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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Veracruz: Clandestine graves with up to 40 cadavers in Coatzacoalcos

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from BlogExpedienteMx

They ask the authorities and the collective search and rescue groups to investigate in specific areas within the southern Veracruz prison

There are victims of kidnapping, merchants, lawyers and those who did not want to pay extortionists

Up to 40 corpses buried clandestinely could be under various buildings within the Center for Social Readaptation (CE.RE.SO.) of Coatzacoalcos, according to an anonymous map that was accessed.

The map is accompanied by a letter, which indicates that there are 40 bodies of citizens of Coatzacoalcos who could be buried there and that they belong to people who were kidnapped.

The document points to an organized crime cartel to have perpetrated these acts between 2010 and 2018.

The document says that authorities and groups of mothers in search of their missing children, should check the area that is located next to the laundry, in the green area, near the field, the church and the nursing area. Among the victims are those who did not want to pay extortion, potential rescues as well as lawyers who have disappeared.

During the years of the government of Javier Duarte de Ochoa and Fidel Herrera, in the Coatzacoalcos prison, the self-government imposed by the dominant group at that time, Los Zetas, persisted.

In September 2015, a young man from the rural area of Coatzacoalcos, who went to prison for administrative offenses, reported that a resolute group took him to a chicken coop, where he was given 37 lashes for not paying 15 thousand pesos. The 15 thousand pesos were the fee for refusing to do house chores inside the prison. That is, the labor which they are required to do for the maintenance of common areas and green areas, and which become strenuous, under the sun.

"I had an altercation with a man at the ranch, immediately the police arrived and they took me directly to the CE.RE.SO., without going through the policía preventiva or anything like that. Once inside they took me to a chicken coop where they kicked and punched me in the neck; according to them I was arrested for death threats, "said the young man, under anonymity, at a press conference in Coatzacoalcos park, which reproduced most of the media.

One of the points indicated on the map in question, precisely, is a place known as La Gallera, and other areas where even in recent years buildings were built where there are some shops.

On several occasions, the search groups of missing persons have entered the prison. However, prisoners are afraid to recount the numerous stories that are told in the corridors of CE.RE.SO. and it is known that they have not given enough information to locate victims.

In 2016, on the eve of May 10, mothers of the Solecito de Veracruz collective received a map of how to get to Colinas de Santa Fe, in Puerto Jarocho.

After having made several unsuccessful searches, the mothers found what until now is the largest clandestine grave in America, with almost 300 bodies, of which very few have been identified.

Currently, there is the Comisión Nacional de Búsqueda, headed by Karla Quintana. Who on one of her last visits to the south of the state, said that they have numerous anonymous reports of people who are putting holes where there are graves, and did not rule out that in the south more large burial graves appear.

In June 2014, several citizens of Oteapan and Chianameca were kidnapped by personnel of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública. That at that time was operated by the “Duartista” Arturo Bermúdez, today under investigation for such crimes.

Various testimonies given by the survivors indicate that these people were illegally held in the CE.RE.SO. of Coatzacoalcos or close to it, under the custody of personnel of the SSP.

To date, Felipe Martínez Martínez and his wife, Guillermina Pérez, are still missing as well as Otoniel Morales Martínez and Víctor Manuel Antonio Morales. In this case, it is indicated, there are already several elements of the SSP that are being held for forced disappearance.


  1. 300 bodies in a clandestine mass grave is A LOT.
    Then you have the 2 000 mass grave in Culombia at La Macarena, full of "Falsos Positivos" Alvaro Uribe Velez claims were guerrillas and narcos supposedly fallen in combat against the spurious government of "El Uberrimo"...
    Javier Duarte de Ochoa alias "La Ballena Marrana" may be enjoying his arrest eating good beef from Japan and fine French liquors while his wife divorces his ass and hides somewhere in Europe enjoying the impunity with EPN and Salinas de Gortari, I hope interpol is after their motherfacking arses, but Veracruz AG Jorge Winckler will not prosecute shit unless the bad guys confess, will have to be little pawns with protection denouncing the pollos gordos at the top. But take jorge winckler out of the game.

  2. Governor Cuitlahuac Garcia needs to set up his own Governors' comision de la verdad composed of disappeared people's families with authority to investigate or the AG winckler will keep eating his lunch on his face.

  3. Zetas control 80% + of Veracruz cjng has tried and failed for 8 years to take it from them

    1. Do you know how many Nazis controlled the Germans and all of Germany and their conquered lands and people?
      They terrorized and got to the weapons to climb to the top of the toopermost, witness history being made in the US...nkw being led by another crazy Loco. Same way Veracruz got dominated.
      The Tamaulipas, Veracruz, San Luis Potosi, and Hidalgo State Zeta governors, allied wit Coahuila and Nuevo Leon once had the temerity of wanting to have their own military zone with their own military... The real Mexican military got on the way and stole the politicians cake, not to save Mexico, but to make themselves rich and that is the problem. Behind the melitary comes foreign investors to rape and pillage to make it worth their while, but slowly, nobody wants to see all the Mexicans running to the US because "Congress will only give One dollar ($1.00) for the Wall"

  4. Extorting their own race, no one to protect them. And getting kids killed for not giving.

  5. Coatza is the Zzz capital of Mexico

  6. A Newsweek article on the proposed decriminalization of all drugs by AMLO sounds like the only solution to curb the violence transpiring in Mexico.
    Advocates for this indicate responsibility should be towards a health issue. Since the costly efforts by governments has failed.

    Despite my intuition of Mexico's legal transition to legalize drugs prior to AMLOS presidential win. Signs were there to presume his intentions. The demand for drugs continues to grow with no end in site.
    Question remains if the US will follow? Approaching this epidemic as a health issue rather than criminal may be the best solution for those who require treatment.
    My wife stipulated this best by suggesting to tax the drugs for treatment services.
    After all she is a nurse with knowledge of this epidemic afflicting many. Where hospitals are forbidden to administer certain drugs for treatment due to liabilities and insurance interventions (PROFITS).



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