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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Petatlan, Gro: Photo Gallery of Confiscated Mega-Arsenal

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: UnoTv
During an operation in the town of El Camalotito , Guerrero, Municipality of Petatlán , elements of the State Police, in coordination with the Mexican Army secured long weapons , an attachment that launches grenades , 45 magazines and 3,039 useful cartridges for the exclusive use of the Army , a ballistic plate, tactical equipment , three vehicles with theft report and a four-wheeler ATV. PhotoSSP

During the patrols, the security elements observed eight men aboard three vehicles and a four-wheeler with what appeared to be long guns cannons peeked out of the windows of the vehicles . 
Noticing the presence of the uniformed men, the men descended and ran in different directions, abandoning everything but managing to escape in the undergrowth. 
The authorities confiscated a red van with Morelos plates which has a report of theft .
Inside was found:

An AR 15 type rifle with an attachment which launches grenades
A long gun type M4, caliber .223 mm
A magazine supplied with 30 useful cartridges
Mil 729 useful cartridges .223mm caliber
12 unloaded magazines for 7.62x39 mm caliber
10 unloaded magazines for .223 mm caliber
Another of the secured cars is a gray double cab van , with Michoacán license plates , which was also identified with theft report .
Inside was located:

A 16 mm shotgun with five useful cartridges
A backpack with 1,190 useful cartridges caliber 7.62x39 mm
Two tactical vests
A ballistic plate
Six special fittings with 37 magazines
In another red double cab pick up truck with Puebla license plates, which is also reportedly stolen; Inside there were:

A 12-gauge sawed off shotgun with 5 useful 12-millimeter  cartridges
12 unloaded magazines  for 7.62x39 mm caliber
11 unloaded magazines for .223 mm caliber
6 magazines and
Another confiscation was that of a green four-wheeler , without plates, in which it was located under the seat, a transparent plastic bag with 50 useful cartridges of .308 mm caliber.
It should be noted that the armament , tactical equipment , vehicles and the ATV were transferred to the competent authorities to be made available by State Police personnel.


  1. How are these sicarios not getting their naglas tabla'd off after leaving that much valuable equipment? God knows the bosses care more about money than they do the lives of their men.

  2. Guerrero cartels are a joke lol one of my cousins is with la familia Michoacána there and he can’t even hold a gun the right way. These sicarios can be wiped out in months if the government actually wanted.

    1. Well 1:45 don't just stand there picking your nose, help your so called cousin on how to properly load it up.

  3. No wonder they fled the weapons pictured are virtually crap particularly if you are up against MX army

  4. Impossible to track the manufacturers and the vendors that provided these weapons and ammo to these criminals, the US won't do it for you at any price. Maybe, call el Chapolin Colorado?

  5. Great catch, does anyone know which cartel that belongs to? Thanks to the effort of seizing the weapons, that more likely prevented a large amount of homicides. More sweeps of this caliber need to be done.

  6. An AR 15 type rifle with an attachment which launches grenades
    A long gun type M4, caliber .223 mm
    A magazine supplied with 30 useful cartridges
    Mil 729 useful cartridges .223mm caliber
    12 unloaded magazines for 7.62x39 mm

    Junk?! The AR with grenade launcher will still blow shit up the same as a new one.

  7. Fast and Furious veterans still at work, or is it the Chinese supplying their Mexican help to fight US Tariffs?
    How come nobody can identify the procedence of these weapons?

  8. These guys are closing their eyes and hoping they hit something. No sight to aim out of.

  9. A few years ago I was in that part of the world. Watched a 'squad' drive through town, from LaFamMich that looked like right out of "The Green Beret" movie, complete with Vietnam era tiger stripe and berets! And shinny M-16 looking arms.


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