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Friday, June 14, 2019

Veracruz Journalist Rescued: “Gracias a Dios”

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
"Thank God I'm alive," says Veracruz-based journalist , "Marmiko", rescued by police after shooting confrontation with his captors.

By: Carlos Álvarez for Zeta
The Governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, confirmed at  dawn on Thursday, through his  Twitter account, that the journalist  Marcos Miranda Cogco, director of the digital media source Noticias a Tiempo, was released by state and federal security forces, which he congratulated for their good work.

Miranda Cogco was deprived of liberty around 08:00 hours on Wednesday, when he was leaving his home with his 9-year-old granddaughter, in the Casas Tamsa neighborhood, in the municipality of Boca del Río, Veracruz, as reported by the Commission for the Care and Protection of Journalists in Veracruz.
According to one of his daughters, her father was going to take the child to school when two vans blocked him in at the corner of Arturo Vichi Street, where the journalist's private residence is located. Almost immediately a group of subjects abducted the reporter from his red Toyota Corolla  - and they took him away.

The granddaughter of Miranda Cogco returned to the house to ask for help, and it was the minor who told how the events happened, after which elements of special forces of the Naval Police moved to the metropolitan area of ​​Veracruz-Boca del Río to try find the journalist, also known as "Marmiko".

After being released, this Thursday morning, the journalist thanked his employer Noticias a Tiempo, his family, friends, neighbors, followers in social networks, and colleagues, for the support they offered him in this difficult situation. 
Miranda Cogco pointed out that at approximately 01:30 hours this Thursday, his captors decided to move him to another safe house and took him in a vehicle on a road, and later they took  a dirt road.

In a brief video message, after making his denouncements before the Public Prosecutor's Office, the journalist claimed to have been rescued by elements of the State Public Security Secretariat, "in a confrontation from which I escaped unharmed. Thank God I'm alive. "

The journalist narrated how a patrol realized there was unusual traffic  in the early hours of the morning, so they followed the suspect unit and after a shootout rescued him, but those responsible fled into the mountains.

"They followed him and the shooting started. I threw myself from the seat  to the floor of the car. The car was totally shot up. No bullet hit me, " said the journalist in a live broadcast from his home.

Miranda Cogco explained that his alleged captors had him bound, naked and beat him, so his neck is damaged. He also indicated that his vehicle was also affected when he was abducted, then beaten and tortured yesterday, near his home.

The journalist demanded that the authorities investigate the facts and find those responsible, stating that he has protection from the Ministry of Public Security and the governor told him this morning that he will have an escort in the cafe from where he broadcasts his program.

Note: If you use the Zeta link at top you can listen to "Marmiko" describe his ordeal on video on his FB. 

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  1. That guy is lucky his head still attached to his body. If I were him, quit being journalist. Mexican governemnt doesnt protect journalist.


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