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Friday, June 14, 2019

Attempted rescue for El Sincler fails

An attempt to rescue the prisoner known as 'El Sincler', leader of a drug trafficking group, unleashed a gun battle, when elements of the State Police carried him in a transport unit. They were attacked by the occupants of a green Expedition truck. A preliminary balance is reported of two dead assassins on Avenida 145, in Region 99, a few meters from the entrance to the prison in Cancun

The first investigations established that the unit of transfers of the Procedural Police was ambushed in that avenue, after having left the prison, around 12:20 hours this Wednesday. The elements took the accused, Raúl, alias 'El Sincler', to the General Hospital, for medical attention of a gunshot wound he received on May 29, in an attempt to execute him in Region 92, where he was arrested.

'El Sincler' faces criminal proceedings for the crime of homicide, for having caused the death of one of the alleged assassins who attacked him in Region 92. Andan for this reason remains in the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) of Cancun, from where he would have planned his rescue by the members of a drug trafficking group

The attack against the unit of transfers of the Procedural Police was committed by the occupants of three vehicles, which remained on Avenida 145, in Region 99, a few meters from the prison in Cancun, while waiting for the passage of that patrol so that they could fire at the elements.

However, the guards repelled the attack and caused the death of two of the alleged assassins, who were traveling in green Expedition truck, which ended its journey on the central ridge, like the vehicle of transfers, without the inmate's escape accomplished.

Meanwhile, a second white vehicle, used by the alleged assassins, was left a few meters away, while other alleged perpetrators were pursued with gunfire on Huayacán Avenue, when they were driving in a green Durango truck. It was also intercepted in the same place.

According to neighbors, the gun fire lasted several seconds.

Through his Twitter account, the Secretary of Public Security, Alberto Capella Ibarra, confirmed the death of two criminals and clarified that no agent was injured as a result of this shooting.

Almost simultaneous with this attack, there was a strong mobilization in Region 102, along Nichupté Avenue, for alleged persecution.

However, Alberto Capella himself clarified that there was only one confrontation and that in two subsequent events two more vehicles were found that allegedly participated in the single attack.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  from VXT


  1. They are saying it was an attempt to kill him not rescue or free him..they were trying to finish the job

  2. I would say only in Mexico but this happened in Puerto Rico a few months back. It failed there too. Dummies without training.

  3. word on the street is it was a hit not a rescue.

  4. Why would anybody try to rescue El Sincler when he killed one of his supposed kidnappers in self defense?
    --He was under arrest and being guarded in case his attackers wanted to come back and finish the job, this attack could be it.
    The fack that Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra "El Rambo de Tijuana" gits involved in one more incredible and inverosimil assault on the law and the institutions by supposably criminals trying to kidnap el Sincler to pay him back for killing their good buddy with torture and dismemberment or to rescue him from the law if they were his friends makes their shit harder and harder to believe, just think, what is doing this lord of corruption doing in Cancun after his scandals in Tijuana and Morelos at the service of his good friend the murdering kidnapping governor Graco Ramirez after Julian Leyzaola passed by Morelos too?
    El Sincler clearly killed in self defense, there is no reason he is under arrest unless there are other charges other than being one real sneaky motherfacker, Capella needs him for a lot of propaganda action like this staged number.

  5. Looks like a Durango to me but what do i know

  6. That’s a Durango not a expedition

  7. Green expedition? Looks like a green dodge durango


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