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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Video: Shootout in the Streets Of Reynosa

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo

VIDEO: People are running away and bullets are raining. It is an armed attack against state police in the streets of Reynosa, in Tamaulipas, causing panic among the citizens. According to local media information, the fray occurred in one of Reynosa's main street thoroughfares.

Armed subjects assaulted the uniformed. The members of the state police responded to the bullets. That caused a persecution that covered Boulevard Hidalgo and Boulevard del Maestro, in the city of Tamaulipas.

At least one policeman would have died and two more would be injured. Emergency teams transferred the wounded to Christus Muguerza Hospital, where they received medical attention, media reports.

The state authorities Governed by Francisco Cabeza de Vaca have not given details of what happened. The events were recorded the afternoon of this Tuesday, after 7:00 p.m.

A video circulating on social networks shows the exact moment when the attack begins. In the scenes you can see how an official vehicle moves at full speed through the streets of Tamaulipas.

The one who captured the scenes managed to hide and, apparently, was unharmed. Other drivers circulating in the area managed to take shelter, according to what is seen in the video.


  1. I believe him murder rate is down just ask Amlo

  2. From what I’ve heard cdn pretty much took over Reynosa now

    1. CDN don't even own a taco stand in reynosa...much less reynosa itself....Los Metros own it and will never let it go....even if they would get a full armed convoy of rival sicarios Metros have reynosa locked down...They may not be huge and bosses change like every two months the whole thing is ran by them...

  3. ...and that’s why I drive the 12 minutes to Nuevo progreso; all I want is tostitos sheeeeeeesh

  4. Nobody likes cabeza de cagadas de vacas polesia estatal, baad baad baad, Juersa Tamaulipas have been unos pinches criminales since the start, like juerza Coahuila, and since the narco governor cabeza de cagadas de vacas arranged to be left out of Guardia Nacional plans they weelly weelly think they weelly all that and a bit more, maybe because he was born in Tejas, next the pinche perro will call on the US to defend "his independencia" and Annex to the US.

  5. Couldn't see the bad guys or the good guys, buy a selfie stick for next time to record.

  6. Replies
    1. What military? It says Police. Tier 1 ops are super intelligent huh

    2. 8:28 dales mastuerzo, Sicario,
      En el nombre Del Senor...

  7. 5:45 Tamaulipas governor requested and got approved NO GUARDIA NACIONAL.
    Cabeza de cagadas de vacas wants to keep control witg his Fuerza Tamaulipas everybody hates because they are a bunch of criminals.
    --Why do you blame AMLO?


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