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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Cobayme, Ahome, Sinaloa: 12 Buried Bodies Found by “Rastreadoras de Fe” Group

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
                                    10 bodies found buried in Cobayme, Ahome, Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa: The Rastreadores de Fe y Esperanza (The Rakers/ Searchers of Faith and Hope) group returned to the site located in the vicinity of Cobayme, Municipality of Ahome, Sinaloa and found three other bodies buried clandestinely.

The report to the 911 emergency service indicated that they would send the State Investigation Police, because the search carried out by the collective was positive. Later elements of the State Investigation Police went to the place to start with the field work.

Last Tuesday the collective located three graves with three bones on the same site, while last week they were 6. It was ascertained that there were four graves that were located: in two of them there were two bodies, while in the other two there was a body in each. 

The leader of the collective, Mario Higuera Cota, indicated that this morning work will be resumed so that the other two are taken to a funeral home. He also said that today they will be conducting more searches in the area in search of more victims.

The search was interrupted due to bad weather, but the group does not rule out returning in the coming days to continue exploring. 
Mexican investigators reported in June that they have confirmed the existence of 1,606 clandestine graves with 2,489 corpses between 2006 and 2017, but that could be only a fraction of the real numbers described in the study as a "cumulative phenomenon."

"These are not all the pits there; unfortunately, it is a fraction," said Denise González, the study's main coordinator, during a conference at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City campus.

The 11 years covered in the study began in 2006, when the then president Felipe Calderón launched an offensive against drug trafficking that triggered an increase in the number of murders.

The researchers indicated that the alarming numbers of clandestine graves in the country are indicative of unrestrained violence that remains unpunished.

It is a reflection of the degree of social decomposition and dehumanization that has been achieved.

The government of López Obrador released its first official report on clandestine graves in May. Authorities reported the finding of 222 with 337 corpses between December 1 and May 13.

Groups of volunteer searchers trying to recruit helpers, raise money and awareness, and look for info.


  1. Ok so these bodies are from people who fought on which wars:
    Federacion vs CAF,
    Federacion vs Golfo,
    ChaposMayos vs Beltranes/Juarez/Zetas,
    ChaposMayos vs BLO remnants
    ChaposMayos vs Damazos,
    Chapos vs Guanos?
    ChaposMayos vs CJNg?

    Another question, what percentage of people in clandestine graves were actually involved in Org!nize crime?
    Most people dont get kidnapped if you have a hit on you, they just blast you on the spot.


  2. The people from Sinaloa that live in the US are always saying "nothing ever happens in Sinaloa, Sinaloa is peaceful and the sicarios are respectful and don't mess with the innocent" guys are clueless

    1. Cds groupies are dumber than a box of rocks

  3. Ingrid Olderock, "La Mujer de los Perros" took some victims on to torture under the pinochet regime, but hey were lucky.
    It is close to 50 years since the CIA, the US Navy and pinochet toppled the Alle de regime "to save the country from the disorders and disturbances caused by Christian Democrat agitators financed by the Nixxon administration, general Sergio Arellano Stark roamed the country on his PUMA helicopter torturing his victims to death but keeping them alive as long as possible, breaking bones one by one, emasculating a few, forcing them to eat their own genitals, poking out they eyes, to which General Lagos, witnessed, now close to 50 years later Chilean rastreadkres still find clandestine graves once in a while... (En las Garras del Puma)
    Mexico will find clamdestine mass, graves much longer than that, cleaning out this war ON drugs for soo loooong has taken a grave toll on Mexico and great expense to the US, with close to zero results.

  4. Send your DNA and names of your disappeared, someday their bodies may find their family.
    The ones who kill and hide their victims is usually the Mexican armed forces and polesias Federales serving their motherland, they eagerly kill any traitors as soon as somebody tells them who they are, no trials needed. I bet Sol's ass most of these bodies died during the war ON drugs in the 12 years of FECAL and EPN.

  5. Cadaver locating dogs just go around sniffing and voila, they find their carcasses all the time, the US could donate some, the work would get done much faster.


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