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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Extortion now afflicts travel agencies in Veracruz

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Proceso

Bars, discotheques, pubs, businessmen, construction companies, transport enterprises, cattle ranchers and now even the travel agencies in Veracruz are victims of the "floor charge" or "fee" at the hands of organized crime.

Ideana Gómez Ortiz, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies in Xalapa denounced that 50 percent of her union members have been victims of "extortion" by groups of organized crime, a situation that has worsened in the last 15 days.

Gómez was mum on the name of the criminal organization that has been extorting its members, only emphasizing that several of them have already lodged complaints with the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

When launching a call for help to the state government and to the FGE itself, he argued that the "fee collection" requested by criminal organizations ranges from 30,000 pesos to 100,000 pesos a month.

In some businesses, people have already shown up to make the payment. In other cases they have started to leave threats. "

Even, he said, dirty money, like brothels have been victims of these charges.

On April 25, a group of assassins broke into the business establishment of massage-bar "Seduction" in the busy Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood in Xalapa and shot the person in charge of the place. They put her on her knees and shot her in one of the rooms, before leaving the place, they threatened the sex workers that this situation would continue if they did not pay the fee.

In November 2018, an organized crime cell rampaged a massage house in the Rafael Lucio neighborhood on the outskirts of Xalapa. There a woman was injured after being shot. The attack was preceded by telephone extortion from organized crime.


  1. How does one live while ones efforts to make it are taken?

    Guess its towards all those so-called complimentary dinners handed out by cartels.

  2. Nothing can be done, mexico is a failed state. The extortion is probably sanctioned by the government anyways..

  3. A tax imposed by gangs like government. What's all the fuss about? Pretty sure Mexico's tax rate isn't increasing regularly compared to US tax increases? Where inflation rates are felt at the pumps or grocery stores unexpectedly.
    Think of it as a government tax rate that is long overdue.

  4. When a states attorney presides over crime like jorge winckler and the former commissioner of the SSP Veracruz state has been released to pursue some justice for himself that suits his taste for ransom money in dollars to buy homes in expensive US, Arturo bermudez Zurita, and their friends have been left without income, SHIT was Supposed to happen.

    1. Jorge Winckler was put in his job to clean up the marranero left behind by 2 year governor Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, 2 years were not enough, chingadamadre, "chingue su madre el que deje algo"?
      2 years were not enough to grab anything. Now Winkler is heating it up for Cuitlahuac Garcia. But the PGR is investigando his caca.

  5. Wow MEXICO is being extorted in many ways, the cartels and the government are together is milking it's citizens. Pure inpunity at it's finest.

    1. 6:45 the cartels are not being financed by the US at 3 or more billion dollars a year, like the Mexican army and marinas and polesias in charge of this "war on drugs" going now on 12 years and 36 billion dollars.

  6. In Lazaro Cardenas I hid behind a door opened to "greet" two scumbags who extorted a friend.

    "This is a dangerous neighborhood" one said. "And for just a few pesos we can make it safer for you and your beautiful family" Eduardo has three daughters. The toxic scum continued his monologue. It basically amounted to paying eighty dollars a month piso. Just about what Eduardo's eight machine internet cafe was making.

    Shortly thereafter the Aguilar family crossed into the EUA through Texas and are now in the state of Washington.

    The government of the EUA is too stupid to put 2+2 together and see how the cartels are frightening hundreds of thousands of innocent Mexicanos into becoming indocumentos.

    I have nothing but contempt for such ignorance.

    1. 10:56 blame the Lobbyists that talk $$$heyet to fill the ears of the American politicians with the most stinkin' BS to go talk to their constituents about the good side of liberating their targets or the benefits becoming Russian Puppets.

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble on what American politicians are not willing to do for Mexico.
      These issues like many countries who are experiencing with turmoil are internal issues. The immigration crisis is being seen globally.
      Whether from political / religious persecution, climate change or other. Nations worldwide can only sustain so much before it also is faced with a crisis.
      Recommendations can only be given; where actions of doing so are another.

      The American people have burden themselves for many countries far too long. With little to no avail for success. Iraq's transparencies are the perfect example of such.
      Responsibility lies with their elected officials and government agencies to ensure transparency and accountability.

      Case closed

  7. Some countries are just behind....

  8. Hahahaha, but over here you see the Chicanos that have never stepped a foot in Mexico flying a Mexico flag in their vehicles lol

    1. 7:40 yeep, they fly machetes and guns too, the Pancho Villa MC.
      But there are many others, like Cholos in their bicicletas without a seat, they are evil too, and they are US Citizens.


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