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Saturday, June 1, 2019

"El Brayan", Nephew of "El Pulga" Shot but Escapes Hospital

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia
"El Bryan", nephew of ''La Pulga'', an assassin of La Union Tepito tricks the police and escapes from hospital in CdMx:

The subject, after being shot, refused to be transferred to the hospital, so he resorted to other means to be taken to care  of by calling his mother who came to the scene and took him herself to the hospital; he later disappeared from the facility and appears to be on the run.

Brayan Antonio 'N', alias '' El Brayan '', 20 years old, received a bullet impact by members of '' La Unión Tepito '', and was aided by elements of the police of the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office .

However, upon the arrival of the security elements, the nephew of the assassin of La Union Tepito "El Pulga '', said he was selling cell phones in the Santa Cruz Meyehualco market .

The agents reported that they witnessed "El Bryan" being  pursued by a car and after catching up with him, armed men shot him from their vehicle, they shot him in the abdomen and when the police agents asked him if he knew why he would be shot he answered that he did not know why he was being pursued or shot.

His mother 'gave him away':

The authorities called the paramedics and reported that at first the young man refused to give his name, but when his mother arrived, she not only identified him as "El Bryan" but remarked that it was the second time in the month that he had been shot.

He said that on Sunday, May 5, he was shot inside the '' Renacimiento '' bar in the State of Mexico and the impact punctured a lung.

Although the young man received first aid in the ambulance that arrived on the scene he refused to be taken to the hospital, but he got into his mother's car to go to a medical institution with the name Rubén Leñero.

After the uniformed officers allegedly escorted them, when they asked about him later, the nurses said that he had left, that he only stayed a couple of hours and then he simply left.
Due to the photographs that they taken as evidence of the facts the officials could recognize the young person, the presumed nephew of ''El Pulga" , assassin of ''Union Tepito"  due to his matching tattoos in the hands.

"El Pulgas" was assassinated in June of 2018:
The individual has a history of robbery in 2007, 2008 and 2012, cover-up in 2011, homicide in 2013 and crimes against health in the same year.

The 44-year-old deceased also has a criminal record, because in 2009 he received a sentence of two years for the crime of using titles or documents for the payment of goods and services.


  1. Well, nobody has ever accused Mexican police of been the cleanest and sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. That guy is lucky to survive two assasination attempts

  3. Pulga means pest that is attached to you like a leach, hahahahaa ! great nombre, hombre !

  4. Mexican nickname "Pulga" usually means short and strong like a Flea.
    And they fight like devils, but ticks grab on to you and you are fack. Ticks are also called Garrapatas.


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