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Friday, June 28, 2019

5 More Men Sentenced to 70 Years for Kidnapping

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: OrdenadorPolitico

Convicted Kidnappers: José Luis Mendoza Flores, Ernesto Velázquez Tenorio, José Ignacio Galicia Chávez, Antelmo Salvador Sánchez and Valentín Ramos Carmona

Tlalmanalco, Mexico, June 24, 2019:  A Judge of the Judicial District of Chalco handed down a sentence of 70 years in prison for five subjects, after the Agent of the Public Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's Office of East Zone Kidnappings of this General Prosecutor's Office of Justice (FGJEM) accredited his participation in the crime of kidnapping with the aggravating modification of having been committed by a group of people in aggravation of a minor of 18 years and having exercised acts of sexual violence.

The elements of evidence collected and contributed by this Social Representation were decisive for the Judicial Authority to pronounce this judgment against José Luis Mendoza Flores, Ernesto Velázquez Tenorio, José Ignacio Galicia Chávez, Antelmo Salvador Sánchez and Valentín Ramos Carmona, as it was criminally proven his participation in the kidnapping of a woman, in April of the year 2017.

The investigations carried out by personnel of this Institution allowed to establish that on April 6 of that year, these individuals were armed and deprived of liberty a woman on the federal highway Mexico-Cuautla, in the municipality of Tlalmanalco, when the victim I was in a public transport. Then the kidnappers took her to a deserted place where they kept her captive, and sexually assaulted her.

Later these individuals communicated with the relatives of the victim to whom they asked for money in exchange for releasing her. It is worth mentioning that the woman was later released.

Derived from these facts, the respective investigation folder was opened and personnel of this Institution carried out the investigations that allowed to identify the probable kidnappers, who were arrested by means of an arrest warrant that had been turned against them.

These five persons were presented before a judge, an authority that, after legal process, gave them this sentence, and set a fine of 3 thousand days of minimum wage and 20 thousand pesos to repair the material damage, in addition to their political and civil rights they were suspended.

The State Attorney General's Office calls on the citizenry to report any criminal act through the email , to the telephone number 01 800 7028770, or, through the FGJEdomex application, which It is available for free for all smartphones from the iOS and Android systems. 


  1. Where’d the Queretaro tiene plaza story go?

  2. Can we assume that these individuals were part of the previous leader who also received the same?

  3. I hope La "Senora De Wallace" gets caught for faking kidnapping and murder of her son, proven by one drop of blood from that son's stepfather found in the small bathroom "where he was dismemnered".
    Bitch has collected millions of pesos for her "Alto al Secuestro" fackery.

  4. 3000 days of minimum wage comes out to $1,042...centavos, that is...

  5. Kidnapping and rape- 70 years without parole (does Mexico have that?). Sounds about right to me!


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