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Thursday, July 18, 2019

3 Mexico Soldiers and 1 Civilian Arrested for Kidnapping a Teenager

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

The Ministry of National Defense reported that the people detained during a joint operation, between the Special Prosecutor's Office for the Abduction of the Valley of Mexico and the Special Prosecutor's Office Against the Kidnapping of Guerrero , in which a 14-year-old was released, are military police.

In a joint action, Agents of the Investigation Police of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) and of the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero, released a 14-year-old teenager who was deprived of the freedom in this municipality and they arrested four people, one of them woman. 

The joint operation was carried out after personnel of the Special Prosecutor's Office against the Kidnapping of the state of Guerrero requested the collaboration of Mexican authorities to locate the place where the minor could be found, who was kidnapped in Guerrero on June 18 . VIDEO:

According to the inquiries, the victim was kidnapped when he went to an educational establishment in the town of Molonga, in the municipality of Petatlán. Then the teenager was transferred to a building where he was held captive, while the probable kidnappers asked the family of the child large sum in exchange for releasing him.


From the investigations carried out, it was determined that the adolescent would have been transferred to the State of Mexico, therefore Guerrero authorities requested the collaboration of elements of the FGJEM Specialized Prosecutor's Office. 

With this data, public servants of both entities carried out an operation in a building of the Santa Teresa fractionation, in the municipality of Huehuetoca, where they located the kidnapped child and arrested four people identified as Diana Paola “N”, 23 years old; Jorge Luis "N", 25 years old; Everardo "N", 28 years old and Atilano "N", 47 years old. 

Along with the detainees were secured: a compact vehicle, a firearm with a magazine supplied with useful cartridges and cell phones. The detainees were handed over to the authorities who will determine their legal status, however, they should be considered innocent until a conviction is issued against them. 

From the operation carried out in Huehuetoca, the State of Mexico, led to the arrest of 23-year-old Diana 'N', a soldier of the active military police belonging to the 20 / or Battalion , located in San Miguel de los Jagüeyes.

Jorge “N”, 25, was also captured, later identified as a motorcyclist , active, belonging to 19 / o. Battalion , San Miguel de los Jagüeyes, State of Mexico.

Everardo “N” of 28 years, identified as active end of the 20 / o Battalion  and Atilano “N”., and  a civilian of 26 years, who were made available to the Public Ministry, to determine their legal status. 

Through a statement the Ministry of National Defense notes that “in relation to the detention by authorities of the Attorney General of the States of Guerrero and Mexico, of three military elements belonging to the military police, during which the release of a minor who was kidnapped in the town of Huehuetoca, State of Mexico: “This Secretary of State had knowledge and participated since the beginning of the investigations, collaborating with the civil authorities mentioned above, in order to achieve the identification and capture of the military personnel allegedly involved." 

In the same way, this Secretariat will continue to support the proceedings carried out by the competent authorities, providing the necessary elements for the total clarification of the facts and the detention of all those involved, in order to determine the legal responsibilities of the crimes that concern them. result”. 


  1. Why cover thier eyes? Why hide thier last names? After all law enforcement caught them with a kidnapped victim. Criminals have more rights than victims.

    1. Absolutely true, and completely disgusting

  2. What the hell don't they pay thier military officers well, that looks bad for those bad hombres.

  3. Give 'em a fair trial and then hang 'em from the nearest tree.

    1. That would be Thailand, Iran. But sorry MEXICO does not execute or hang, but that would be nice.

  4. Parents are also to blame for not raising garbage like this right, now look at these bums kidnapping kids for chump change.

    1. 7:28 blaming parents is at most cowardly and incompetent.
      I am sure you don't want your parents blamed for your every pendejada and for your being an asshole.

  5. You cant trust the Army they have currupted people doing crimes on the side.

  6. Soldiers caught go going bad hombres. Another fine example if why Mexican citizens don't trust them.

  7. 8:07 Mexican Federal Police caught these rogue criminal officers, in cooperation with Guerrero state police, which according to you does not keep Mexico from "looking like the scum that it is".
    --But the conduct of these criminals does, according to your selective imbecility...
    You must be one of those drug addicted 'warriors against drugs'

  8. Zetas did the same in 2006

    1. 10:28 zetas did NOT corrupt the Mexican army or the Federal Police, they came to Tamaulipas to be federal police starting with Lt Arturo Guzman Decena, and El Lazca, and to take over the golfo cartel for Mexican army and politicians, once it was done they were disposable and disposed off.
      Same pattern all over Mexico with militarized polesias and melitary turned into polesias, both with plenty of military vices like murdering innocents for the motherland and the government they represent, everybody else is disposable.

  9. 8:07 Mexico would have 1.3 million one percenters
    The US would have 3.5 million one percenters, and at least 350 thousand of them are some of the most greatest sanabagans in the face of earth, I am not blaming their parents, but a few are still following on their parents footsteps goose-stepping all the way to hell, and voluntarily...
    --At least the Nazis didn't know any better back then.


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