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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Uruapan: 4 Found Executed on Side of Highway, Another Man Shot in the Head

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Labalanza
Uruapan, Michoacán: 
It is confirmed that there are four found men shot and lying on the side Uruapan - Los Reyes highway, in the place known as Las Cocinas.

According to the information motorists who were traveling on the road that discovered the bodies and immediately alerted the Michoacán Police.

The agents moved to the scene and confirmed that there were indeed four bodies of men, unidentified, with traces of violence and bullet wounds, for which they cordoned off the scene of the crime for investigative purposes. Motive unknown at this time.

The personnel of the General Prosecutor's Office were entrusted with the investigations and carried out the removal of the corpses to be transferred to SEMEFO.

Also in another incident in Uruapan the corpse of an unknown man was also found with bullet wounds and handcuffed, inside a vehicle, in the vicinity of the Rincon Manantial neighborhood.

The events were recorded when residents of Avenida Revelero, noticed a Chevrolet car, Aveo type, cherry color, which was abandoned outside a party hall, in front of the kiosk, with a man inside apparently deceased, so they called the police. 

Immediately the policemen moved and when they checked the interior of the vehicle they discovered the body of an unknown man, who had his hands handcuffed and shot in the head.

The Prosecutor's Office has already initiated the investigation of the crime and ordered the transfer of the body to Semefo. Again motive unknown at this time.


  1. It might be the 4 or 5 guys the Polcia Mihcaocana and Municipal took from La Nopalera then handed them to the Viagras after CJNG took La Nopalera and the areas around it from the Viagras.

  2. Man, Uruapan has been on fire of late. That’s my hometown.

    1. I am sorry! thanks , always love the local's input.

    2. Ten bucks if you go you won't see anything bad

  3. Yes and the piso collection for aguacates reminds me of this misery every time I want guacamole.

  4. There's was another shoot out with 9 killed recently l

    1. Welcome to wild west Mexico, where you can get away with murder.


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