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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Los Zetas interrogate a halcon of CDG

In a video just released on social networks an alleged halcon of the Columna Armada Pedro J. Mendez can be seen, belonging to Cartel del Golfo in Hidalgo, Tamaulipas. He was captured by alleged members of Los Zetas. They kidnap and interrogate him.
Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Tell me, what’s your name?
Detainee: Elvin Galvan Saucedo. 
Sicario #1: What do you in San Carlos?
Detainee: I give information by phone. 
Sicario #1: Who do you give information to by phone?
Detainee: To Chuy Dueñas. 
Sicario #1: To Chuy Dueñas? And who does Chuy Dueñas give that information to?
Detainee: To Eloy Flores. 
Sicario #1: To Eloy Flores? And who are the ones in charge in Casa San Carlos fucker?
Detainee: Jorge LaFuente and Dolores Perez Quintania. 
Sicario #1: And who are the others?
Detainee: La Rabia and all the region up to Barranco Azul...
Sicario #1: What about Patricio Melendez El Pato (The Duck)?
Detainee: ...and Paula Uriel. 
Sicario #1: What about El Pato?
Detainee: El Pato...sells gasoline and he’s on standby until I call him by phone. 
Sicario #1: Well then, why the fuck didn’t he come out when I came by to pick you the fuck up?
Sicario #2: Who were the ones shooting inside the house fool?
Detainee: I don’t know where they could be...
Sicario #1: The ones shooting inside the house, who were they?
Detainee: Boss, they had me face down on the seat. But it’s more or less where you stopped. 
Sicario #1: Right there where the blade is at dude?
Sicario #2: Who else gives you support fucker?
Sicario #1: Who else gives you support?
Sicario #2: Who supports you?
Sicario #1: Do the people of Matamoros support you or what?
Detainee: I don’t know boss. 
Sicario #1: Are the people of Victoria supporting you or what?
Detainee: I wouldn’t know that either boss. I just do everything by phone.  
Sicario #1: With Chuy Dueñas?
Detainee: With Chuy Dueñas. He passes the reports on to another person in Hidalgo. 
Sicario #1: In Hidalgo?
Detainee: Yes. 
Sicario #2: How many people did you give to Carlos fool?
Detainee: There’s only like 2 or 3. 
Sicario #2: Men only or vehicles?

- Sol Prendido Borderland Beat- from VXT


  1. Video is safe for everyone to see. No murder. - Sol Prendido

    1. Thanks again hermano dont slo yo roll Sol its much appreciated,fuck the haters,you doing a great job..

  2. Don't want to see de video, just tell me does he get his head cut off?

  3. Video is safe for everyone to see. No murder. - Sol Prendido

    1. The guy are alive and say hello to all of you borderland beat readers!

    2. 9:52 it would be safe even if there was a murder, but how are these pinches zetas going to become millionaires facking around one poor maruchanero like this? Surely there will be other secret Halcones like him left and right with worser designers' t-shirts.

    3. Do we know what his fate was

    4. He back on the calles selling churros nothing to worry bout here churros churros 1 por 10 pesos

    5. hey gave him a bottle of water, some money for the bus, a new shirt, provided him with a job referral and sent him on his way to a better life. Cuz THAT is what Mexicans do for each other.

    6. His fate wasget head cut off

  4. Zetas are expanding big in 2019

    1. Nah they just never seem to be gone for long something like cacaroaches

    2. Cdn is trying to expand.

  5. It's the Pedro J Mendez Columna Armada in Hidalgo Tamps, not the state of Hidalgo. The Columna Armada Pedro J Mendez is a fake autodefensa created by the CDG cells in Hidalgo, Villagran, and Mainero municipalities of Tamps. This fake autodefensa was created to keep state and federal authorities out of the region. The leaders of the Columna Armada Pedro J Mendez are Cesario Leal Perales, his son Octavio Leal Moncada (who has appeared in high society magazines attending events in Tampico), and their lieutenant Eloy Flores. Tamps state authorities are scared shitless of this little fake autodefensa group because the Leal family controls everything in the Hidalgo municipality; mayor's office, public security secretariat, even the potable water distribution system. Eloy Flores was arrested a few years back, but the Leal family forced the entire municipality of Hidalgo to riot and demand his release--and of course, Flores was let go.

    1. 255
      Excellent post dude thats what we need on BB more like this,thanks man

    2. Great info 2:55. Things make more sense when we start to connect the dots. Most poeples comments are limited to bashing or cheerleading.

  6. Cdg ad Zetas war will never end.. They are both a fragment of what they used to be in their prime... bunch of losers

  7. Live by the sword... So be it, the crimes committed by the halcon signed his fate.
    Seriosly though I would let him go. He snitched out his entire cell.
    What his boss and higher bosses would do to him would be far worse than a bullet to the skull.
    He would be running scared forever and rightfully so.

  8. so these are zve?

  9. Didn't even knew Golf cartel is still around, I thought they were done.

  10. ummm the video is down... anybody got another link?? or could the article be updated plz?

  11. maybe for giving info if he was lucky he was simply shot in the head. Doubt it though they probably turned him into chopsuey.

  12. 0 they cut his head off and put it with a message next day.


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