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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Chihuahua: Organized Crime Warns of Wave of Violence

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

After members of organized crime uploaded messages to social networks, in which they warned of an escalation of violence in Chihuahua, the ministerial authorities reported the execution of 28 people in less than 40 hours in the entity.

Of that number, this Saturday highlights the execution of 11 people in Ciudad Juárez , the capital and the municipality of Cuauhtémoc , where the criminal group "Gente Nueva" is present . These cases are added to the 17 that were registered on Friday. 

After the first two weeks of the month the homicide rate fell from five to four per day compared to May, in Ciudad Juarez alone,  yesterday the violent cases rebounded with the death of six more people in the early hours of Sunday, with a total of 65 victims this month.

Of the six violent cases, in three, the victims died by a knife, reported the local authority.

Officials from the research area recently pointed out that the criminal band "La Línea" has been strengthened to take control of the rural area of ​​Juarez and the northwest region of Chihuahua.

Precisely in the border municipality, in eight hours of this Saturday seven homicides were perpetrated. In three cases, the victims were tortured, co-opted and abandoned in the Pradera de los Encinos and Barranco Azul streets, a few meters from the State Social Readaptation Center 3.

In addition, a security guard was executed when he denied the passage to men who wanted to enter the San Pedro residential subdivision. Another subject was taken down from a vehicle and then executed on Andrés del Río street. A man was also killed on Mina Street and another on 9th Street. 

Authorities also reported the finding of a covert body in the peripheral of Lombardo Toledano and the execution of a man on Los Angeles street in the capital. 

Two subjects were killed in Cuauhtémoc: the first died in a hospital, after he was shot in the municipal pantheon, and another was attacked in the Zapareachi community. 

This  past Friday, the authorities confirmed 17 executions in the state: five in Ciudad Juárez, four in kilometer 30 of the San Juanito Basaseachi highway, two in Delicias (including a mutilated woman ), two in the capital, two more in Camargo, one in Cuauhtémoc and one in Carichí. 

The violent day of Saturday also included the murder of Daniel Ramírez , director of Public Works of the municipality of Francisco Z. Mena, Puebla , and his assistant, Yait Salgado. According to the first investigations,  officials were outside a house when they were shot from a truck in motion. 

In Monclova, Coahuila, three alleged gunmen were killed when confronted with state police in Obrero Unido street, in the Praderas neighborhood. The events occurred when the agents attended a report about a wounded person.


  1. Like I, had said before,do not understimate La Linea in Chihuahua. CDS is going to need more than those 600 sicarios caught on video last week to take control of the state.

  2. "Organized Crime Warns of Wave of Violence". How caring of them...

  3. Using stock photos?

    -Black Stone

  4. And the murder rate from the drug war is estimated at 200,000? Nonsense I tell ya!

  5. Gente nueva took to many any loses
    But they will have a corrido that says how they are the bravest, toughest and smartest sicarios on earth

  6. Are these related to killings in Agua Prieta

  7. That's a huge spike un violence, is it gn or the line wreaking havoc?

  8. Mixing ye pics.CDN sicario ?

  9. That's it I am moving, Chile here I come.

  10. Gente Nueva Special Forces have been deployed to Chihuahua. Our operators will eliminate any criminal extorting the general population.
    Los Demonios Combat Application Group will be assisting with peacekeeping operations as wellas humanitarian missions.

    1. There your are.. where's the Mossad ops, you promised Michoacan? Our pheasants are getting slaughtered.

  11. Mixing ye pics.CDN sicario ?

  12. The police arrive on time to do the killings, but rarely or never in time to arrest the killers. Polesias are accumulating a most perfect record of never arresting criminals unless they are 100% innocent.

    1. In Monclova, the polesias killed three and one barely escaped, looks like nobody reported anything. But why risk somebody recording any further BS just to finish the job?


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