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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Update on Christian the 10 year old left for dead in Morelos

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

They were searching  for the American Dream

10 year old Christian Aroldo Iban, his father, uncle and cousin, were on a hopeful path to the U.S.

One can imagine the excitement as the family left their native Mataquescuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala on May 28th of this year.  The fathers knew that the journey would not be easy, or free of danger. 

The father, Rudy Aroldo Gonzales, and Luis Arturo, brother of the deceased, his son Byron, 17 years old, and Christian, paid a coyote to transport them through the state of Veracruz.

It was in Veracruz that the horror began.  

The coyote abandoned the family in Veracruz, where a gang of kidnappers, said to be members of Los Zetas cartel, quickly kidnapped them, transported them to Ocuituco, Morelos, Mexico,  where Rudy was ordered to call family for a ransom of 12, 000 USD. 

Christian's family, Rudy is holding a younger Christian
It is not unusual for migrants to have money ready at their place of origin, waiting for ransom calls.  Ransom calls are routine when narcos prey on migrants.  What was unusual was the amount of ransom, which usually is somewhere between 4 and 8k.

And 8000 is what the family had to send.  They sent the money which was not sufficient with these vile sub humans, who decided a cruel death, by cutting their throats almost ear to ear, would be adequate punishment.

While the family was taken to the site for execution, the uncle and cousin managed to flee.  Christian’s throat was slashed.  Christian said he feigned death and successfully fooled his would-be killers.

However, he thought he would die and crawled into the arms of his father, he was near death when his rescuers found him with his father’s dead body. 

Christian was transferred to the Hospital del Niño Morelense in which he remains hospitalized and is stable.  Many high profile persons have come to visit, including the governor who came bearing gifts, but did not disclose if any options the family will be offered. 

The perilous journey of the migrant
Murder, disappearance, rapes, kidnapping, extortion, robbery, forcible entry into cartel work, or sex work, all await the migrant somewhere along the long journey.

Thousands of migrants have gone missing, and never found.  Yet these disappearances are never included in the drug war homicide tally.

Girls as young as 10 are given birth control before they leave Central America, as the parents know six out of every 10 migrant women and girls experience sexual violence during the journey.

And no one knows how many migrants are killed on the journey.

What I do know from firsthand experience by working closely with migrant shelters and migrants in Mexico since 2010, is these atrocities are the unequivocal blame of the cartels and apathy of Mexico.

Below is the address of the hospital where Christian is a patient.

Hospital Child and Adolescent Morelense

Bottom of Form
Children's hospital in Mexico
AddressAv. de la Salud 1, Benito Juárez, 62765 Emiliano Zapata, Mor., Mexico


  1. Bless you for following up and writing a very realistic version of a migrants perilous journey........many do just not understand the risks these people take.
    Praying, hoping, wishing for any manner of good outcome for this unbelievably brave young boy.
    Are they taking direct contributions at the hospital for Christian ? and how does one know if that contribution will actually be applied to his case?

    1. It kills me when politicians spend a day or two at the border and think they have been educated. Come to Mexico, and Central America, then study the issue it is complicated and deep rooted--

      Thank you Sista!!!

    2. I answered the questions about donations on the first post about this> I said I advise not to send money. I would send a card and maybe a toy, or clothing like a shirt.

      If someone could help me and call a catholic church in morelos and ask if they could help with donations that would be great. they are the most trustworthy.

      A great church is Mary Help of Christians 52 777 314 1729

  2. Zetas trying to get in on the baby killing bandwagon owned clearly by CJNG.
    Human scum.

  3. 6 out 10 girls molested,raped,abused. I belive it happens no doubt. Im sure some official data exists. But im interested in knowing if these girls are molested by own tribe they are traveling with. Or by Mexicans along the way. Im assuming at some point even local law around the southern states in Mexico has their way with the older girls. And i belive this happens more in southern states . Those closer to Guatemala . Can somebody share opinion. It might be to harsh of a question sorry no offense to southern Mexicans.

  4. 4:25 you Don't know, everything gets stolen in Mexico and even in Guatemala, maybe you could contact children's fund international or consult some world charities. Make sure they are not posing as Christians or evangelicals that will try and rape him at first sight.
    His mother will be extorted as soon as the Kaibiles find out she got money coming.
    And beware of Cash Luna, and his heirs too.
    AMLO can't be supervising a the caravan members or arresting and taking them to prison, the emigrants are not causing problems to the government even if they are abused, they are on their way to the US to ask for asylum BECAUSE their banana republic politics and military trained to kill and murder and kidnap on sight by the US Schools of the Assassins has made life tor them in their own countries impossible all over LatinAmerica...
    Couple that with the offer of a life on the USpushed by the coyotes in Guatemala who know their market and what to promise and you have the recipe for trouble, none of that is AMLO created or tolerated, much less kidnapping or ransom, people transit all over Mexico freely, their peace is up to them, it could be safer if they ask for a mexican permit to travel to the US border, instead of illegally.
    Think, if anybody had 8 thousand dollars to pay ransom, they would stay and start a small business, even in Mexico, which Mexican coyotes know before starting their traveling.
    --Some of the caravans get organized by american interests too, and hose who make it to the "beds" cost the US government about $300.00 dollars a night, and it does not matter if they are occupied or empty, all welfare queen business of big "corrections" officers. Even some american governors partake of the business of hosting illegal aliens, and others of employing them as Cheap slave laborers for private prison industries.
    Sure AMLO does not know any of this, or He would be saying it, but custom solutions to fit every taste are not going to come any time soon.

  5. Damn this makes me sick I have an 11 year old son and just reading this article makes me cry

  6. At what point are government sanctioned killings of cartel members a viable option? I believe I could make a strong case for around 10-15 years ago....

  7. I think these individuals who talk the migrants into risking their life to make it into the USA are cruel too. Why are people encouraging these migrants and lying to them they they all will be granted asylum if they can make it to the US Border when that is a lie. These migrants risk their life coming to the border and then trump and trumps government denies them asylum. Why are these migrants being lied to? Why are they being convinced to travel to the border when they are being raped killed robbed on their journey ? Leave these migrants alone and stop lying to them. 10 years olds needing birth control WTF!? Mexico is disturbing what they do to these migrants on their journey through Mexico. I believe a lot of migrants are better off in their home country instead of trying to make it through Mexico alive without being robbed and raped and even if they make it to the border, our government denies them entry. It’s all sad...

    1. Yes Willis 10 yr olds get raped on the way to the north, that opens your eyes, wait until you see heads in xoxo coolers.

    2. 1040. I agree. I think it's a form of gladiator-type genocide to encourage people to migrate, and to bring kids. It's horrible. I don't have many answers on what the best immigration process is, but this is probably fodder for cruel people to enjoy genocide of people desperate to be safe and to earn a living. Dr. K

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Well done on posting the adress of a hospital so cartel can find the boy and eliminate the wintess.

    1. there you are...i wondered when you would pop up, the narrow minded thinker --a if I was not cautious.

      The hospital address, name and photos was published in most mexican news outlets and all regional news outs. plus coverage of all high profile visits. the governor had it on his website.

      perhaps you can share what you are going to do to help this child, or the issue?

    2. Well done on your sarcasm and then getting schooled by Chivis. Dr K

  10. to the person with the petition pls email me

  11. Is this America's fault too? Because of the demand for drugs?

  12. Hey take it easy, this is a clean room.

  13. No. This is Mexico s fault because of its stupidity animalistic barbaric behavior...


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