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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Veracruz: Municipal Police Chief Murdered

"Yaqui" for Borderland Beat

             Last night a municipal police chief of Sayula de Aleman and his escort were shot dead.

The commander of the municipal police of Sayula de Alemán, Veracruz, Willebaldo Solano Mendoza, and a policeman were murdered yesterday, shortly before 11 pm  in Cenaduría Comida Mexicana. 

The deceased are reported to be Commander Wilebaldo Solano Mendoza and agent Héctor Pablo Martínez.

According to witnesses, the two victims were having dinner at a food store located one block from the Muncipal Palace, when they were shot by an armed group of at least three men who fled on motorcycles.

The restaurant is located in the Miguel Hidalg or corner with Benito Juárez, one block from the municipal palace. The commander and policeman Héctor Pablo dined there when a group of armed men arrived and shot them. 

Their bodies were left inside the restaurant while the assailants fled on motorcycles. A third policeman who accompanied them managed to save himself by covering himself with the attack along with the employees of the business. 

The municipal president of Sayula, Fredy Ayala González, requested the intervention of the state and federal security authorities. Solano Mendoza worked as a Commander in the Municipal Police since January of last year.

The restaurant in which they were murdered is located two blocks from the Municipal Palace of Sayula de Alemán, on the corner of Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juárez streets, named Cenaduría Comida Mexicana.

The authorities are investigating the motive of the facts.



  1. Chief position now open $250.00 per week. Uphold the law, oversee other officers. Stay clean try not to join the neighborhood cartel.

    1. $250.00 PESOS diarios. 12.00 dolares.
      And you get to rape at will, torture people you don't know for all their money and kill or get all the people your fieles can handle killed, if you don't wanna get along you will be sent along.

  2. Definitely a hazardous job for any municipal official in Mexico.
    Can we assume his departure is accredited to non aligning oneself with a certain criminal organization Yaqui?
    Like all others who have perished from the never ending violence.

    1. 10:08 he was killed because somebody wants his job, check the mext municipal police Chief, some states attorneys have made themselves millionaires in dollars, like Nayarit Edgar Veytia, and little bosses help them do it for $12. 00 dollars a day.

  3. PRD/PAN politicians and their police chiefs should know by now, they are not welcome by the PRI and need to watch their step in Veracruz and every where they Go.


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