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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Michoacan: CJNG Narco message with dismembered body left in Morelia, the state capital

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat PrimeraPlana  Thank You Tu Fren

he dismembered body of a person in plastic bags was abandoned with a cartulina signed by a criminal group from Jalisco, in the streets of the Lomas de Santiaguito neighborhood.

The body of the dismembered person was located this morning north of the Michoacán capital, a few steps from the Peripheral Paseo de la República.  Morelia returns to a situation of territory warring between criminal groups.

The dismembered body in plastic bags was thrown in the streets Raza Yaqui corner with Raza Azteca of the aforementioned colony and were neighbors who alerted the police. The human body had on top a piece of cardboard with a narcomensaje written by the criminal group.

Staff of the State Prosecutor's Office arrived at the place and started the investigation case and transferred the human remains to the forensic medical service.

So far the victim is unidentified and there are already six bodies dismembered and thrown in the streets of this capital and in the neighboring municipality of Tarímbaro.

Remember that last Tuesday also in the early morning were located on San José del Cerrito Avenue two bodies dismembered in plastic bags. Also in the colony El Realito a third corpse appeared in the same conditions.

While in the main street of the municipality of Tarímbaro appeared two other bodies, dismembered,  with a cardboard that revealed that they were all victims of the Jalisco criminal group.


  1. CJNG is composed of psychopathic meth addicts.

  2. And those NUT HUGGERS will be taking a stand shortly. Claiming responsibility and TOOTING THEIR HORNS.

  3. CJNG se deslinda de estas muertes. todo es un complo de Silbando Auriola Conejas para asustar a los ciudadanos y seguir robando el estado con sus complices.

  4. Would this have been a response to the “Carteles Unidos” mantas in Zamora?


  5. Gente Nueva Special Forces will be taken over Michiocan very soon. We have a special task force made up of our most experienced operators. We have a special assasin working with us who goes by the code name of "Juan Nieve " and an ex KGB female who use to train with Komodo dragons and develoved a new fighting hand to hand technique
    Two of Los Demonios A-Team will be arriving in speedboats via the port of Lázaro Cárdenas.

  6. Not related... BB what do yall think of breitbart??? Serious question.

  7. I love mexheeeko mexico keep up the good work guys your doing your country proud with your reputation

    1. Just like you're doing your momma's basement proud, too.


    2. 1:21 I see you coming in your calzones with the anticipation,
      --but sorry to disabuse you of your mispreconceptions, meeheko did not participate in this crime done by US trained sicarios or their disciples doing business in Mexico since the 60s...

    3. Overdoses are at all time high gringo. First world drug addicts throwing their life away making Mexican cartels richer. There's another side of the coin your forgetting to mention.

    4. that is a VERY general statement. The truth is OD deaths are way down. they attribute it to narcan use now commonly carried in 2018 and present

      the gov stats are not reliable because they place street drugs and RX in the same category. this is problematic for those truly warranting pain meds

    5. 9:06 Mexican Pharma did not pay US senators and congressmen Ore than 10 million dollars to approve their opioid stocks for insurance and government payments.
      Columbia Health Care had to pay back to the US government more than 2 billion dollars they got Trough fraud, same fraud perpetrated in New Jersey by the Red Mafiya that replaced the Italian mobsters Rudi Giuliani exterminated, also defruaded Medicare for more than 2 billion dollars.
      They are always saying Medicare is going broke while inventing new frauds to it
      Purdue Pharma paid about 250 million dollars recently for their frauds in only one state and The sackler family is declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying their victims, but will never return the billions of dollars they got for their trickstery.
      No Mexican narcos have been shaken down like this yet.

  8. Getting tired of cartels dismembering bodies, they need to change, thier dumb habits.

    1. 6:33 remember when JUAN Rambo was murdering all those sheriff sicarios his commander was located and put on the scene to help him surrender?
      Well, these sicarios originate with the Kaibiles who trained the original GAFES that became the Zetas, they would know who the heavy hitters in every area if they are not in charge of it.

  9. 5 bodies found, tortured and shot in rural area around Lake Patzcuaro. Very unusual. Erongaricuaro/Oponguio. Michoacan and even Morelia in state of panic.


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