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Thursday, August 29, 2019

CJNG claims they will soon act in Uruapan, Michoacan

Uruapan, Michoacan - On Thursday morning, they were mantas located in different parts of the municipality of Uruapan, with a narco message, signed by the CJNG.

One of them was located in the Plaza de Zumpimito, the second in Manuel Pérez Coronado at the height of the Facultad de Agrobiologia outside Vicente Guerrero Elementary School, and the third in San José de la Mina.

Several narco mantas were left by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) in different parts of this city of Uruapan, in which they send a message of threat to their rivals: The Caballeros Templarios and Los Viagras. They also point to an alleged involvement of the late Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, Victor Manuel Maldonado, with these antagonistic groups of his.

The aforementioned was disclosed by police sources. The signs were left in the square of the Zumpimito neighborhood; on the road to Pátzcuaro, at the height of the San José de la Mina subdivision and on the street Prolongación Manuel Pérez Coronado, behind the Facultad de Agrobiología.

The crime scenes were attended by state, federal and municipal forces, which were responsible for retrieving the narco messages and immediately make them available for the federal ministerial authorities. The uniformed officers also made several patrols, but no arrests related to the matter were reported.

On the alleged relationship with criminal groups in which Víctor Manuel is related to the military command. Who was killed in a shooting ambush on Saturday, the 24th of this month. When he was going to an avocado orchard in Ziracuaretiro, after training the Rural Defenses. Government voices denied this and said that these signs that seek to stain the image of the military chief are only to divert the attention of citizens and in retaliation for the anti-crime operations that remain in the region.

The investigative folder on the matter was initiated. It should be noted that the acts of violence recorded in recent weeks within the Uruapan city limits have been chilling. From the discovery of 19 bodies in a single day to the annihilation of an entire family in which even a child of four year old child was shot. That just shows how bloody the war between rival criminal groups has become.

Manta reads as follows:
Inhabitants of Uruapan. Through this manta we address with respect all military, federal, municipal, state, and all citizens. Stop supporting the entire gang of bandits that ultimately does not respect a deal. There’s the proof of what happened to Colonel Comandante 14 of the cavalry corps that, despite the support he gave them, had him killed. The lieutenant supported them 100 percent. There’s the example of the day they grabbed El Chatarras and his minions in a farm behind the restaurant Mi Lindo Michoacan, they were also released. There is also the story of what happened to Many Caballo of Paracuaro who was also caught and released. This is so that all citizens realize what kind of government they have. SOON WE WILL ACT CITIZENRY 

Sincerely, CJNG

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat VXT


  1. CJNG making Michoacana great again!

    1. How is that great 20dead .yesterday in Veracruz 26 burn alive!

  2. Cjng are low life scumbags

    1. @5:24 Lemme guess CDS , are angels and don’t hurt Innocents ?? #pendejo

    2. The CJNG fight is now with governor Enrique Alfaro, who refuses to be their bitch now that he has "all that power" as the narco-governor of Jalisco who now wants all the marbles for himself and has like, blown his cover, he also wants AMLO love, more than his party's, Movimiento Ciudadano is a corrupt to the core political attitude of people that want to climb to power pretending to be clean and unambitious but are nothing but greedy and ambitious and closed to any reasoning whatsoever, like maniac fanatic religious programmed by NXIVM, tea party, extreme right fanatics, and other brainwashing cults of violence that feel attacked by the mere existence of decency.

  3. BB reporting on cjng like it's a novela. Fabricated cartel to take heat of the real bosses.

  4. From what was said by a certain Activist/Snitch/Reporter/Author/Autodefensa/Blogger/Ex-Soldier/Vigilante who has contacts with commanders of the Policia Federal and the military meaning he sends them information to locate viagras as well as some money to give them motivation.

    The Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, Victor Manuel Maldonado attended a meeting with el Gordo, El Barba Roja and another individual during the meeting things went south and El Barba Roja took out a gun and killed the Lieutenant Colonel on the spot.

    1. Thanks for the input

    2. 7:13 and yet they are blaming CJNG right after blaming AMLO...
      but the worst part is the estupiros that believe the bullcrap AND come on piling the crap on AMLO "because that what they read somewhere",

  5. Wow , what peiple dont know it that the maña , and all those gangs most of them have bought the police thats why they arnt arrested yet and i live in a small town far from urapan but still an hour away and their have been shottings in that same town what i have most is that the blue police cant do anything as if they were sold but the green sodiers are the good one they are the ones that fight even tho there are many other better ones that dont fight my dads friends was killed by one of the gangs because of his wife cheated on him and the child was one of the gangs guy so the dead on tried to get her back , but the thing is that when the gangs have girfiends they dont break up their like his sluts. So the dead one dident know it was the gangs one so they all bunt him alive and the girl went with the gangs the kid is seen with them holding a gun in the streets. Like i wish mich. Wasn't so dangerous.


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