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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tabasco: 2 executed by La Barredora in La Guayra

Tabasco.- Two subjects were found executed today with an intimidating narco message, in the Ranchería Río Viejo Sector la Guayra of the Municipio del Centro, in Villahermosa Tabasco.

The discovery was made by the inhabitants of the area, who gave the notice to the corresponding authorities, the elements of the Ministry of Public Safety and Citizen Protection, the first to take jurisdiction of the events by cordoning off the crime scene.

Both subjects were located on a dirt road, with one shot to their heads, tied by their hands and left with a threatening manta that said: This happened to me for stealing from the working people, combis, students, and merchants. Those from El Centro are next. Sincerely, La Barredora.

Later it was the Agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office from the State Attorney General's Office, who attested to the removal of the corpses, which then transferred the bodies of the deceased to the facilities of the Forence Medical Service of said dependency, where the corresponding preliminary investigation was initiated.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. Just kids. Delinquents, maybe but unless they are known killers everyone deserves a chance to grow up and change.
    I believe these cartel capos don't operate within the boundaries of civility.
    Just mass spree killers.
    Mexico may be home to the highest percentage of serial killers on the planet.
    What say you Mr AMLO?

    1. 7:09 Mr AMLO is the President of the Republic
      not the queen of the lavaderos,
      You should know that the Executive is not in charge of solving or preventing or investigating crimes, that is a police job and the judiciary's, but he can help to move things along, as one more option, we had about 7 murders and many shootings in Chicago this weekend, but nobody would thing of accusing the Oringe Agent of it or of demanding he solves, investigates or solves the crimes.
      What say yu?

    2. The US is nothing like Mexico. Its ouf of control lawlessness in Mexico. Peoole like you tryig to compare the two like its even close is pathetic.

    3. I agree... its out of control in Mexico. There is no justice. Its total lawlessness. Worse in Mexico than it is in Syria. Think about that... its a REAL WARZONE IN SYRIA. Like an actual war was being fought and MEXICO IS WORSE!!! Wake up people!!!

    4. 7:57 -- The U.S. President upon seeing this senselessness would condemn it publicly and would order the Justice Department to enter the zone to help establish why local law enforcement won't do its job.
      You cannot compare the two countries. Chicago, 3 mil inhabitants, Villahermosa, Tabasco Mexico a few hundred.
      Lawlessness is endemic because in part the top of the Mexico government refuses to point resources to the heart of the cancer.
      The cartels know this.

    5. Mexico has refused funds for anymore war ON drugs, tenquiu.
      Mexico will try to make do with what they can. No more orders from the US. No more mercenaries either.

  2. Poor kids, they needed to kill anyone on the street, in order to put the manta on them. Did not claims which cartel it is.

    1. La Barredora kills the kids and leaves the cartulina.
      But they could have delivered their victims with confessions taped and videos to Mexican prostiturers and not just go around murdering young criminal wannabes. There is no death penalty in Mexico, and for some criminal to make himself judge and jury and executioner, that is fucked up as can be.

    2. The irony is that there is a death penalty all throughout Mexico, just extralegal and without any due process.

    3. 709 and 800 like you said the cartels have been playing judge, jury but how would they feel, if the autodefensas grew in numbers and started being, the judge, jury and kill the criminals, since the police and government, can't satisfy safety. They think thier bad azz, when together.

    4. 11:41 the government's chosen are behind all the crime in Mexico, they are the military and polesia estatal y judicial that come under guise of keeping order but thrive on disorder, they kick the municipales out of their jobs, they are demanding extortionists that murder for no reason, not having money to pay protection is some big reason to get killed like a worthless POS.
      WHY ARREST AND DO PAPER WORK if the guys Don't even have calzones

    5. In Brazil the polesias were killing homeless kids by the hundreds until they got caught and denounced on international forums for the genocide.


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