocarbons.
Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo described the action as a Timon "coup." "The rule of law was restored," he celebrated at the time. For the state government the acronyms, "brands" or names of criminal groups are "unmentionable", as they agreed in the Security Council, "not to advertise them."

The cartels promote themselves in bloodthirsty events, in social networks and in everyone's view; in videos they challenge each other, show their powerful weaponry, identify themselves, exhibit and even realize the territories in which they act.

“These groups do terrorism; they are confronted with greater lethality and use various resources to generate panic, such as the dissemination of videos, attacks on the State, massacres in amusement centers and police bases, ”said Security specialists.

“They throw corpses in rivers and graves, hang them on bridges, cut them apart and place them in bags in visible spaces; they do everything to scare the population, ”says Jéssica María Vega.

The specialist says that in the entity there are horror situations, especially in the cities of the Industrial Corridor, which goes from San Francisco del Rincón to Celaya and in the surrounding municipalities.
“Celaya, neighboring municipalities and also Irapuato, all of the [Industrial] Corridor, but particularly Irapuato, due to its proximity, and Salamanca, suffer [violence]; because there are increasingly complex, lethal and aggressive structures that are looking for new spaces, because they do not have the resources that used to invest in them, ” says the researcher at the University of Guanajuato.

Note: Most of the outstanding incidents mentioned in this article have been posted here on BB.


  1. Pretty Sad and worrying this is happening right next to Queretaro where a lot of foreigners live as if nothing is going on. I remember one time i missed the bus in celaya and sat in the bus terminal from midnight until 3am and lots of times when i visited a girlfriend in Irapuato and spent time walking around there.

    1. Yeah irapuato dont even go there as far as i know they kidnap you at night if youte coming from other cities example la piedad michoacan taxi drivers wont even go to irapuato at all or passing santa ana man its really bad passing santa ana all the way to penajamo to celaya

    2. The governor, Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo could have a easier time if the states attorney or the fiscal general were working with him, but as in Veracruz with jorge winckler designated by Miguel Angel Yunes Linares (PAN) sabotaging MORENA Governor Cuitlahuac Garcia , the position has gone for ten years to some corrupt motherfacker intent on doing nothing to preserve the status quo and the kickbacks coming in, namely, PANISTA Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, who received automatic pass to remain on the job for 9 more years, he has been on the job for 9 years before and says crime reduction depends on other instances, 'his statistics say he is the best that ever happened to the state of guanajuato" where PAN rules.
      Like. Many other states ruled by PRI, PAN, PVEM, or PRD GOVERNORS, they try to leave crime fighting to AMLO while they keep obstructing or helping their favorite Pet Cartels amd criminals.
      Crime is LOCAL, and fighting it is a Municipal job, then the responsibility belongs to the States and then to the federal government in the last instance, the federal intervention is not the first instance unless the crime is FEDERAL, BUT STATES are playing the politics of party priorities.

  2. Weclome to Mexico. I won't go out at night

    1. Thats it I am moving to Costa Rica, a much safer country, Almo is a lazy president. Cares less about the people who elected him.

    2. 6:25 you are Lazy blaming a presidente whose first responsibility on the job is not exactly crime or punishment, areas of the legislative and the judiciary powers.
      --I know you will keep trying because you don't know what makes you look like Juan Pendejo

  3. Tijuana has been out the radar because now most Mexico is as violent now.. Jalisco, guanajuato, Guerrero and michoacan are disputed so it's violent as heck right now

    1. You forgot Sonora and Sinaloa the state with 2 cities on the most dangerous cities in the world list

    2. Exactly. Its not that TJ is better than before, but other regions have gotten much worse than before.

    3. In TJ the beef is between CJNG and CDS but even that is limited to just small cells fighting for street corners to sell locally. The murders are contained to a specific area of TJ and only criminals are being targeted so far. TJ as whole is relatively safe and really uneventful with maybe a few bodies turning up in the bad parts of town.

    4. 11:27 in Tijuas the war is to kick Morena out of the state forever and ever, PRI and PAN want to come back to power on the wings of crime or swimming in seas of blood they will blame on Morena and their new governor they even extended his period from 2 to six years to have more time to boil his ass to the point of no return

  4. Foreigners are leaving. I was told there is real estate aplenty because they have chosen to leave. Over here I’m seeing plenty of time share vacancies these days.

  5. I never hear much about Durango. Does that state actually have its shit together?

    1. Just my two cents, i think groups loyal to Chapo keep that state tight. And the few hilly roads make it hard to travel into to, making it easier to spot fuereños. Chapos people doing a good job from Zacatecas area that borders Durango. I know personally they have few complaints. And i would strongly assume the western side closer to Sinaloa is extremely loyal to señor Guzman. Heard of some infighting but they dont mess with " normals". They really cleaned up Z and decided to keep it clean.

  6. The legacies of Salinas, Calderon, Fox, and Peña Nieto. México no esté solo: El Presidente Puerco Rico le gusta la violencia que no afecta la gente blanca. Me gustaría hacer un intercambio: AMLO por Puerco Rico.

  7. Dangerious? Well, guess what? The homicide rate in St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, etc. etc. is actually MUCH higher!

    1. Maybe all of them combined.

    2. lol those places don't have nothing on mexico. id rather visit those cities at night then be in cancun during the day where you can be kidnapped dismembered or shot in broad daylight with corrupt cops looking the other way. you suck at comparing.

    3. Doubt it. And even if it was, at least they aren’t cut into pieces and thrown in the streets or hanging from bridges. Mexico is worse. Much worse.

    4. Actually Mexico tops the highest homicides in the last 2 years, and looks like 2019, will also put them at the top. Sorry Brazil.

  8. AGAIN, Death penalty needed, The RIGHT to carry firearms, but Mexico is always behind. It take Mexico years and decades to catch a cartel leader, that never happens in USA.

  9. Y arriva Dolores Guanajuato!

  10. What do all those crime infested American cities have in common? Been run exclusively by leftists for decades and decades now. Guess what style of party is in charge in Mexico now, far lefty. This shit will happen all over if Bernie or warren are elected, and to boot, they will deflect blame to legally armed Americans and try to disarm them. I feel horribly for the 10’s of millions of law abiding Mexican citizens who cannot defend their family or their livelihood! I’m sure it must be maddening for those who live in the states and exercise their 2A rights, to see their family in Mexico suffer with no help from a corrupt government and knowing they will I’ll be punished before the criminals are of they act in their family’s best interest. And don’t believe the bullshit, it’s not more guns in an area more violence. More legal guns in an area, less crime overall, more illegal guns, more bad actors, thus more violent crime. I have protected myself with my concealed carry weapon as has my business partner. All that had to be done was show it. Happens millions of times a year, display the legal gun, and surprise surprise, they usually decide their is an easier meal ticket out there!

    1. This may help around the edges but MX, much of the world, is under sustained attack by State sponsored terrorists...notice the growing terror in the industrial areas??? MX is like a big experiment in terror. Until State sponsor of terror is stopped I see little hope for the people in MX or elsewhere for that matter, US included. Somehow the people must make the price of their terror too high for them to keep trying it. I thought the autodefense approach was a good start but more is needed. Find fix kill teams everywhere running a reverse Phoenix pgm on them for once. Dr M was a start but this approach needs to go national... remember what happened in Colombia when Los Pepe got going strong. Collect network data locally, find and fix targets, commence society cleaning operations. Leave severely harmed survivor or two to tell the tale. Rinse and repeat.

  11. So, flying into Leon in November and going to San Miguel de Ellende is a bad idea?


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