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Friday, August 9, 2019

Uruapan, Mich: Most Bodies Identified, 14 Detained in Guanajuato

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y Thanks Gus !!
           In an interview a worker describes how he cannot afford to stop working due to violence

The violent events in Uruapan, Michoacán, originated from the dispute between the cartels of organized crime " Jalisco Nueva Generación " and " Los Viagra, " said the Secretary of Public Safety, Alfonso Durazo.

The official confirmed that it is investigating whether members of organized crime arrested in Guanajuato are linked to the murder of 19 people in Uruapan.

There is a historical dispute of organized crime groups in that area identified as the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación and another criminal organization of Los Viagras.
The surreal site of dead bodies hanging overhead along with a narco manta while the taco stand below keeps serving its customers.
Fourteen people were arrested yesterday by Marina and state police in Guanajuato. One of the main lines of investigation is that these elements could be involved in the violent events of yesterday in Uruapan, ” Durazo said in the city of Durango, where he participated in the meeting of the security cabinet headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The secretary confirmed that among the 14 detainees there are two minors. They were all arrested with long weapons, including two 16-year-olds, ” Durazo reiterated.

Federal authorities recognized that Guanajuato and Michoacán are not in the "Golden Triangle" where the criminal incidence is serious.
In this regard, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador mentioned that, unlike the northern states, in this area there have been no casualties to violence, but they are not "crossing our arms."

"We cannot say the same in the case of Jalisco, Michoacán, Guerrero, Guanajuato and Veracruz , but we do know well what is happening and we are not crossing our arms," ​​he said during his morning press conference from Durango , where he said that they have had good security results.

                     Two of the dead from yesterday's horrific events in Uruapan, Michoacán

Already 12 of the 19 bodies have been identified who were left yesterday in three points of the municipality of Uruapan , which allegedly could  be related to organized crime, said the attorney general of Michoacán, Adrián López Solís.

"So far we have the identification of 12 of the 19 victims, which allows us to find a line to review the environment in which they were working, as well as their background and the type of relationship they could have with criminal activities, ” he explained.

Without ruling out, he said, these events occur in the context of violence that not only Michoacán lives, but in large regions of the country.

Although, he acknowledged that "for being a great avocado producer, Uruapan has great dynamism, which makes it more attractive for criminal cartels."                                                                                 
"These are apparently people with an ordinary life; merchants, a musician, a waiter, a legal intern and housewives, who in the toxicological tests tested positive for the presence of methamphetamines, ” he said.

In an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río in Imagen , the state prosecutor said that there is evidence of a relationship between the victims, “without this leading us to revictimize them”, that it would be “people linked to criminal groups, -the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación y Los Viagras ”-, which dispute the territory to control the market for addictive substances.

However, he said that at this time there is no conclusive data to determine that it would be consumers; "It is only evidence, to link it to the other assumption that it is a rivalry between confronted criminal gangs."

Several of the victims, he added, had been "kidnapped" since Sunday, August 4. However, the relatives did not file the corresponding complaint.

López Solís concluded that the security system C5 of Uruapan is being reviewed, to determine if the municipal police “lowered the surveillance attention at the time when the bodies were abandoned”, in addition to the recording of some of the the alleged criminals and vehicles that would have participated in these events.

Four of the dead have been delivered to their families.


  1. A los 26 segundos cuando pasó el combi, pense entre yo mismo: cuantas serían las veces que asaltaron ese wey? - Sol Prendido

  2. Dos, guey are good at there job that they found the killers in less then 48 hours, wow I'm in shock, good job 👍👍👍👍

  3. CJNG literally hunting viagras down with no resistance.


  4. Another dead cop in SLRC, Sonora

  5. I replaced the image with the hanging bodies with the one abo ve which is from Reforma. In this, which was a surprise to me.... there is a body lying NEXT to the taco stand

    1. Hey Chivis,
      That is a hamburger stand. That guy has been there for years.He saw the whole thing.

    2. I know!!! and at first they reported "hamburger stand" in social media but mainstream media switched to 'taco stand'

      Can you send us a link to the poor guys story?

    3. pobre vato not only are sales down now he's on the hot seat with people trying to interview him. that willl spell disaster for him if he does

    4. They switched to "taco stand" to protect the guys identity
      I'm assuming

  6. Federal authorities recognized that Guanajuato and Michoacán are not in the "Golden Triangle" where the criminal incidence is serious.
    In this regard, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador mentioned that, unlike the northern states, in this area there have been no casualties to violence, but they are not "crossing our arms."

    I would think that fighting in michoacan is way more serious than the golden triangle rightnow, that pendejo doesn't know what he's talking about. Tierra caliente is a as profitable as the golden triangle due to it's terrain..
    I read that growing poppy fields is not as profitable now in days so places like the golden triangle and tierra caliente, now they use that land to make chemical labs for crystal meth

    1. Not only that but I heard they are buying cocaine paste from Columbia, Peru, and Uruguay and processing in the Tierra Caliente. I’m assuming the paste is easier to smuggle than the bricks. What surprises me is that Mexican Cartels are not into selling Oxycodone in the US. They would make so much money right now.

    2. Correct crystal triangle is michoacan,colima,jalisco.

    3. Son ... you don’t know shit about the Golden Triangle .. in fact no one does .. it’s lawless ... 100% Wild West culture .. we only hear about 10% of the atrocities that take place there and that alone will blow away any infighting in Michoacágada ... pinches michoacacas son los mas habladores y pendejos me cae que si

    4. Can't be that profitable in Tierra Caliente. If all these cartels are extorting from taco stands to avocado farms. SMH

    5. Funny how BB lets the Michoacán bashing comments through. What's the point of that man ? Ridiculous people.

    6. 6:35 No sabes ni mierdas. Esta los Aztecas les acian los mandados a Los Tarascos

    7. I don't mean to, I have a deep love for michoacan.

    8. All the cartels groupies HATE michoacanos because of mencho. I agree with 10:33
      What's funny is that 5:04 has facts while the ones bashing just talking trash out of HATE ridiculous lol

    9. La gente no sabe que pasa el 80% en La Sierra De Sinaloa, Chihuahua, y Durango es una area muy reservada y no cualquiera entra se siembra La Amapola y Marijuana y es mejor calidad que los estados Sureños

    10. Tierra caliente no es solo michoacan bola de pendejos
      Tierra caliente esta en morelos, Guerrero y michoacan es muy similar que el triangulo Dorado pero no tan mensionado..
      4:50 como saves que el triangulo Dorado tiene mejor calidad de droga?
      La has probado o echo comparaciones toxicas? No seas payaso , mejor informate.. en tierra caliente no cualquiera entra tampoco...

  7. 5:04 you are so smart AMLO would make you his bitch Commissioner of security, blaming their traces of meth would devalue the humanity of these victims to the disposable level. That is coming out the pie hole of a government officer, ow that el marro wants a bit less heat on his ass in Guanajuato sends these people to Michuakan for the viagras to blame CJNG and sic the Guardia Nacional on to them and off the marros, that protects viagras and their patrones, the governor, the states attorney, the SSP and the fiscal of the state, it is no coincidence Martin Godoy had to go, he wanted to be governor, but was missing the hound's tooth when he boarded his helicotero...
    That is harder than accepting blaming Jaliskas just because some say so.

  8. Who cares dead narcos good riddance

  9. 9:51 did you have to torture them much to extract their confessions?
    Or are you just a big mouth victimizing the victims again,
    Brase visto mas pendejo.

  10. I have a video a cousin sent me from Michoacán. How can I send it to borderland?


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