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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cancun: The arrest of El Pipo

Mica for Borderland Beat from Quintana Roo Hoy

CANCUN. In a joint operation between the three levels of government was able to arrest Óscar Alejandro Rivero Matos, alias "El Pipo", currently a member of the CJNG, who previously led the Cancun Cartel.

"El Pipo", according to unofficial versions, at the time of his capture he was in a  Tahoe truck with plates of circulation of the state of Yucatan with plastic bags that contained drugs inside.

This operation involved agents of the Ministerial Police of the State Attorney General, the State Police and the Secretary of the Navy, who intercepted the dangerous criminal and then arrested him, although it is said that there was no confrontation between the authority and the criminal, so that there were no injuries or deaths.

In November 2015, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) reported the capture of Óscar Alejandro Rivero Matos "Pipo and or  Uno", alleged leader of the self-described Cancun Cartel, along with two other people, one of them municipal police .

In a statement, on that date, the agency added that the Office of Narco-trafficking Assistance began the preliminary investigation 411/2015, for crimes against health, in its modality of sale of narcotics, while for the possession of weapons, it was He gave a hearing to the Attorney General's Office (PGR).
The three people were apprehended during  patrol and investigation operations by agents of the police corporation, when they were traveling on Luis Donaldo Colosio boulevard, at the entrance of the Alfredo V. Bonfil delegation.

The subjects were traveling in a Ford vehicle, type Ka, blue, with USU-877-B circulation plates from Q. Roo.

And from 2015:

CANCUN, MX.- The Fourth Criminal Court issued a formal prison sentence against Oscar Alejandro Rivero Matos (a) "Pipo" and / or "Uno", leader of the self-described "Cartel de Cancún", Ángel Eliseo Sosa Luna and the former municipal policeman, Juan Bernardo Franco Franco.

The judge found sufficient elements to keep the three subjects behind bars, for crimes against health in their possession of drugs for sale, a serious crime for which they would not be entitled to bail.

That is why they could go from five to eight years in prison only for this crime, but in the case of Rivero Matos still lacks crimes, because when you turn the arrest warrant for homicide will be greatly aggravated.

It was around five o'clock in the afternoon of this Thursday, when the constitutional term expired, that the Fourth Criminal Court judge notified Oscar Alejandro Rivero Matos (a) "Pipo" and / or "Uno", leader of the self-styled "Cartel de Cancún ", Ángel Eliseo Sosa Luna and the former municipal police officer, Juan Bernardo Franco Franco, about the formal arrest warrant against him.

The provisor also notified them that based on the Penal Code the crime for which they are accused is stipulated as serious and they were not entitled to be released on bail, which is why they will be judged in prison and in the next months they will be sentenced .

The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) reported that in the case of Rivero Matos (a) "El Pipo" and / or "Uno", they are still waiting for the arrest warrant against them to be released for the crime of homicide in tort of Ezequiel González Martínez.

On November 25, the three people were arrested in patrol and investigation operations by agents of the police corporation, when they circulated on Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio, at the entrance of the delegation of Alfredo V. Bonfil, it was detected They were traveling in a Ford vehicle, type Ka, blue, with USU-877-B license plates from the state of Quintana Roo.

They were identified as: Oscar Alejandro Rivero Matos (a) "Pipo" or "Uno", 29 years old, originally from Valladolid, Yucatan, of occupation selling drugs for his group called Cartel de Cancún.

Ángel Eliseo Sosa Luna, 22 years old, originally from Cancún, Quintana Roo, of occupation selling drugs for his group called Cartel de Cancún.

Juan Bernardo Franco Franco, 29 years old, originally from Villa Guerrero, State of Mexico, of police occupation of Municipal Public Security.

The three men were assured two short firearms, a 9-millimeter caliber and a .38 "caliber and more than 130 plastic bags with green and dry plant material, with the characteristics of marijuana. (Source: Por Esto! De Quintana Roo )


  1. Was it mariguana en Grena or bricks, sin semilla or the cheap kind with branches and rocks like real oregano
    I hope he sells his customer list,
    I want to move to Cancun.
    -Sol Prendido

    1. Why dont you then? Your part of the problem.

  2. Mayo has been having Menchos plaza
    jefes picked up one by one. When you need to know whos in charge in Mexico just look at the facts. CDS plaza bosses remain untouched and CJNG bosses are dropping like flies.

    1. Estas pendejo idiota!

    2. Mayo if still alive sits in a wheel chair like uncle hector from Breaking Bad echandose pedos todo cagado. Dejate de hablar pendejadas

    3. 10:17 all the big cds are done, do you even read bro?

  3. That girl in pic looks like shes been eating oatmeal and is from oklahoma, or lol all my x live in texas

    1. I thought the same thing lol

  4. So El Pipo took over Cartel de Cancun from Doña Lety and then aligned all of Doña Lety’s people with CJNG. Are Los Pelones in Cancun still aligned with CDG?

  5. El Pipo will back home with that blond in no time... he was only cleaning the beaches and picking up the sargassum seaweed so the tourists can enjoy themselves... dos pistolas y seaweeds...the pipe is just the nickname the blond gave him...jajaja

    1. You just reminded me of seeing that in Cancun, guys collecting sea weed, I remember thinking what the hell are these guys doing that for.

    2. Callese guey, people say the sargasso problem was caused by the CIA to send a message to AMLO for not supporting the overthrow of Maduro, AND I BELIEVE THAT. specially with Big Mama Pompeo and La Gallina Bigotona Bolton in charge of the Plastic Banana Guerrilla Band of Sisters de Guaido

    3. What would you expect from BLONDE AMBITIONS!
      A gold digger like many. Enjoying the limelight while it lasts before moving on to the next!


    4. Hugo Chávez screws Venezuela up and Maduro will do the same...
      People say the world is flat and Russia and China want Venezuela to think that is ...
      And people say cia controlo the Caribbean Sea seaweed..??? People say... what todopoderosa people say this??

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