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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Second Journalist Murdered This Week in Guerrero

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: UnoTv
                            Editor of the news portal "The Truth of Zihuatanejo" gunned down.

On Friday Édgar Alberto Nava López , a journalist and public servant who served as director of Regulations and Shows at the City Council of Azueta , Guerrero , was shot dead . The Attorney General of the state  reported that it already performs the relevant investigations into the murder with a firearm in the region of Costa Grande.
According to the first reports, Nava López was shot with a 9mm caliber firearm. while leaving an activity for children on the main beach of the municipal capital.

Through his Facebook account , Jorge Sánchez Allec , municipal president of Zihuatanejo de Azueta , regretted the murder of the Editor of the news portal The Truth of Zihuatanejo .

ALERTAS Periodistas Desplazados y Riesgo México
 #AlertaGUARDIAN #Guerrero Asesinan a balazos sujetos desconocidos al periodista Edgar Alberto Nava Lopez director y editor del portal de noticias La verdad de #Zihuatanejo #Mexico #NosEstanMantando @FGRMexico @SEGOB_mx @A_Encinas_R @lopezobrador_ @M_OlgaSCordero
Just last Tuesday, journalist Rogelio Barragán , director of the Guerrero al Instante media outlet , was murdered and his body located in the state of Morelos , handcuffed and with signs to of torture. At the time of my Post of his murder last Tuesday, there were no photos available of him that I could find. Mexico News Daily now has this one up as of yesterday.


  1. His tag #NosEstanMantando did no good, neither posting AMLO, Encinas or Cordero, he could have said the names of the suspects, at least.

  2. The beautiful spirit of Mexico is dying at the hands of unemployed psychopaths.

  3. Narcisstic sociopaths. Google it . . you'll get the ideal.

    No empathy for others, promoting oneself at all costs. Power is everything and they are the best at being arbiters of the soul. Living in the mountains to only claim power. They be damned! Report them and they run over you. Only they, or the leader matters.

    1. The sicarios obey their patrons, politicians burned by the reporters do not care too much about the egos but they sure care about revenge. After all they are the city elders and parents.

  4. Off topic,what’s going on in Culiacán that the killed are being left with little toy cars on there bodies,what does that mean?

    1. It means that those guys were car thieves. Sorry Chema, it has nothing to do with CJNG.

    2. It means they were a car theft group. Cartel De Sinaloa does not appreciate car theft in Culiacan.

    3. It means they we're robbed of child hood.

  5. Oh Yaqu, that’s really sad news. How much had been killed this year? I think it were about 12. That’s a shame, AMLO must act to stop this.

    1. Due to unforeseen events transpiring in Mexico,943 I regret to inform you, that AMLO is busy with other matters with conferences and offering poems.So much has happened, since he took office on December 1,2018. I keep thinking positive, but very minimal is being done to combat the high homicide rate.

    2. AMLO is busy proving the falsehoods in many claims, promoted by opposition politicians, Chayoteros and FIFIS who are protesting about the high budget for chorizo, planned by EPN administration,
      Also had to say AMLO does not like blue moronga, that is blue blood sausage= PAN PARTY.
      DO NOT EXPECT AMLO to solve or prevent all the crimes corruption allowed in 28 years or more during their spurious presidencies of corruption, cancer has a way of propagating and never quitting until the body is dead or very scarred, demanding what was never demanded of the former leaders of corruption and accusing without reason or direction is not what is going to work.
      Even much respected Aristegui has jumped ship to defending Reforma the corrupt Chayotero paper and is suspected of being financed by Carlos Slim Helu, who was not happy EPN got on his way of monopolizing TV, gable and internet in a bundle with "his" stolen Telefonos de Mexico, SLIM was the one behind reporting about the 7 million dollar Casa Blanca, not just good reporting, but Aristegui was guided by other interests, still is.

    3. Hope he decides to do something Soon We R dying out here. Please help us in Tamps. Help before they kill me

    4. 9:43 AMLO is not Superman, or Batman,
      and he is too busy fighting accusations of his presidency buying millions of dollars in Chorizo...
      AMLO says: " I don't even eat chorizo, 'no soy salinas'..."
      Then he says he "does not like blue moronga either..." the colors of PAN PARTY... Dumbass pseudo journalists went for AMLO CHORIZO trying to get smart, and got albureados, (made fun of with their same own BS)

    5. 2:26 no one is saying for him to be Batman or Superman, Look he has been in office for about 8 months, and tell me what is he doing to quell the rampant homicide rate, you want to hear more, or your just one sided. He is busy having conferences and offering poems. We the people are asking for progress, but a lot of us are getting slaughtered, like if we are dogs.

    6. 10:11 you could become Flash and do some investigating in your own area, find out what the local police departments are up to, it will be faster than expecting AMLO to come to check and clean up every little city and town and state in person, but you could demand your states' attorney and fiscal generals, or at least exhibit them for what corrupt inefficient crooks they are.
      Roll up your sleeves and get to rolling the BS up,
      --on the US they call them professionals "Muck Rackers and sanababiches" among other choice names, hurry before somebody starts killing faster and more efficiently.

  6. It was under EPN's narco-presidency that these crimes kept taking place, his shenanigans are being investigated and he will end up at the poor house after he stops at the big house.
    EPN's favorite narco governor's and their secretaries of public security and their state's attorneys have headed crime and criminals and cartels for their own benefit too.
    9:43 STFU.

  7. 9:38 seras pendejo vali!
    EPN let all this shit go through the roof, his cabinet ministers and secretaries are getting taken down, arrested, indicted dragged to court, and you still suffering over their absence.
    Poor little thing, I hope you get put out of your misery, soon.


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