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Thursday, June 13, 2019

4 bagged bodies found in San Matías Tlalancaleca, Puebla

Well, in less than twelve hours the bodies of four men were found dismembered in black bags, in the municipality of San Matías Tlalancaleca.

This morning, around 00:45 hours, in the access to the auxiliary board San Francisco Tlaloc, the first two were located, so municipal police were mobilized.

The uniformed police indicated that they were inside plastic bags and dismembered which is the reason why they cordoned off the zone with police tape.

In addition, they noted that there was a manta with a message mentioning three individuals allegedly related to the theft of fuel in the region.

The ministerial authorities moved the bags with the human remains of the two victims, who have not yet been identified, to the amphitheater for their study.

Around 09:10, about 500 meters from the first finding, in some baseball fields, the dismembered bodies of two other men inside bags were also found. At this time, municipal police are guarding the area while experts from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) conduct investigations.

The authorities indicated that both cases would be related and that the motive would be an adjustment of accounts between gangs of alleged huachicoleros.

Manta reads as follows:
This will happen to all those who are working for El Diego, Guayabas, and El Caballo. 

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. They get chopped up for stealing fuel, what happens to me if I steal a candy bar?

    1. @9:06 --- For stealing a candy bar? Nothing will happen to you. Go ahead, do it. Just do it.
      Have a friend post us here how things turned out.

  2. El bukanas of los zetas has always controlled the fuel theft in Puebla and Veracruz he’s been at large for 12+years now this is zetas taking out competition

  3. States with the most Huachicolero are said to have about 3 000 outlets Puebla State has about 6 000 all by itself, left orphaned by former governor Rafael "la Pantera Rosa" Moreno Valle who stole the last election for governor for his wife while he became a federal senator to stick it to his accusers and keep stealing HIS HUACHICOL on top of stealing millions and millions of dollars in "loans" to the state and public works.
    Luckily he and his wife got killed when their helicopter exploded and got burned with them inside, beyond recognition, it had 5 passengers but only three were found, because Moreno Valle and wife faked their deaths, and escaped to only God knows where, due to investigations and hat could land them in prison.
    --But Huachicoleros never had a problem in Puebla de los Angeles, PEMEX may be at war with them and their competitors. Nobody knows what happened to Moreno Valle millions and millions of dollars but the state is heavily in debt.

  4. These guys steal fuel sell it cheap the only reason the authorities r crying is cuz there doing to them what they have been doing to the Mexican people for decades robbing them blind

  5. What's up with the bugs bunny drawing on the bottom of the manta

  6. Companies who make plastic bags and coolers stock should off the roof in Mexico.


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