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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Jalisco: 18 kidnapped people found in Guadalajara and 4 dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Informador

Victims found in different farms in Tlajomulco and Guadalajara

Twelve of the people were located in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga Elements of the Tlajomulco and Guadalajara Police, in coordination with the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), found 18 people deprived of their liberty and four dead on different farms, in the aforementioned municipalities.

According to authorities, in the municipality of Guadalajara nine people were freed who were being held in the Los Periodistas neighborhood, when  one person managed to escape, reporting where the other men were located.

In the case of the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, the rescue of eight people alive was reported, five of them were men and three women; four more were found deseased.

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The people were on a farm in the streets of Piña and Mandarina in the San Sebastián El Grande delegation.

The rescue was possible due to a report via 911 where they reported  people attacked by a knife.

In addition, this morning a man of French origin was located,  who had been abducted  in the municipality of Zapopan. Authorities reported that the subject was in good health with only minor injuries.


  1. And to think It all started innocently,
    smoking Mexican weed with branches and semillas and aspirinas.

  2. Is it true zetas are pushing into Jalisco again

    1. Nope Sinaloa’s and cholos people work together against cjng..

    2. Zetas and golfos to the northeast, CDS never left Guadalajara so them and Plaza Nueva have pretty much pushed out cjng out of GDL. Cjng only has control of the southeast region close to michoacan and colima. Nayarit is also has been lost by cjng. Don’t trip bro zetas and cds will be fighting over mensos and his band of tweakers botin de guerra.

  3. NEVER ENDING war for control, golfos/Zetas cds and cjng will be at it until the government of Mexico really MAKES A WAR ON DRUGS.. way to many Mexicans getting killed over nonsense and it won't stop because there is no future in Mexico if you have no money.. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.. it doesn't matter what cartel takes over they are the same garbage


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