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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Undesirable Criminals

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from La Polaka

Much has been written about the direct harmful effects produced by the activity of organized crime groups, in the communities where they operate, but these can reach levels of real emergency because they go beyond the mere scope of public safety.

High levels of insecurity, restriction of ordinary activity, closure of businesses and cancellation of jobs, impact of economic activity in general, are just some of those negative, harmful effects generated by organized crime when its presence and activity exceed the capacity of the authorities responsible for combating it.

But there are other equally damaging effects that are seldom noticed. The operation of health services, for example. Recently, various media of national circulation announced the news that, in Salamanca, Guanajuato, the Red Cross announced the suspension of its services, due to insecurity.

According to the notes published in national media, the announcement was made after Saturday, August 13, an ambulance was detained by armed individuals to take a wounded man, informed the honorable institution last Sunday. A statement from the headquarters of the Red Cross of Salamanca warns that it "closes its doors until further notice" for security reasons, and asks for understanding to the public.

This is very serious.

But those who live on the border have already seen this horror movie. During the black period of insecurity in our city (2008-2012), the temporary, partial or definitive closure of hospitals was practically every day, either because its facilities were saturated and medical personnel were insufficient, or because of the latent threat that represented hospitalized people assaulted by gunfire in our streets. We have already lived it.

Here the obligatory question and reflection must be: How will society continue to allow crime to hijack our daily lives?  That overpowers our spaces, times and activities?

Yes, the authorities have the important task of containing the ravages of organized crime, but to us as citizens, as a society we also share the task of not allowing other citizens, other Juarenses, sometimes family or close friends, to dedicate themselves to this activity, very lucrative for them, but extremely harmful for the rest of society.

Those who today are dedicated to breaking the law and causing severe riots by producing or trafficking drugs, extorting merchants, stealing cars, homes or businesses, do not come from Mars, or were born spontaneously.

They are people who emerge from this society, who have been, were and are embedded among us, are citizens of this community who have decided to put themselves on the other side of the Law.

Our social responsibility is important. We demand that the authorities carry out their work, but we must also do the part that corresponds to us.

Let's educate our children well, build citizens of good, with values and away from crime, and not let others steal our peace, sleep and life


  1. Everything begins from home; values,respect and the importance of education. Something I strongly have stipulated here many times.
    I can't dispute that turning a blind eye to those family members or acquaintances is the issue. Despite the stern objections and suggestive references, transparency of the harmful effects are often met with social economic issues one faces.

    It's clearly evident that communities and societies have a degree of responsibility as to the circumstances of their environment, (in part due with those chosen elected officials by its citizens).

    Lo que Mexico nessessita es una Buena limpesa y no poemas para resolve sus problemas.

    Nice article Sol.


    1. Apologies for the incorrect misspelling of resolver. Always writing on the fly on my phone.

      Again your contributions are well noted and appreciated.

    2. I’m also a bad speller myself E42. It’s good to hear from you bro.
      - Sol Prendido

    3. You've hit the nail on the head my friend. Change must come from the people. Mexico needs to do whatever is necessary to extract the Narco culture from their country. There will be consequences. There will be resistance. There will be casualties and sacrifices. But, I see no other way. It will take 2 full generations to fully change said culture, but if they don't soon, they may never rise above this. Nice post Sol....I appreciate your input, and translations. Saludos to mi Amigos Sol, and E42

    4. It looks like you write with the back of your pants,
      not with your fly, other than it's OK.

    5. You must be the change you want to see in the world - Ghandi

    6. Unfortunately, many here try and defuse their parental responsibilities when it comes to upbringing. A mother's and father's duties never sleep. Vigilance and guidance will always be an important role for a good family.
      I am proud to say my 20 year old has never given me any issues. Whether in school or in society. Followed by his intense medical career at a university.
      This supporting role in life are exemplified by our (mom,dad) continuous dedication of hard work and values.

      No disrespect to those who have no supportive parents in their life. Rather, to those unfortunate circumstance of having one. A harder task but attainable to better oneself.

      Saludos Granderojo


    7. 3:12 ghandi is famous for his peaceful wars of resistance, but in secret he would sleep with young underaged brides to keep warm at night, some imply he molested them but he said "I din' 'ave sensual lelations wid, those wild wimin', swer"

  2. The Mexican government has all the power, organization, uniforms, weapons, budget, accomplices, sponsors, manpower... All free lancers are considered fools and adventurers, even by those they intend to save because they have learned their lessons,
    "When you become a Redeemer you will get Crucified"
    Men in uniform tend to feel like they have magic powers and exclusive rights that are never well compensated, then they try to get theirs on their own.
    Society has to humor the well meaning idiocies of those that accuse it for the moral and professional deficiencies of a governing class that gets bought or owns the situation and sends their henchmen to screw it all for everybody else, in the case of Mexico, subsidized with about 36 billion dollars in weapons and mercenaries that have carried on with the fraud called War on Drugs that keeps people at home unable to protest or do anything else to get better results, safety jobs, education, security, accountability, because that would be communist and all those jobs are government area, recognized by the owners of the war ON drugs. Shit rolls downhill, along with BS and Bad results and false prophets prepared by the pharisee and the philistines.
    It is not society, or the parents, it is the government and their foreign sponsors and enablers for profit.
    Work on it mis queridos wannabes.


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