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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Coatzacoalcos Ver: Description of decap video in the territorial war of CJNG and Zetas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Video:Extremely graphic decapitation video of the  owner of the attacked bar in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz 

Chivis Note: The violence of this plaza region is the most violent in the state of Veracruz. This area has long been a stronghold of Los Zetas. The recent violence is the result of the territorial war between the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) and Los Zetas, two of the main drug trafficking groups operating in the state and CJNG’s attempt to power grab the drug plaza away from Zetas.  Zetas have been in the region for 15 years and have police and local government on the payroll.  The fact that CJNG has been pointed to for this massacre could well be that it is a diversion tactic taking the heat off Zetas as Loca said in his recorded message.

It is my opinion that it was also Zetas not CJNG who were responsible for the Good Friday massacre in Minatitlán, Veracruz.  A Trans bar owner named “La Becky” was one of 14 killed at the Los Potros restaurant. Among the dead was Santiago Hernández - a 1 year old boy who was repeatedly shot by the gunmen while his parents tried to shield him.

Becky [above] owned the "nearby La Esquina del Chacal" bar (a venue popular with LGBT+ folks in the area). The motive may have been related to La Becky jumping from Zetas to CJNG in drugs sales and  protection.  Authorities also pointed responsibility of the massacre away from Zetas and to CJNG. 

For those of you who elected not to watch the decapitation and interrogation video of the White Horse bar owner and one other, who were “arrested” possibly by police in collusion or fake police, and turned over to their executioners.  Below is an overview I found from EFE.***

MEXICO.- Through social networks a strong graphic  video circulates in the last hours in which armed men slaughtered two men, one of them being Agustín Javier Ronson González , supposed owner of the night bar attacked in the port of Coatzacoalcos with 26 dead.

In the video  appear two kneeling men, with their hands tied and with their eyes covered, who identify themselves as Josimar Ríos López and Agustín Javiern Ronson González, who confirm that they are engaged in the sale of drugs in Coatzacoalcos, in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz .

After asking them the questions, one of the assassins issues a warning message: “This is going to happen to all the 'chapulines' here nothing is sold without permission. (…) The entire south already has an owner, they already know it. ”

In the world of drug trafficking, a "chapulín" is someone who abandons criminal organizations and chooses to become independent, or who jumps from one criminal gang to another.

Ronson González and the other man were reported missing on August 24 and in the investigation file it was pointed out that they were arrested by suspected police officers or people dressed as police officers.

Ronson González was the owner of the adult venue "The White Horse" that was attacked on Tuesday at 10 pm local time, when he was full of people, first with bursts of machine guns by individuals who fired indiscriminately and then dropped Molotov bombs.

After these final phrases, a group of hit men slashes the neck with knives of the two men while they repeat that "the plaza (its area) has an owner".

The video was broadcast on social networks hours before the massacre in this place of nightlife, one of the bloodiest in recent years, with 26 dead and 12 injured.

The violence in the state of Veracruz occur as a result of the war between the Cartel Jalisco New Generation  (CJNG) and Los Zetas, two of the main drug trafficking groups operating in the state.

This new act of violence happens when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is preparing his government speech next Sunday with a highly criticized security management plan because record numbers of violence have been reached so far this year.

In the first seven months of 2019, 20,135 homicides have occurred throughout the country, with a national average of 95.8 cases per day, according to official figure.


  1. Im telling you these stinks like Z's, just like the 1year old baby, not saying cjng does not kill kids just saying the becky attack it was Z's

  2. ewww.. no more good night sleep for the guy that cut the dudes head off.. you cant put a price on a good night sleep!

    1. You are joking, right? That narco scum are not humans. More like demons. That guy will sleep like a baby.

  3. Keep on working, great job!

  4. Zetas still control this city they are too far entrenched in Veracruz and I also think it was zetas responsible for this video and the bar attack

  5. ALMO shut down el Marro because of huachicol. He doesn't have the heart to shut down Z's and CJNG because he doesn't want a war. Nobody wants war but you have to do something to restore Mexico's safety and security. If any of you BB'ers were el presidente instead of ALMO, what would you do? Serious answers only.

    1. I’m Mexican American so I’m not to sure how wages work in Mexico but what if everyone got huge raises

    2. Clean the Zeta scum, like you mentioned. Sell the plaza to someone else who does not kill kids.

    3. To be honest I think a lot about this question on a daily basis. I personally think AMLO should put the fear of god into these cartels, there’s really no clear cut way of doing it but if they continue giving the cartel members impunity this war will never ever end. Sometimes I think about the convoys they travel in and things of that nature why not reach an ageeement with the US to deploy drones when a convoy is detected I bet those massive convoys of men riding around like nothing will stop in an instant. Just my opinion though it’s a tougher case than what most people think.

    4. 1. Remove all local police and replace with military.
      2. Increase the punishment for all crimes related to organized crime. I.E. Longer prison sentences.
      3. Legalize medicinal and recreational use of Marijuana.
      4. Life sentence for kidnappings & extortion.
      5. Implement the death penalty for those convicted of murder.
      6. Life sentence for any politician convicted of having ties to criminal organizations.
      7. Legalize the possession of registered firearms for self defense.
      8. Investigate and replace all judges that have given amparos.
      9. Include the United States when hunting down high ranking cartel members.
      10. Immediately extradite high ranking cartel members on the US most wanted list.
      11. Work with the United States to improve economic and financial development for citizens trapped in poverty.
      12. Bann all musicians or groups that sing corridos from entering Mexico. If born in Mexico hold them accountable and consider them members of cartels for openly promoting them in songs.

    5. 1. Legal right to bear arms.
      2. Institute death penalty for corrupt and politicians, as they are aiding cartels in the genocide they’ve been carrying out for the longest👮‍♂️
      3. See what we can get the United Nations to do
      4. I concord w the other reader suggesting militia from another country. Foreign military help might be the only way, but these help better come w canyons and shit bc these cartels aren’t playing 🤐
      5. I would eliminate that idiotic law that extradited drug Lords can’t be executed.
      6. I would ban narco series, narco corridos. & the selling of merchandise of any known & wanted Narco & ban the public praising of any of them as that’s apología del delito. That’s a bit arbitrary but let’s be real these people are making millions off narco culture, while “inspiring” young dumbasses
      7. Arrest the buchonas, the girlfriends, the lovers, the wives. All of them. That will teach these young girls not to mess w narcos, or else they will end up in jail por esconder a un delincuente

    6. You want to get rid of Narcos, the gov should legalize, control (quality control), sell (tax revenues) every single drug there is. Cocaine, heroin, MJ. If you take away billions of dollars of profits from theses drug czars, soon enough they won’t have the money and power to bribe everybody(especially politicians). Legalize drugs= decapitation of drug cartels

    7. Not a lot especially in rural areas what are cartels have more power than the government

    8. 2A for the citizens

    9. Right to bear arms, and a death penalty. That drains extortion, and kidnappings.

    10. I read a article about a city council in tamps wanting to bring in U.N. peacekeepers to quell the violence in the state and blaming AMLO for his failure to crack down on insecurity in the region. I doubt that would happen. Too much media attention and the world would see that the lines between criminals and govt are nonexistent. Good idea though!

    11. sorry but thats all BS. just go after the corrupt politicians , officials, judges, police, military, money brokers.
      You cant beat drugs and you cant legalize them all. Legalizing all rugs and thing cartels will go away is wish thinking.

    12. Bringing in the United States marines and some militias from the United States is A1 problem solving. And yeah give the people right to bear arms

  6. Zetas are a small faction now put the sure making cjng run and hide goes to show all you fan girls your cartel ain't nada if they can't beat a small cell what Happened to grupo delta jajaja fat asses

  7. If I was the President of Mexico, I would allow citizens to protect themselves by carrying a gun. Also would consider bringing in a 3rd party militia to battle the cartels. It will never be right to extort people in any way. Never. You own a business, it's your money and a little of it goes to pay for the roads, schools and bridges; not childish chicken shit cowards. He has to fight, or everyone will continue to flee, and Mexico will continue to decay.

  8. Animals are animals, kill them all. Slowly!

  9. Yeah you ain’t getting the Zetas out of Veracruz completely, Cjng been at it since 2011 Zetas are entrenched in the local society

  10. Cjng AKA mata Zetas are no joke, not even cds who claim they are the toughest cartel ever really want a war with Zetas..
    I think mencho is tired of sharing the Veracruz plaza with Zetas and wants to take them out
    The war he's bringing to Guerrero is crazy
    He's actually going against la familia michoacana, that cartel has more power than los rojos in that region but I guess he got los rojos"s plaza so he wants to go after the best piece that la familia has..
    While mayo and cholo stay making mantas cjng is actually taking plazas... crazy

  11. Zetas love burning places

  12. Off topic, but actually related.
    This past weekend wife and stepped out to a concert. On our return home we witnessed a woman in the middle of the street. Thinking she was struck by a car. We immediately began to assist. Upon our arrival a Male friend comes to approach. The woman bloody and scraped up states she was thrown from his vehicle while driving.
    Upon closer examination of these individuals. Wife and I suspected drug influenced this situation looking at them. Separated the Male from reach. Rather, placing myself in a position where he knew i was not allowing him to touch her.
    This epidemic of grave proportions globally is what many are facing today. All tied in, related and impacted by.

    Mexico is fighting an epidemic just like that of the United states. An issue which needs everyone's attention!


  13. To fix mexico you have to sit down with the cartels and put extortion off limits. You then have to let a few cartels control the drug trade with the agreement of no violence or extortion. If they break the agreement you go after those individuals. If you can't do it on your own then you let the USA military in to help. But in reality mexico can not fix itself because corruption is part of the culture. The politicos get to much money. If you really need want to fix things long term you have to let religion into the schools and teach about the bible and the ten commandments. You have to teach ethics, morality, respect, and about God. This is a long term fix. In other words you have to change the culture and society in mexico.. One of the reasons the U.S. is so successful in economic terms is because the country was founded on the belief of God. At one time the usa allowed prayer, bibles and the 10 commandments in school.. If you don't stand for anything then you fall for anything. In other words if you don't believe in god then your just going to hurt yourself. example soddamma and gomaraah.

    1. Prayer,bibles & 10 commandment statues in schools will fix the drug war? How disillusion are you...

    2. GOD and foreign intervention has been the blasphemy behind Mexican problems since the first colonizers and "conquistadors" came to LatinAmerican Shores, your solution is full of shit and stinks.
      So many people work "in the office" on the US and live such a nice life without producing much of utility to themselves or the world, that the US has had to get financing from The Chinese and the "presidente" gets his from the Russians to whom he owes his very life even more than his presidency and every American gets born saddled by hundreds of th usands of dollars he will never be able to pay it in their entire life.
      The current wars in Irak and Afghanistan produced about 15 years of war and millions killed, most of them innocent who now will never become fedayines or Arab hijackers or "comunistas" or talibanes or alqaedas, at about 30 trillion dollars cost that was paid cash tp private contractors from loans the US got from other foreign countries...
      Believe it or not, the US has helped enough around the world.

  14. Sorry CJNG are responsible. CJNG need to be shot on sight

  15. How are you guys not going to say that golfos are also very deep in coazacoalcos that's where some of the main heads were born smh props for keeping a low profile

  16. Will take at least 3 generations to heal if the joy of killing fellow
    citizens stopped today (not likely) The beheading thing could have been carried over from the 660 years of Muslim domination; (religion of peace) more than twice the age of the EUdeA. Impunity feeds the slaughter.

  17. I always heard the Z were a different breed I think its true

  18. Its sucks cuz if u wanna own a bar u gotta sell for some one

  19. It's obvious that the government and law enforcement is in control of the cartels. The only way to fight them is for citizens to form armed groups of auto defensas to provide security and to kill anyone who is a member or working with a cartel. There needs to be a revolution in Mexico that starts at the bottom.

  20. This is the Zzz strong hold


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