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Friday, August 9, 2019

Baja CA: Overflowing with Drugs, Guns and Stolen Vehicles

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y UnoTV
                             Grandpa, Victor "N''  arrested with 226 kilos of methamphetamine
                         He was also confiscated 3 long weapons, a short weapon and 6 cartridges

Tijuana , BC:   In response to an anonymous complaint to 089, agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP), in coordination with personnel of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), detained  a senior citizen carrying a total of 226 kilos of methamphetamine and three long weapons.

The complainant indicated that a person aboard a Toyota Sienna, model 2000, was in possession of several packages for which it was reported that it was circulating on said road.

Immediately the elements and staff of the SEDENA made a surveillance tour and located the blue van that fully matched the characteristics.

They approached the driver who identified himself as Victor “N”, 71, who showed a marked nervousness, so they asked him to descend and after performing an inspection they found the following:

· Plastic boxes and containers containing 226 kilos of methamphetamine

3 long .22 caliber weapons

1 short weapon 380

1 magazine 6 cartridges

The detainee and the drug were made available to the corresponding authorities who will be responsible for determining their legal status. The drugs confiscated equaled approximately 2,260,000 doses.

Municipality of Ensenada, BC: At least one more Ton of Marijuana:

There were no detainees during the operation deployed on Monday, August 5 at the Ejido Monte Albán, the 67th Infantry Battalion said in their statement.

Ensenada BC:  During land surveys and patrols in the Ejido Monte Albán of the Camalú delegation, elements of the 67th Infantry Battalion based in San Quintín discovered a ton of marijuana hidden among dry branches. The Mexican Army announced in a statement that a group of people escaped when they noticed the military presence. They secured at least one ton of marijuana in 467 packages.

With this secured drug confiscation , ie, 10 million doses will not be distributed on the black market, with an economic value exceeding 7 million 884 thousand pesos.

Once the soldiers secured the perimeter, over a dirt gap, they collected 467 packages made of cinnamon tape and cellophane paper with different weights and sizes, hidden under bushes and dry bushes, covered with dry branches. The drug was made available to the Attorney General's Office in the city of Tijuana.

Also Municipality of Ensenada: Lots more Weed, Guns and Ammo, Plus Stolen Truck:

         Seized: 635 kilos of marijuana, two AK-47s and cartridges in the Municipality of Ensenada

Approximately 635 Kilograms of marijuana, two AK-47 assault rifles, known as “goat horns”, loaders and useful cartridges were secured by elements of the 67th Infantry Battalion in the Ejido Ley de Reforma , Valle de la Trinidad delegation, Municipality from Ensenada.

The confiscation was achieved last Saturday, July 27, by carrying out surveys on a dirt road, where the military observed a gray Suburban vehicle that had stopped its march and from which three crew members descended, managing to escape.

Inside the unit with theft report, ie a stolen truck, they found 64 packages lined with cinnamon tape, all with marijuana, with a total weight exceeding 635 kilos; two long guns assault rifle AK-47. 7.62 × 39 mm caliber.

Also four useful chargers for AK-47, 230 useful cartridges 7.62 × 39 mm caliber for AK-47, 26 .223 mm caliber cartridges.

According to the Army, the distribution of some 635,000  doses was avoided, with an economic value exceeding 4,836,000,160 Pesos. The drugs, weapons and the vehicle were made available to the Attorney General's Office in Tijuana.

Elements of the Mexican Army secured the load of drugs, firearms and unused cartridges that would be used by a criminal drug trafficking group to move the load to the United States.
The confiscation of the drugs that were on board an abandoned van in the middle of a mountainous area, was achieved this Saturday afternoon in the Ejido Reforma de Leys , Valle de La Trinidad delegation in the Municipality of Ensenada, Baja California.

On this site, elements of the 67th Infantry Battalion, carried out patrolling work when they located between trees and dry branches, a closed type grey van , which had a report of theft.

Inside, 64 packages of green and dried grass with the characteristics of Marijuana were located , which each had a weight between 12 and 15 kilograms and were checked by testing the drug.

According to a preliminary report, the enervating substance was estimated at four million pesos in the "black market" of mota, ie, marijuana, which is equivalent to 10 thousand doses.


  1. Excellent 👍 keep up the good work. Make sure the contraband is burnt asap. Grampa has been naughty, he has good reason to be nervous.

    1. The drugs will make it home on time, and the guns will be re-sold, cheaper maybe, to make some fast buck.
      Not having anybody arrested stinks like old dried up grifa, the mules would be better off walking their shit to Mexico City and selling it gram by gram for unos pinches pesos pa los tacos.
      Ora van a pagar la carga con las pinchis nalgas por pendejos.
      Ah, no, pero eso si, se tienen que andar ahi de calientes.

  2. In silao Guanajuato the marines detain 14 cjng who they presume that those detains left the 19 bodies in uruapan Michoacan. Normally the armed forces goes after the plaza boss and not the ones responsible

    1. 12:16 yeah, sure, the government has had the suspects under arrest for about the months, just in case they need some Falsos Positivos with signed confessions. Why would they run to Marro's territory instead of to Mencha's arms in Jaliskaland?

  3. and sometimes they keep the drugs and the guns and the money and let them go saying they escaped.

  4. When I started smoking weed a lot of Mexican brick weed was around. $35 ozs in Manhattan, I live in NJ right over the George Washington bridge. Every now and then my boy who was deep in the game would get some nice green Mexican bud but it was always flattened into bricks. I'm sure they have goods but with all the stuff being produced here in the states is there still a market for dirt weed? And is there stuff grown in Mexico that can compete with what's grown here?

    1. Good point. Surprised it’s even worth moving into the USA.

    2. Honestly, I will never comprehend where this much product goes up in smoke! and, Yes , I do believe there have been great strides made in producing better strains; perhaps that is just the way they roll to ship.
      Maybe the legal market will also add to the quality control factor.

    3. I havnt seen Mexican bud in like 20 years in San used to always be around 30$ an oz. It also blows me away they still ship that garbage north when the market is already so flooded with good bud and bad bud. Where do they ship it?

    4. There was much purple weed being grown in the hills of Tierra Caliente years ago... but you’d be surprised how many old folks, old hippies, hicks, & many other walks of life have no access to premium weed... but yes you are seeing better strains starting to reach much of Mexico...

    5. There will always be people wanting to smoke Reggie. First, it’s cheaper than loud and second, I’ve met people that can not handle the stronger strains. Also, when I lived in Arizona, I used to get some Christmas tree buds (Reggie) from Mexico that was straight fire. It was called gun smoke and you would find less than 20 seeds in a whole LB. It was top notch Reggie and it came from Mexico.

    6. 5:33 Once upon a time, the business of being a Nazi was legal too, in Germany, back in the day...these days it is still fighting to come back with impunity.
      Grifa is only legal to monopolize all they can, but the only thing getting "better strain" is the legal taxes and the illegal profits the smart arses make out of all the BS.
      Nothing better in green than CASH, fack grifa.

    7. Theres Plenty of good ganja in Mexico you just need to know where to look or who :)

    8. 4:34 if the Mexican polesias catch you possessing grifa it will be two years in the hole if you don't pay your protections on time.

  5. Gotta love a good rat🐀 👍😀

  6. The good results of the great president of Mexico AMLO .

    1. 3:23 anque te duela el pedorro y te apeste rancio, 5.5 more years


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