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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tijuana: 6 murders and human remains with narcomensaje from CDS

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from ZETA thank you Neal! [again]👏

In Tijuana, during the last hours, six people were murdered, as well as human remains were located, with one of them the criminals left a narcomensaje signed presumably by the Sinaloa Cartel.

At least six casings were packed at the crime scene of Isidoro Flores Medina, 36 years old. The events occurred around 10:00 am on Calle Allende, in Ejido Lázaro Cárdenas, on Tuesday, June 25.

In the interior of a wooden house located on Manuel Herrera street in the Del Río neighborhood, a male was shot dead.

A skull and a skeleton were located wrapped in a blue blanket on the Cochimies avenue in the Baja Maq.

In a neighborhood road between Hacienda Las Delicias and Hacienda Los Venados, a lifeless body was found in a state of decomposition

In the interior of a Honda-branded vehicle, the young Bryan Carrasco Cruz, 17, was shot several times in the thorax.

The remains of a dismembered male inside tubs and plastic bags were found on Boulevard Diaz Ordaz and Manuel Contreras in the Jardines de La Mesa neighborhood. Next to the remains was located a cartulina  with the following messageby Sol Prendido::
The purge continues for all of CTNG. For you Mario Del Varioso. For your woman shared by everyone. Wicho Niño Vegeta and all the servants you fucking faggots have. We are in charge here. Sincerely, CDS
This morning of Wednesday the 26th, a male was found with various traces of violence in Las Delicias Boulevard and Arroyo Seco in the Hacienda Las Delicias Fraccionamiento.

Then an unidentified person was killed by blows to the head, when he was inside the Salvatierra 


  1. CHIVIS......!!

    Guess who just got extradited to USA and is now living at VAL VERDE CF...... awaiting trial .....

  2. Heard Mencho is threatening CAF and El Flaco now. Tijuana is about to get ugly-er.

    1. Threatening caf is a no no especially in the California prison system and out on the streets tijauna will always be caf just the way it is

    2. That's not true, CAF is doing in-house cleaning. They told Flakito to calm down with the kidnappings but he would not listen so they are hitting his people now. El Chayan and his people have also been getting hit. The last known Intel was that CAF want to maintain a low profile and both of these guys are turning up the heat. Menos ruido y mas accion

    3. CAF are all dead or locked up, ctng/cjng are the real owners of Tijuana

  3. It's been a while since cds got some ctng/cjng

    1. 9:10 - wrong. We handle our biz all day everyday l- but we don't chop up innocent and put sign on them to scare the people como los putos Jalisco. We about our biz and they about fairy tale propoganda as u first saw in Veracruz

    2. 10:41 Not just because there was teachers in the mix doesn't mean they weren't in the business.. just look at la tuta
      If cjng was just killing innocent people they would not have taken Veracruz plaza fro Zetas/golfos

  4. Cds... thinks they are in charge just ,give it to next week in culiacan , is going to burn..

    1. Before Culican burns Michoacan,jalisco,Tj,juarez,and your mommas house will burn

    2. Hell yeah you checked the 10 day forecast too huh?

  5. Me been here Tijuana 3 months me waiting asylum USA, tijua killings everyday and night. Please border patrol hurry with papers. The smell order of dead bodies from morge, is not good.

  6. Animos Sicarios a limpiar los terrenos del Señor. La Tia Juana tiene dueño .Very soon La Barredora commandos will clean the city of la Tia Juana.

  7. Do you only thing I could say is God have mercy

  8. AMLO and others want to dismiss the murder rate in Mexico as not too bad.
    It's not just the murder rate it's the terror and fear large segments of the population have front and center in their minds every day!

  9. Only 6? Must be slow days lately. Or must be running oit of people to kill.

  10. Where are Chapo's sons ? Any news ? Are they alive or dead ?

  11. Flaco stole Menchos product now Mencho threatened him and all his goons

  12. I'm married to the son of Ramon Arellano. And nobody gives a shit.
    I'm just an adorable crazy girl.
    He's just like his damn father too.
    It stubs me how thoroughly corrupted they have things, even in California.
    They're so secure in it, two teams now have given me unprecedented permission to write for Rolling Stone.
    That's nuts.
    I'm like, "Ya'll are nuts."
    They're like, "No, you crazy."
    And now I see what they mean.
    I can tell the whole world, 100% of the truth, but no one would believe it.
    But, it's a hell of a read.
    Stay tuned.


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